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Beach brides!! Need your expertise!

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Hello everyone!


I am wondering for all those brides who got married on the beach... how dirty was the bottom of your dress or dress in general after walking on the sand? Was it noticable? I am planning on wearing my dress again when I come back home to our reception and I am wondering if this is a shot in the dark thinking it will be wearable again...

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Mine actually was dirty, but I didn't do a TTD and people here say the water helps to clean it if you do one.


The bottom was/is brownish. Not dark, but noticeably not white. And there is a little black mark on the front from where the fire dancers got too close...lol It would probably come out if I had it cleaned, I just haven't worn it since!

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Mine did't get very dirty from the sand at all...granted, I was fairly paranoid about it and didn't let it drag a whole lot, I even held the train as I walked down the steps so it wouldn't get caught on the wood. blush2.gif There was a small black smudge a quarter of the way up the front that I still haven't figured out what it is, but aside from that, it's as white as the day I picked it up from the store (and I know, because I take a look at it at least once a week...I just really love my dress!)

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