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We just recently found out that the TA that we were going to meet with isn't going to work out (we waited a month to meet with her, and she forgot to call us back, and now it will be another 3 weeks before she can "fit us in").


SO, I am just wondering if we can get some help with how you all went about finding a TA that specializes in DW. We kinda stumbled upon this one, and have done searches for new agents, but in our area (OTTAWA, CANADA) there are a crazy amount of agencies, and I don't know where to begin!!


I just want to make sure I find someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to weddings.


Any help would be great!!!


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We have three TA's on this forum, Tammy (host) Jennifer (TA Jennifer) and Dina (TA Dina). You might consider PMing any of them to see if they can help you or if someone they know might be able to help you.

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