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Want to Combine an Order for Travel Mugs?

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I am thinking about ordering Travel Mugs, but I only need 27. Discount Mugs.com has small qty minimums, but it actually comes out cheaper to order 36 than to order 27. I really don't have any use for an extra 9 mugs so I thought I would check and see if there is anyone else looking to order a small qty and maybe we can combine our order. I was thinking of just putting Jamaica 2008 and maybe a picture of palm tree or something else "beachy" My colors are pink and purple, but it really doesn't make any difference to me what color the cups are. I'm sure the guys coming to the wedding would prefer I didn't order either of those colors!


This is the mug I was looking at, but I'm flexible if there is another one you like better:



If interested PM me!




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I think this is a great idea. I was going to see if anyone wanted to make Riviera Maya 2008 mugs, but then I decided to paint my own cups. I might look for someone to do riviera maya 2008 totes or something like that. Anyway, not trying to threadjack. I just think we should do more of this & save some money.

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This would be a great idea. Right now, I'm looking at needing about 30. Someone mentioned giving 1 to each person as opposed to 1 per couple. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought about 1 per couple...doh.gif

I also love the palm tree idea since I'm using that alot.


Initially I was looking at the stainless steel mugs. I think its style #ST58. Those would be $4.39 for 36+. But I also like the one's you suggested so that won't be a problem.


Oh, I also have a free shipping code. But that expires Feb 10th. Also, according to the email, the prices will be going up by 10% after that!!!

I'll check my email for other free offers to use if we go with this idea.

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