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Nathan and Cynthia

Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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Originally Posted by caribbeanLover View Post
Thanks nonnie. I guess in the end choosing there is not the end of the world for the flowers.
How is married life cheating you and the new husband?

cheating? hehe, I think you mean treating

It's all pretty much the same as before, which is good since things were good enough then for us to want to get marrried, lol. He's grown a beard though....

One thing that I strongly recommend is that you ladies have some wedding pics with you at all times, I am getting a lot of people asking to see them so I really need to bring my digital album to school and work sometime, even the ladies who work at the office of my aparment building want to see them

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lol how ebarrassing!!! yes of course I meant treating lol

I am so glad it's the same, it'll be that way for us until I guess we have a baby, which will def change things. We've lived together for over 5 years.


oh great advice, have some pics for your wallet!! thanks for the suggestion!!!


I have a question for you.

When did you walk back down the aisle as a married couple? after the signing papers and cake cutting? Or walking back down and then cake cutting?

Thanks so much!

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Hi girls -- I am going to spend the next little bit going over some of the past pages about details for the day, so I will let you know if I find anything that was posted.

I am wondering about the day myself -- it's getting closer, and things that I thought wouldn't be important to me are becoming very important! Things like, schedule and the "reception" - I was laid back about it, but now I'm wondering if there will be a time/place to play music during dinner and have a first dance. Does anyone also know if the resort has a steamer for the dress the day of?

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Just found it - there was a review on the 4th page I believe that said the following about the order:


"This is how it went for us...

-"getting ready" pics

-Wedding ceremony

-Champ toast and cake cutting in gazebo (they brought beer too, everything was ready and set up nicely in the gazebo and they had an extra worker to serve the drinks)


-Rice toss - walking back down aisle

-Group pic with everyone, all guests

-Family/attendant pics in gazebo

-Wedding couple pics in garden then beach

-We (couple) then walked back to lobby of GPPC with photographer, met most guests and walked to La Uva, which is VERY close to GPPC"


Hope this helps! I am taking notes right now lol

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Yes, I am paying $60 for the day pass for my photographer. if your having your photogrpher there the whole day and night you'll need to pay another $60 for the evening pass. $120 US for 1 entire day 9am-6pm 1 day pass, 6pm-2am 1 evening pass.

Thank you again for going through all the pages sungoddess much appreciation!! :) :)

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