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Help please: El Dorado White Gazebo, pros and cons

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Hi everyone


Just wanted a bit of advice from previous visitors to the El Dorado, if you would be kind enough.


I am due to get married at the white gazebo location, but I am having 2nd thoughts regarding the marriage location. Can anyone give me some further details perhaps, for example:


Is it quite private?

Is it pretty?

can I wear heels, or is it too sandy?

How far is it from the martini bar and/or tucanes?

How far is it from the casista location?

In your opinion, where do you think is the most romantic location, needs to fit around 30 people?


I am really sorry too ask lots of questions, any help greatly appreciated.


Thanks xx

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I haven't been to EDR, so I'm not much help. However, if it makes you feel better, I am now on my THIRD wedding location -----inside the resort!!smile105.gif You'd think by the time you picked the resort-you'd be all set, huh? :) Good luck choosing I think right now we are getting married at Faisanes Gazebo (thanks for input Bre!:)), private cocktail party/hour at Giovatas Bar, dinner at Fuentes, and our reception/chocolate fondue party at Tucanes... Then Sat night (the night after our wedding- most guests last night at resort) we are hosting a private "thank-you" dinner from us, for our guests, on the beach- at Gazebo 55. - Guess I'm just trying to cover all the spots in the resort I like -hehe...

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Blimey Shannon - you made me chuckle, you really are covering all options, your guests will be really pleased that you have gone to soooo much effort. Are you bringing many with you? I guess I will bump into you at some point as we arrive on the 13th May.


I guess I am just panicking, want it to be perfect, but I really dont want to have lots of strangers in my photos with bikini's on, does that sound really bad, so was looking for somewhere private, any advice??


Mandy, I am due to get married at 5pm on the 21st at the white gazebo, I then thought from say 5.30pm to 6.30pm guests could hang at Martini bar whilst photo's are underway and then onto Tucanes at 6.30pm for private dinner event, I think you get that for around 4 hours. We have chosen the BBQ deluxe option from the menu. How are your plans coming along?


I cant believe we are all getting married within a few days of each other, madness, not long now ladies!!


Anna x

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I don't have any advice either but wanted to chime in since I'm another May EDR bride. Right now I have a similar schedule with 5 pm at Gazebo 55, which I chose since its at the end of the resort and I believe semi- out of the way. But on the same side as Tucanes/Fuentes area versus the casitas section. I was also gonna send ppl to a bar, maybe the Martini one before our dinner at 6:30 too. I wanted the BBQ deluxe but I don't think I'm going to have 30 ppl. sad.gif

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Wowsers there will be alot of us down there around the same time! either overlapping or just missing each other:)


I haven't been to the resort, but based on what I have seen - I don't think the white gazebo will be the most private location you can have. That being said, I would imagine that by 5, most people who would be out in the sun all day would be heading inside for a nap or to start getting ready for dinner.


I'm getting married at Gazebo 55 - which I *think* may be a bit more private since it is at one end of the resort. and I've heard the new spot down at the opposite end, by the casitas, is supposed to be pretty private.


Good luck deciding!! and I'm also another bride who has changed alot! the wedding location 1, but the reception location (yikes!) 4 times Valeria is great about it!!

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Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
Anna, where are you having your reception? Are you doing a private one?
Hey Mandy! :) I'm doing a the "public" "free" dinner at Fuentes-- EDR is doing the centerpieces and table runner, I'm bringing my own placecards, placecard holders,menus, and votive candles... I think that is 6-8PM; then we are doing a private reception at Tucanes from 8-11PM- I am doing the private chocolate fondue party ($14/person); and doing the iPOD setup there and having the cake cutting there, first dance, reception etc... for decorations for that- we are just doing tiki torches, floating candles, I'm doing linens for the tables and votives/rose petals....
Then our private dinner- we are doing that the next evening-- on the beach -at Gazebo 55....
To be completely honest- the reason I'm separating it and making it into 2 nights is bc I bought 2 wedding dresses--- I have one that is more "bridal" looking that I'm wearing for wedding; and the other one is a sheath- and I'm wearing it to our private dinner the next night.... so it basically is being all planned bc I couldn't decide between 2 dresses smile116.gif....
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We should have a BDW cocktail hour! Sorry to divert from the original post but Shannon, for the dessert reception are you getting sit down tables and chairs since it only comes with standing tables? I don't want my guests not having a place to sit for that long.


I'm there from 5/7 to 5/14.

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