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I am hoping to have my wedding at Dreams Tulum in May 2009 (15 months away), Sandra emailed me saying April-June was already booked. Could this be possible? April-June booked over a year in advance? I thought I was starting this with more than enough time. Could she have possibly read the email wrong and thought I meant 2008? I guess I am panicking because I've seen so many brides on here book their dates around this time, if not later. Let me know if I am overreacting or if it could just be an error!



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I had the same problem with the Dreams in Cancun. Read the post called "Note to future dreams cancun brides'.. I would link it but I don't know how!

Anyway, they kept telling me that my dates were booked and it turns out that only the sunset weddings for those days were booked. Other times were available. We wanted a noon wedding anyway so it worked out but I was getting super frustrated with the emails. I ended up sucking up the international calling rates and calling the WC direct. It's so much easier to deal with them on the phone. Good luck and don't worry, ALL the dates in 2009 can't possibly be gone already!

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