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  1. Hello Ladies! Well 24 hours till we are off to EDR, getting very excited now and I am just about organised, I think!! It would be great to meet up with all you ladies who will be there, I guess we will bump into each other, but if I dont see you, all the best for your weddings!! If anyone has anything they want me to find out while we are there, just shout!! Anna xx
  2. Hi Jennifer Your photos and review is amazing, thankyou so much for the detailed review, really makes me excited to go in just over a week!!! You look beautiful! Can I ask 2 very silly question but 1's that are totalling bugging me; how was the tempreture when wearing your dress? was it manageable and 2nd how did the dress hold out, did it get really dirty from the beach ect?? Said they were mad questions!! Thankyou xx
  3. Ah JWolfe how fab, good luck and have a fabulous time!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!! xxxxxx
  4. ooohh sorry and Melba!! Oh my life some more too: Tricia Brandoo
  5. Hi ladies! I have been away from the site for a couple of weeks, you know how it is planning ect... I have been really disheartened to come back on and see so many negative responses to EDR, I totally get it but it is quite hurtful that EDR are being totally stupid! So......................... I know there are so many of us going soon, Mrs V to be J Wolfe - (if not already gone) Mandy & her fab mum Shannon MaggieMaylou (If I remember correctly) CT Petch So I thought it might be nice to tell each other how excited we all are, I know I am and it will be totally fab when we get out there and so many of us I think will literally bump into each other!! So tell me some good stuff, how excited are you for your DW? Me xx
  6. Millie & George

    UK Brides

    Hello - welcome to the forum! I am from the UK and getting married at EDR 6 weeks today!! If it helps, all I have done is get the birth certificates apositled (?) cost me around £80 and that is it, the rest happens in resort ie. blood test and tourist cards. I heard conflicting info on the apositile seal so I just got in case! I dont think I need it. Best to check with your wedding coordinator! Good luck with your plans xx
  7. Hi JWolfe No way in hell would they get another penny off me on the photography front, ridiculous as it is, just stamp your feet lots, remind them how much business that you have brought to them both with your guests and all the extras you have paid for!! $500 is enough, no more!! Simple as!! Hope that helps, I know how you feel I totally lost my cool over the price of chairs and paying twice, however I argued and said no more and that seemed to off worked. I hope! Not long now, other than the irratating points, you must be getting so excited? xx
  8. Hello I have just had an email from my w/c at EDR to say that the chairs for the ceremony with the blue sash cost $13usd per chair, previously I was quoted $7usd, which is far more reasonable! Can anyone help with prices that you have been quoted, I just am practically crying thinking of spending over $416 for 30 mins use that I then have to pay all over again for my dinner at Tucanes, surely the w/c has made a mistake? Im sorry to ramble on, I was just taken aback!! Annaxx
  9. Hello I am trying to put together an Order of Service for our wedding at EDR and just wondered what you other brides to be put in to it, so far I am thinking: 1. Names, dates venue ect.. 2. Running order of the day including any readings ect (does anyone have a copy of what is included in the ceremony?) 4. Timings for the day 3. Menu for the private event 4. Seating Plan for the private event 5. General thank you to all Can anyone think of anything I have missed or should change, any help greatly appreciated. Anna x
  10. Millie & George

    EDR weddings

    If you go with a week day instead of a saturday, I think you will find that there is only around 2 in one day. On my day I think there is 1 other unless that has changed recently!. I dont think it is a wedding production line, so I wouldnt worry too much xx
  11. Hello I went with Vanessa Vargas she is also not as expensive as the $3000 mark, but so far I have found her photo's fab and the customer service is fab. Ask the wedding co-ordinator at the result if you can bring in a photographer and how much they would charge you if you did so. At least you can then see if you can fit it into your budget. Good Luck x
  12. Hello We are getting married at the El Dorado and ever since planning the wedding I have always thought I would spend a large part of my budget on photography as this is going to be the main aspect I will rely on in years to come to help remember the day, so very important to me. I chose Vannessa Vargas and went for her 3rd option of around $1500. She is great and quick to respond if you get in touch. Good luck x
  13. Hi Sorry my mistake: Take a look at this link, it is 4 sets of 45 mins for $1300 for the dj Category Music - List of products - Welcome, Guest Weddings in Cancun & Riviera Maya Still quite alot, but not as bad as I thought!! Sorry if I totally panicked you out! Anna xx
  14. Hello everyone I am gutted about the wooden walkway, I too am really reluctant to use the red runner, a) it does not go with my colours and is it stable for small heels? I am the same as you melba, I refuse to pay another 100 usd for not alot of use. I think I will do just do my best and wear relatively sensible shoes, oh and lean on my dad loads!!! I looked into the DJ but again down to costing I decided against it I think it was $1500 for 3 - 40 minute sets, after which you would then have to use your Ipod anyway as it does not last for the full event - I have hired the speakers and amplifier for $250 and we will sort music prior to going. Hope this helps xx
  15. Millie & George

    EDR "gracias certificates"

    Hi Lauren Did you manage to sell them? If not, do they have your name on or anything?? Anna