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How do you START your DW plans??

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Hello All,


Oh man I am so flustered (is that even a word..lol) I just dont know where to start. I want to get an idea of what everything should potentially cost me to see if its even worth it. I contacted Dreams and really sent me alot of paperwork which just confused me more. I am from NJ (northern, Hoboken) and was wondering if anyone knows of any actual agency we can go too, to talk to face to face and figure things out such as: best dates, costs, ideas, etc.






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well, youve picked a location which is a start! check out the thread for dreams brides in the cabo forum to read up on what they've done. and definitely talk to tammy (host) -- she is an authority on dreams!

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Well I am really interested in having something thats all there you know. But at the same time we are a young couple and we will have alot more friends then family attending which means I would like to have it in a fun hotel. Fun meaning (club shows activities of some sort) I was a MOH for a wedding in June in Iberostar Punta Cana and although all the pictures came out BEAUTIFUL the wedding was a total disaster and very costly for us the atendees and the bride & groom. So I am trying my best to prevent that from happening. What other resorts offer all inclusive packages? Also, how do you have the hotel provide you with a private room for your reception not just a section in a restaurant.


Sorry I have so many questions I am just so happy to finally find a site that actually has information.


Thanks so much :)

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Yay! Another Los Cabos bride from my state! smile159.gif

Here’s how I started planning on my own:


1 ) Picked a date & a location: May in Los Cabos!


2 ) Had lots of patience & started out with healthy hands for all the emails to be sent!


3 ) Emailed about 5 of the more popular all-inclusive resorts asking them about room rates THEN wedding packages. Since air IS expensive from the east coast, I’d rather our guests have everything included in their hotel stay …


4 ) Minimized our list to 2 resorts that were both beautiful and reasonably priced by estimating what a general 4 night stay would be...


5 ) Went for a SHORT site visit, but it was so worth it lol!!! Since we already stayed at one of two chosen resorts and were lucky enough to be part of an event there three years ago, we stayed at the second option - and loved it even more than the original! But still went to see them both, plus the others that were not on the list (for the "just in case") Also took tons of pictures for our wedding website…


6 ) Signed and negotiated a room contract/wedding package and put down a deposit. Our situation was a little different as we paid for our BP’s entire stay (hence the deposit), but I guess everyone’s contract & deposit is different or even non existent for some??


7 ) Created a wedding website and sent out STD’s with the address for our guests to have all the information they needed to book & go (location/flights/passports)…


8 ) Found this amazing forum for lots of help and all the extras (florist/photographer/dj) and also had lots of contact with my fabulous groups coordinator at the resort…compared prices/reviews…and booked most of what I wanted on my own and the rest through the resort...


That’s pretty much the bulk of what I did to end up having my wedding at the Presidente… bunny_4.gif

And yes, my hands arent so healthy anymore lol

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Things will be okay...I was totally in your seat about 6 months ago! It's confusing and overwhelming, but just start off by working with Tammy to pick a resort that will work the best for you! I'm getting married at Dreams Tulum next October. Although they only have 1 real "disco" they have tons of activities. The Mayan Ruins are 5 minutes away which can be a whole day's worth of activities...and well...I'm really excited about the trampoline in the ocean. What I figure is that, it's very well priced at a beautiful location, and since all of my friends will be together, every bar we attend will be alot of fun!! Good Luck!

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