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  1. Hey everyone!! Thanks soooo much for all your advise!! Everyone is so helpful on here!!! We're going to do some more research based on some of the helpful hints on this thread and hopefully we'll have a date and resort to share soon!! Thanks again!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cheribeth I know IM a little late to this but here are some things that may help to keep the prices down. Use the cheapers aiport to fly out of. I live closer to the Manchester airport in NH. But it is much cheaper to fly out of the Boston aiport in Mass, that is a little over 1 1/2 hours from us. Also be carefull with the days you pick to fly. Our price quote jumped way up when we picked Saturday to Saturday, So we went with Friday to Friday. Our price including tax, flight, JR suite, transportation to and from resort came to 1250 a person. Tha
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by cmmdee Excited Ottawa, 1200 is about right... BUT it depends on which resort, also. The Majestic is one of the more expensive resorts, so that right there will up the costs. When selecting the resort we were going to get married at, we picked one where that would be a reasonable price for everyne to travel to. As the time gets closer to yoru wedding, the prices will go up in airfare, but since Feb 2009 is so far off, I would DEF be calling other travel agencies (at least ten) cause it sounds as if they are way over-quoting you. That is insane. GOod luck!
  4. All of the quotes that we got were standard rooms, double occupancy. Which site were you on? We've looked at ever site possible and are finding nothing at that price!!!! Hopefully we'll find something soon though!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by saraece I think I mentioned to you in another post that I recieved a quote for the Riu Bachata in Puerto Plata Jan 09 and the rate I got was $1400 after taxes. One agent told me you can possibly save up to $500/couple by flying out of TO. I am still looking for a TA in Ottawa and would never give a deposit to anyone until I was ready to book! That's good to know. I didn't realize it was that much cheaper to fly out of T.O. rather than Ottawa. That may be something we can look into too. Thanks!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Linzibella Hi! I'm in Ottawa too and am thinking about the Dominican for about the same time of year in 2009. I was also hoping for a much lower price than what you've been quoted. Especially if you're having so many guests! I was thinking that $1500 to $1700 max was what I would want to ask my guests to pay. Are you working with a travel agent? Which one? I haven't been to one yet (besides picking up brochures), but am about to start "interviewing" them. I met one TA at the Wedding Palace bridal fair in January that seemed like she would be helpful and kno
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by twinkletoes How many days/nights is your price quote based on? And is it based on double occupancy? All of the quotes were for 7 days, double occupancy.
  8. Hi Everyone, We just received our estimated rates per person for a Punta Cana wedding. There are numerous resort options and prices to choose from but we are honestly extremely surprised at the prices we were quoted. We estimate that we'll have at least 60-80 people that will want to attend and our original estimate is that we could get a quote for about $1200/each after taxes. Unfortunately many of the quotes are close to $1800-$2300!! Are we being unrealistic thinking that we could get a rate of $1200 for each person? What is the average price the other people are paying for the DW? An
  9. Hahah!! That's awesome!! I had no idea that Stag 'n Doe's were just a Canadian event!! And there's a definition for it too?!!! lol We actually get to have 2 of them b/c I'm from Ontario and my fiancee is from Cape Breton!!!! Soooo excited!!
  10. Thank-you so much for letting me know!! I really really like The Majestic, but every time I mention it, someone tells me about the only 2 bad reviews I have found about it. It's comforting to hear that other people are still going there!! It's definitely at the top of my list. Have you seen the facebook group for the resort? If not, check it out, over 500 pictures and lots of members to talk to about their experiences!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by cmmdee Excited Ottawa, Congrats on your pending nuptials! I highly suggest researching resorts on your own because some travel agents will only suggest certain resorts that they get a bigger slice of cake from (i.e. money). I would start by looking up different resorts in Punta Cana, looking at ones you seem interested in, emailing the wedding coordinators for wedding package info/pricing, etc and going from there. THEN, select a travel agent, once you've narrowed that down. am an Iberostar bride myself. Punta Cana is gorgeous! Hi C
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by saraece Hi excited Ottawa!! I jsut went to St.Laurent and hit the three travel agents there and started asking questions. I have been on this site for a while, and have gotten a ton of info. All three directed me towards the Riu's. Mainly because they are located together and priced slitghtly different so if your guests can choose which one they can afford and you can stay at one and play at them all. Also one agent phoned whomever and is getting us a quote for jan 2009, even though the other agents said prices won't be out until april or June. This isn'
  13. Hi! We just recently found out that the TA that we were going to meet with isn't going to work out (we waited a month to meet with her, and she forgot to call us back, and now it will be another 3 weeks before she can "fit us in"). SO, I am just wondering if we can get some help with how you all went about finding a TA that specializes in DW. We kinda stumbled upon this one, and have done searches for new agents, but in our area (OTTAWA, CANADA) there are a crazy amount of agencies, and I don't know where to begin!! I just want to make sure I find someone who knows what the
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by nat4crim Exited Ottawa Do you have a travel agent? Mine is awesome and she specializes in destination weddings. She's been in the travel industry for over 22 years. She fought tooth and nail with me to get the best deal for me and my guests. Let me know if you want her contact info. Yes, we do have an agent...we actually stumbled upon her at a Bridal show here in Ottawa...she said she specializes in weddings and has been doing it for quite a few years now.... Thanks for the thought though...I may get that info from you if she doesn't work out!!! Th
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Debs Travel agents get paid by the resort or carrier, not you I do realized that they get paid by their carrier/resort...but we give them the business, so I would hope they would do all they can to accommodate our needs!!
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