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Iberostar Rose Hall Beach All-Inclusive - Montego Bay Jamaica

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(Rated 4.7 stars with 11 reviews)
Rated #2 of 80 Jamaica on BDW
If you’re looking for rest and relaxation, then the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach is the perfect place for you. This luxury, all inclusive holiday complex invites you to put your cares aside and relax and enjoy our superb standards of service. With the fabulous stretch of sandy beach, spectacular grounds and waterfalls, you'll find it hard to believe you're not in paradise. The pools, numerous bars and access to the spa situated in the neighbouring Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, make this spot the perfect getaway from the stresses and strains of everyday life. And if you’re travelling with children, you can rest assured that they’ll be taken good care of at Lucy’s Club, giving you complete peace of mind and the chance to relax. They’ll have fun painting, playing and watching films whilst you enjoy our superb facilities. The finest entertainment and services available, select, mouth-watering gastronomy, a wide choice of sports, especially water sports, and even the perfect venue for your wedding. All this and much more awaits you at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach.

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By mmichaux, · 0 Comments

Pros: Food, Service, and All Inclusive
Cons: Not all rooms are oceanview
If you are looking for the perfect destination wedding, consider the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach resort. Wedding Coordinators, Santena and Vanessa, are the best. They treat you like family and take care of all the details of your wedding. My wedding was fabulous and the resort guests, who were not part of the event, raved at the ceremony and how beautiful everything was at the venue and reception.   Digipix, shot our wedding photos and video. The quality was excellent and the photos and videos were amazing. I can relive the ceremony at any time because they captured all of the precious moments.   You will not be disappointed, if you choose this resort/

By WendyJune, · 1 Comment

Flight – Delta No delays to or from Jamaica – great service.   Travel Company – Apple Vacations This company handled our bussing to and from the hotel – all very nice people. Apple Rep @ the hotel was very helpful. She told us about sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen & different things about the climate/area (ex. Make sure you use the showers after you get out of the ocean – the salt water crystallizes on your skin which will get you sunburnt faster!) She also told us about excursions too. My husband and I didn’t do any excursions we were fine with hanging out at the hotel. Some of our family went to the Great House – they took a tour about the property but heard the story about the old owner that killed her husbands and such – they seemed to like it but actually took a taxi & paid the entrance when they got there – they didn’t book through Apple because it was more expensive. They paid $20 entrance each and then paid about $8 a person for the taxi. I think Apple quoted them $40.   There’s also a bus that can take you to the shops off-site. I believe it leaves every hour and comes back quarter past every hour, don’t quote me on that but I think that’s what she said.   Check-In: We got there about 1:30pm and our room was ready for us. We got an ocean front room (1234) which also had a great view of the wedding area. The room had a King size bed w/ a couch which was a pull out. The room did smell a little musty but I guess this is pretty common. Once the room got opened up a little it was just fine. After the 1st afternoon I didn’t notice the smell anymore. My sister booked a regular room and hers wasn’t ready until about 2pm – but it was still ready before the check-in time of 3pm.   We got there on a Tuesday(May 14) & had the Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties that night, the rehearsal Wednesday(May 15), Wedding Thursday(May 16).   The day we got there we stopped by the Guest Services (right off of the terrace) where the wedding coordinator’s office is to set up a time to meet. I scheduled it for the next day at 12:30pm. (I asked her again what time my rehearsal dinner was the next day – even though I totally forgot that I was the one that actually picked the time for it on my final details sheet.)       Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – Tuesday Night We all split up and it was nice because we didn’t run into the guys for a good amount of the night since there are a few bars at the resort. The guys loved the Music Bar w/ Richardo. At the end of the night we all ended up at the Mango Club/Disco at the Suites. Everyone is so sweet and then even sweeter when they see you’re getting married! It was a blast!       Rehearsal Day – Wednesday I went to my meeting – it was actually with the WC’s assistant, Vanessa. She went over the final details sheet that I had sent her about 4 months earlier. I brought my wedding binder which had contracts and the final details sheet. Everything was pretty much the same as I had put down on the sheet so there weren’t any issues. At that time I also brought down my centerpieces and other decorations and said where I wanted things. I gave her our ipods, 1 with the ceremony music & 1 with our DJ music. I picked a U-shaped set up at Uncle Tony’s & I’m really happy we did. We had Us and our matron of honor & best man sit at our table & then everyone else on the sides. We also went over how I wanted to do wish lanterns on the beach after the reception. She was very sweet and eased me greatly! It’s kind of nice to just dump all of that stuff on someone else so you don’t have to deal w/ it the day of!!! We decided on the rehearsal at 6PM followed by the dinner at the Cajun restaurant at 6:30PM. I forgot to tell my husband’s parents that they should go to that too since they had to walk down as well…whoops! So the rehearsal would have been done well before6:30 but we started a little late…no problem though. Dinner at the Cajun Restaurant: We all sat together at a long table. Apps and dessert were a buffet – soup & entrée were ordered off the menu. The service was great and the servers were very entertaining. They did a couple table tricks which my group really seemed to like. Also at dinner, after we ordered food but before everyone went up for apps I said something along the lines of “Thank you for coming, we know it’s not easy to take this long off of work, etc” and handed out little gifts we had gotten everyone. I got the girls bracelets from Etsy.com & a little card that said “Thank you for being here with us while we Tie the Knot!” the bracelets had a little charm of silver tied in a knot. I also got the girls wine stoppers w/ a starfish on top. The guys all got a flask set (flask, funnel, & 4 shot glasses) which had a mustache, their Names, Gamer Names/Tags(huge video gamers), & our wedding date engraved on them. & since the Dad’s aren’t huge drinkers we had personalized knife items sent to their houses since travelling w/ knives weren’t a good idea. After dinner the guys all changed (since they had to wear long pants to the restaurant) and we all ventured down the Pirate Beach Party. My hubby & I were a little upset since we were told it would be on Thursday so we weren’t able to schedule a bonfire on the beach, but I’ll talk about that later. The Beach party entertainment people consisted of a lot of the Star Friends decked out in Pirate attire. The host was entertaining. The fire eater was actually at this event so we were happy we didn’t pay extra to have him at our reception since I’m sure the routine was the same. I checked out a little early (~11:30/12) since I didn’t want to drink too much or stay up too late the night before my wedding.   Thursday – Wedding Day I woke up around 8:30am and couldn’t fall back asleep – not nervous but very excited! The best man & his fiancé-one of my best friends switched rooms for the night so she slept in my room and my husband slept w/ the Best Man in their room – we kept a little bit of tradition. Around 9:30/10 the girls and I went down to the buffet for breakfast. They were so funny trying to keep my hubby and I from seeing each other, even w/ us at breakfast around the same time! I didn’t see him at all which I think is quite impressive since we were at the same resort most of the day. My dress, my matron of honor’s dress, & the hubby’s outfit arrived steamed and ready to go just after 11am. My matron of honor & one of our friends made an appointment to get their nails done at 11 so I just hung up our outfits and headed over for my hair appt just after that(Scheduled for noon). I emailed the Spa(which is at the Suites) about a week/week & a half before we left to make hair & makeup appointments for me and some of the girls. I think I emailed her for the price list about 4 months before hand though. Originally we had appointments for 3 of us to get our hair & makeup done and 1 for just hair, but last minute we added the extra makeup appt and it wasn’t a problem. With hair and makeup it was $165 each (bride & other girls all the same price). For the most part I everyone loved their hair & makeup. I first showed her a picture of a little what I wanted & told her to do it a little different than that. As for changes I had her pin a couple hairs down a little to get it perfect in my eyes but very minor changes – so I was very impressed & relieved since I didn’t have a trial! As for makeup I told her what colors I wanted on my eyes – staying in the browns – and the color of my lips – something w/ a brownish tint & it ended up being perfect!!! I was sooooo nervous since I didn’t have any trials & the ladies at the Spa did amazing! Also, I wanted fake eye lashes but had heard they don’t do them, so before I left I bought some stuff and tried at home. Since my skill wasn’t very great at putting them on I figured I’d go without, then I saw eyelash glue on one of her tables when we working on one of my girls and asked her about them. She said she puts them on but you have to bring your own. So I ran back to the other resort and grabbed mine. She used her glue since she liked it better and I was fine with that. They stayed on through most of the night. They started to come up off the edge at the end of our reception and then one went haywire at the Disco…but since I was sweating so much through the day I was happy they lasted so long into the night! (I ripped them off at about 2am at the disco and I don’t think anyone noticed) After hair & makeup we headed back to the room. I think it was around 3:10 or so. My photographer(Stacey Clarke) arrived shortly after I got back. The wedding was scheduled for 4pm but the WC said for everyone to be ready and down there at 3:30PM. My dad, my matron of honor, & I stayed in the room and the WC came up and got us around 4 to bring me down. I think I put my dress on at about 3:31. My photographer saved me! My dress was supposed to be altered so my dress wouldn’t slip down while my bra rode up. She grabbed the sewing kit and sewed my bra and dress together to help the situation – I can’t explain how amazing she was! Life saver! The wedding went really well! I made the ceremony script and the pastor was great! We did have 2 bikini baring girls walk in our background and take their sweet precious time. I ignored them and it was fine. Later on I did find that our videographer moved and showed our guests in the video so I didn’t have to see them in my video…so thoughtful!     After the ceremony we did a few shots w/ the videographer and then did our pictures w/ the photographer & her assistant. Stacey was awesome and got a lot of cool poses. I don’t have them back yet but I’m sure they look amazing!   While we were doing a few alone shots the rest of our group went to the Lobby Bar (A/C!). We were able to join them and hang out for a little bit before the photographer wanted to take some sunset shots. Just after the sun set it was 7pm so then it was off to Uncle Tony’s for semi-private dinner(Barely noticed the other guests, we were seated first and the ones I did notice while I went up to the buffet for apps were all very happy for us). I’m happy I went with the U shaped table set up, it was perfect for our group of 20 people. I brought 6 cylinder vase centerpieces, those were put on tables on the sides of the U and the arrangement from the signing table was used as the head tables centerpiece. The WCs also added some nice little vases w/ tea lights in them for in between the centerpieces – I’m really glad they did because I was debating bring something like that but just really didn’t want to bring any more décor since we already had a full bag for decorations/gifts. The food at the steakhouse was great! & the Service was quick. We did best man/matron of honor speeches after we ordered our food. Also, sometime during dinner one of our family members suggested that they each say a memory about us. Just about everyone said something & it brought back some great memories) I was worried that we were going to be late for the DJ but we actually had extra time and everyone had more time to socialize.   8:30-10:30PM We had our reception on the Bob Marley Terrace. We cut our cake there(strawberry cheesecake) and also had the resort DJ. We gave the DJ an Ipod with a ton of songs that we liked on it. I think he had some of his own music on before we got there. I’m sure we would have been fine w/ his music but we wanted to be sure we had everything we liked. We also had them set up a bar w/ national drinks. Our group really liked the bartender, he was pretty interesting. I brought decorations & a guest book for the terrace and the WCs did a great job decorating with them.     10:30PM Wish lanterns on the beach. The WC explained to everyone how to do them and they were pretty cool. She only had one lighter but there was a smoker in the group so she had another and it went off pretty well. (I got the lanterns from artifacts.com I think)   I brought small cake boxes and the WC boxed them up and had them at the front desk for our guests to take to their rooms.   After all of that most of us headed to the disco to dance the night away! I wore my dress and I’m glad I did! Everyone there was so happy for us and it was a great way to end our night! We stayed until it closed(~4am?)!   The next morning we got breakfast in bed around 10:20am. It was good and it was nice to spend a little extra time with my new hubby. There was also champagne in our room the night of our wedding. Nice touch.     Videographer – Resort I think it was about $450. Totally worth it and it was nicely done. He did a little video colleage of it all and then there was the whole ceremony also on the DVD. We had a little trouble getting the DVD – I guess he sent it over to the resort in the morning and apparently the person that came never brought it. So at about 8:30PM he burned another copy and ran it over to the resort himself. I’m not sure if that was his issue or the resorts. We got the DVD within 3 days of the wedding and we watched it as soon as we got home. He prints a couple of the shots on the DVD case and DVD which I thought was a nice touch. During our ceremony we had a couple creeping people walking in the background in bikinis and thankfully he cut to our guests when this happened so from the video you can barely tell they were there. I was very pleased w/ the video.     Photographer – Stacey Clarke She’s amazing! She was very sweet and super helpful! I think we went above and beyond! I haven’t gotten all my pics back yet (only some sneak peaks) but I’ll be sure to share when I do!       Pirate Beach Party – We were a little upset that we didn’t get to schedule the bonfire on the beach for our wedding night since they said it was on Thursday but actually ended up being on Wednesday (I guess they try to pick a night there’s not a wedding to do it.) In the end though I’m glad we didn’t pick it since I don’t know how I would have liked the sand sticking to my feet and legs since I was sweaty.   Steaming Outfits – I called the day before the wedding and got our outfits steamed. I should have called earlier but I totally forgot. I think I paid an extra 50% to get it done faster but the most expensive thing to steam was my dress which was starting off at $14.50 so I didn’t really mind paying extra. I also got her to steam our rehearsal outfits in 2 hrs (from pick up to drop off) which I didn’t expect but she was great.   Paying early – We asked if we could pay for part of the wedding ahead of time since we didn’t want to max out our card on the trip, plus we get rewards for using that card. We paid $2000 ahead of time. It took a little while for her to reply on that issue but I think it’s because she had to find an authorization form for us to fill out. But it was still done before we left so we were happy.   General Estimate invoice- they sent us an estimated invoice beforehand which was nice so we could make sure that they were going to charge us correctly.   Welcome bags- We made welcome bags for everyone. They included flip flops, sunscreen, first aid stuff, and other stuff to keep them busy. It also included a letter to everyone saying “Thank You, etc, etc” and had the times for the wedding and rehearsal. I left a line for the rehearsal since I didn’t have an exact time. I didn’t do the letter until a day or 2 before we left. Everyone seemed to like the bags and were pretty happy about the sunscreen in them! Another piece of advice – bring more sunscreen than you think you’ll need! We were lucky some of our family members left their leftover sunscreen when they checked out otherwise we would have ran out!!!   Resort Workers – Amazing! So sweet, respectful & well mannered! Loved them all!!!     Our guests all received a bottle of Appleton Rum in their rooms, we were told that they received it because they were part of our wedding room. It was a nice touch from the resort. Irronically our room didn’t have a bottle of rum in it but one of the parents left theirs for us since they didn’t want to haul it home. But they did bring us 2 bottles of champagne when I believe we were supposed to only get one. (One the night of the wedding & one the morning after) Other thoughts: Wear Sunscreen! & Bring more sunscreen than you think you’ll need! We went through a ton!

Overall I was very pleased with the resort..pictures do not do it justice!!! It was worth it! Worth every penny! I'd do it all over again! 
Pros: Resort was beatiful, the service was amazing and the grounds where clean and beatiful!
Cons: The disco had the same playlist 3 nights in a row and we basically had to request a ton of songs to geth tme to play something differe
So we got married at the Iberostar rose hall beach.    I'm not going to lie but I was a little worried before we got there about weather or no the wedding coordinator and I where on the same page with everything. Its kinda hard to tell before you leave because she sometimes gives you vague answers and your kinda unsure if she's getting your vision. When you get there and meet with her you understand why though. The wedding Coordinator is extremely busy. She had a wedding almost every single day that we were there and was meeting with the couples for the next day the day before their weddings.   So we arrived on the Saturday and Santena (wedding Coordinator) met us at the front desk. She greeted us with big hugs and was really nice. She set up an appointment for us to meet with her the next day at 10 am. We went over everything for the wedding and she was on the same page with me about everything. She double checks everything over the Final details sheet o make sure that we where truly on the same page. She set up the rehearsal for the next day(Monday)  . The next day we did the complete run through of the wedding and she gave the groomsmen a time to be there and let us know when she would be coming to get us for the wedding the following day.    We had our rehearsal dinner at the Japanesse Restaurant and it was amazing. So much fun and interactive for our guest and we had  blast. We then went to the court yard for drinks. We did not pay to have a cocktail hour cause we figured we would just get together and have some drinks. we then split up and the boys went to the cigar bar and the ladies went to the disco. IT was a good day before the wedding night.   The day of the wedding. All us ladys got our hair done at the spa. They did a great job! I loved my hair. I showed them a picture of what I wanted and they did perfectly! they didn't need much direction and did a great job. They are pros they do a ton of weddings every year so I wouldn't worry about using the salon for hair and make up! they did an amazing job and all 5 girls where happy! WE got back to our room and ordered some room service and let them know tat we needed it quick before the wedding. The pizza we ordered got to our room in about 20 minutes which is pretty darn good if u asked me. Our Photographer showed up (Brian Nejedly www.briandesign.com). We took some pre pictures in the room. Santena Called twice throughout the day to make sure that we where on time and that everything with getting ready was going smoothly. I also decided last minute that I wanted a flower for my hair and she got one for me.  She kept on top of the boys to make sure they where ready and down at the beach by 330 (our wedding was at 4) because I had mentioned to her that the boys are always late. Her team did a great job setting up. I had brought blue chair ties from home for all the chairs and we had purchased flowers for the huppah (well worth it in my opinion). I had given the DJ a list of songs for our wedding on CD and had made a list of the songs to be played for when. For my husband and his parents walking down the isle followed by my mum and cousin- Mammas song by carried underwood ...for the bridesmaids - somewhere over the rainbow ,...and for me a thousand years - Christinea perri (instrumental) The DJ did a perfect job with these song. The Wedding Ceremony started right on time. The ceremony was quick and easy just like we wanted it.  The only thing I will say is you wan't to say the  " I dos" tell them before hand. We didn't specify anything just said we wanted not religious ceremony and as short as possible and then my husband was kinda upset there was no "I do" it was something else I cant remember. We then took pictures with everyone and then had them leave so we could take picture together. Santena and her people stayed around the wedding making sure no passed through our wedding. This was something we where worried about and not to worry they do not let a single soul near your wedding. They make them go around if the are trying to get somewhere else and stop them from interfering           Brian Nejedly was an awesome photographer and I would recommend him to anyone! He takes the most amazing pictures and works amazing with the lighting! He was so nice and down to earth and did everything to make sure that we had amazing picture! He didn't get in the way during the ceremony as often photographers do and worked with our videographer to make sure our wedding was capture beautifully. Our pictures turned out amazing and we couldn't be happier with them! On top of all that he was a really really nice guy!                         We had a private Reception at the Cajun Restaurant  and it was amazing. I was a little worried at first because I though the food would be spicy but it wasn't. The Coconut shrimp form the appetizer buffet was AMAZING! The lobster bisc was also amazing and the steak and double stuffed potato where to die for. My dress was a little tight by the end of the night. We hired a DJ from the very beginning to end and gave him a play list to play for the wedding party entrance, the dinner music and dancing music. He did an incredible job and mixed our music really well.  Santena was there the whole night and really helped our MC keep the night going. She made sure everything was moving and he way we wanted it. We had only brought table runners from home and little picture frame party favours for everyone. Santena added these cute little centre pieces, table numbers, tea lights and these little blue jewls. She made it look fabulous.  We had an amazing time! we paid for open bar for two hours and they let us start the open bar early (I don't know if they do that for everyone but our guest asked for shots right away and they gave them to them) The only thing that went wrong all day was one of the songs for the dinner I forgot to put  (acustic) beside it so it was really hard rock but no big deal there. Everything went off with out a hitch and we had the most amazing wedding I couldn't have asked for anything more!                   WE then finished the night by going to the disco. There was another bride there that was not to happy to see us show up because she wanted to be the only bride. I thought that attitude was ridiculous and to all the brides there just have fun with the other wedding if there's another one at the disco that night cause u most likely wont be the only bride!)   The resort was amazing! The beach resort is definitely the party resort so if you have a lot of children coming I would suggest the suites. I was so happy with our decision to go to the beach instead of the suites because the week after we went to the grand and decided to check out the suites and there was a lot of children.   All in all it was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it!

By Ploman, · 6 Comments

Pros: Beautiful, Great Service, Good food, all around great resort!
Married January 20, 2013 89 Guests Attending Iberostar Rose Hall Beach   Rooms: We had the oceanfront junior suite. Several guests were also upgraded to the junior suite. It looks nearly identical to a regular suite except there is an extra ‘room’ [just extra space with a small divider] which has a couch in it, and there is an extra small table against the wall. There is also a balcony with an amazing view of the ocean. From the balcony we could watch then set up the wedding which was nice. Everything else about the rooms is the same, so the rest of this portion of the review applies to all rooms, suites and regular rooms.   The beds are pretty comfy. The décor is pretty nice [the standard iberostar hotel look]. No one had any complaints about the room, but one guest switched because they had ants in theirs. But one in 89 guests isn’t too bad.   The bathroom is nice and spacious. The shower had awesome pressure and always had hot water. It took a long time to run a bath though, but when it was full the bath tub itself is shaped very nicely for a very comfortable bath. You have to take the plug out of the shower completely to have a shower, you can’t just raise it.   There is a TV but I never used it. The minifridge didn’t get very cold, and several guests had the same problem. There was an iron, ironing board, hair blower, and large safe that held my laptop even. The AC only works if both doors are closed, which sucked on the wedding day since people were constantly coming in and out so we left the front door open and it got super hot. Ceiling fan is nice too and works well.   Cleaning staff was awesome. I donno why but they always came twice a day and made the bed in the morning and after my afternoon nap. I donno if there was a mix up there but it happened every day. The balcony in the junior suite has thick pillars that go very high, so short people like me have trouble seeing over unless standing on my tip toes.         Beach: When I first saw the ocean front I was a little disappointed. It was smaller than I had expected (the distance from the hotel to the water). Also the sand was a little hard packed and I had expected it to be more loose.   I quickly changed my mind. There are a tonne of chairs, and the beach seems much larger when you are on it. There is a restaurant right on it which is open most of the time, then volley ball nets, then there is a bar [the back of the pool bar opens up]. I think I read on here that there wasn’t much shade on the beach, but there are a lot of trees and huts, and I had no problem staying in the shade.   The water is lovely blue green, and the sand is a really beautiful white. I didn’t see any bugs but got maybe 2 small bites on my legs in the whole week.   There are a few vendors that walk the beach and row their merchandise in the water. They are very easy going though and don’t pressure you to look at their stuff at all. They also sell weed if you’re interested lol I didn’t buy any but I think a few guests did.   They had a beach barbeque one day and it was really awesome food. I think that was Friday. They had a beach party on Saturday night which had a fire dancer and live music, but I missed it. Our wedding was Sunday.            Food:   The food throughout the resort was very good. We always went to the main buffet for breakfast where there was always eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, assorted breads/ buns/ muffins, fresh fruit, smoothies, pancakes, French toast, waffles, and yogurt. There is an omelette station too, and then the rest of the menu changes daily.   For lunch, we normally went to the steakhouse for an earlier lunch and had nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, jerk chicken, and salad. The rest of the menu changed daily but was always very good. For second lunch we went to the main buffet.  They have some of the same things for lunch and dinner: pizza, fries, pasta station, assorted fruits and desserts, and fresh bread, fruit, and meat. Then they have a tonne of things that change daily.   For dinner, the main buffet has way too much to choose from, and it is all delicious. For a la cartes, we enjoyed the Japanese restaurant quite a bit. You all get sushi and soup to begin, and then you get to chose whether you want fried rice or steamed rice. You get to chose 2 of the meat choices: beef, chicken, shrimp, salmon, squid. We have several picky eaters and they all liked it, and several foodies and they all liked it. The calabash wasn’t as good. The appetizers were really awesome, but there were mixed reviews over the dinner. The salmon was pretty dry [same complaint we got on the wedding night from the steakhouse]. The rib eye was pretty fatty. The scallops were very good but incredibly spicy. The fettucini was good but nothing to write home about. I’ve heard better things about wedding night food there, but on its own it was just O-kay. We didn’t have a chance to eat at the steakhouse except for at the wedding night.   Wedding night food: completely amazing. We ate at Uncle Tony’s and it was really memorable. You start with self-serve appetizers. I had a tonne of guests come and say that the appetizers were the best food on the trip. I agree, I loved the corn fritters, the cheese selection was awesome, the men all liked the chicken wings. The salad here is great and the vegetables and very fresh and flavourful.   For the served meals, everyone who had the tenderloin raved about it. It was amazingly tender and was perfectly trimmed so there was no fat on it. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare and was flavoured very well. I never tried the chicken but everyone said it was good. I tried the salmon and it was a little bit dry.   The wedding cake was very good but we were rushed and I don’t think anyone got any. The rest of the dessert was self-serve.   We ordered room service almost every day. The pizza is the same stuff from the lunch buffet and is soo good. I think it’s the cheese in Jamaica, which is really good. My fiancé liked the chicken nugget a lot. The tacos were good. Some friends got the salads and said they were fresh too. The food takes 45 minutes consistently.            Disco: The disco was hit or miss. The first night it was PACKED, like a nightclub in Canada. Then it was dead for a few nights, then got packed again. Sometimes it played good music, sometimes a little outdated music. But they always take requests. The bartenders are fast and awesome. A little tip goes a long way!          Wedding Coordinator : The wedding coordinator was very good, very relaxed, and helpful. The down side was that they didn’t really give me any options, I had to have pre-researched anything I wanted done. This made me stressed on the wedding day when I didn’t even know what song I was going to walk down the aisle to, and really had no idea about what was going to happen at all. Looking back, its probably easier that I wasn’t given options for every little thing, and I should have just put more faith into the coordinator to get things done.          Lounge in Toronto: The airport lounge in Toronto was the Premium Plaza lounge. Sunquest gave all of our guests access to the lounge to use for our 4 hour lay over, but you can otherwise purchase a 3 hour pass for $30. It is well worth the money. There is a shower, tonnes of chairs which can be pushed together to sleep on, hot food, drinks, internet. The food was pretty good but we were only there for breakfast so didn’t get any drinks. Alcohol is only served after 10 am. For food there was eggs and sausages, tortillas and salsa, salad bar, sandwiches, cereal, buns, bagels, cookies, and desserts. I think it was well worth $30.          Make up I got my make up done at the spa. It cost $70-80. The make up artist did an amazing job. As other brides have mentioned, they have lower quality make up, like L’oreal and Cover Girl, but her first question was whether I brought my own make up for her to apply. I used my own foundation, primer, lip stick and lip liner. I used her eye make up and blush. She did a really spectacular job,  I couldn’t have been more happy with it. It stayed on all day despite sweating and crying.   I should mention that I cried almost all of the night before and day of, so I went to the spa with VERY puffy eyes and blotchy skin, but they completely covered it up and made my eyes pop anyways.     NOTE: The hotel has a policy that they do NOT apply fake eye lashes for you. You can put your own on and they will do the rest of your make up. Apparently there was an incident 5 years ago and they don’t do it anymore after that.       Hair: The hair stylist was very good. I asked for a loose French twist with lots of volume. The first time she did it it was a little tight to my head and I thought it looked a little severe and therefore a little old. I’m 24 and wanted something younger. My mom was with me and got her hair stylist to come in and add more volume while I was getting my make up done, and she changed it to exactly what I was looking for. They then applied my veil and tiara and I loved it.   Couples Massage: We got the couples massage included in the package. It was pretty good, but they only did my back and scalp. That’s probably where I needed it the most, but it was unlike any other massage I’ve had where they massage everything.   If you do the massage then you get access to the pool area, which has several different temperature ‘hot tubs’ (some roman baths, others Jacuzzi style bubbles), and different types of showers, sauna, and steam room. They were nice, but not as nice as the ocean or pool.         Ceremony: For the ceremony I brought my own chair sashes and starfish garland for the huppa. We hired the Reggae band ($900). We started at 3:30, I walked down the aisle at 3:40, then were done the ceremony by 4:00. We then did a champagne toast on the beach with the reggae band still playing, and then group pictures.   The Minister was pretty good. He spoke clearly and loudly so everyone could here. He had a microphone. We just read the script that I had provided.   If I could do it again then I would have brought fabric for the Huppa too. I think it makes a big difference. Everything else was perfect.   Everyone said the reggae band was amazing. I didn’t chose the songs because I got too carried away with things, but the wedding coordinator chose for me. I don’t even know what songs they played but I remember being happy with them as I walked down the aisle.   After the ceremony we did formal pictures with the families and wedding party. This took about 2 hours which was much longer than I expected.       Reception:   We had dinner at Uncle Tony’s at 7:00. We had the DJ (450 for 3 hours) and national open bar (7 per person per hour).   The food, as I mentioned in the food section, was AMAZING. Best food of the week. The drinks were good, although I had requested slushy drinks and they weren’t available. The house wine was surprisingly good, both red and white.   The DJ was good, just played whatever he chose in the background and it was nice.   We rented the projector for the slideshow. RIP OFF. It cost $300 to rent, in CASH, and didn’t even have the cord to play sound. The MC taxi’d into town to buy the cord since my fiancé really wanted the slideshow. If I were you I would buy a projector before you go, then re-sell it after (or find another bride to share it with).   Dinner took us the 2.5 of the 3 hour allotment for the restaurant so we were really tight at the end trying to cram in the bouquet toss, cake cutting, garter toss, and first dances. This might have been because we arrived 15 minutes late, and had a lot of speeches and 2 slideshows, but we did that while people were eating so I’m not sure why it took so long. They didn’t kick us out though, and I hung around taking pictures and talking for 30 minutes into the bon fire lol.   After the dinner we did the bon fire beach party with a steel drum band. The band was very good. We also had an open bar which was well used. The bon fire was good, but took some time for it to get really big.   We did the sky lanterns that I really liked. They were probably the highlight of my trip. After the bon fire we moved to the disco.     Reggae Band: I hired the reggae band through the resort for walking down the aisle. They played for one hour: while guests got seated, for walking down the aisle, and then after the ceremony for the champagne toast a bit afterwards. I was so overwhelmed I don’t realy remember hearing them, but a tonne of guests said that they made the wedding really special. I didn’t see any other brides do it for the rest of the time I was there, so I think it ws special too. I remember being impressed with their talent too. They cost $900 per hour.       DJ: We hired a DJ for the 3 hours we rented Uncle Tonys. It cost $150/hour, minimum of 3 hours. I think this was well worth it too. I didn’t choose any songs myself, but he played nice music for the background, and handed over the mic for the MC to run the program and for the speakers to do their speeches. He played the songs we wanted for the first dance and father daughter dance from our iphone. He supplied the rest of the music.         Excursion 1: Dunns Falls and Tubing Down the River Tour provided by Daina Tour and Taxi. The drivers were great but the busses broke down TWICE, leavin our 80 guests on the side of the highway for an hour, and then a second time for 1.5 hours. Very disappointing. Once we got to the falls the rest of the tour went smoothly.    Dunns falls was well worth it, everyone loved it. If you ask to go up the right hand side then it is a much more difficult climb. The more adventurous people did that and it was very memorable.   After the falls we stopped for lunch at the Ruins by the Falls restaurant. The food was good, and it was a buffet ($16 per person). It was chinese food which was kind of too bad because I would have preferred something authentic. But still it was good, and since we were running 2.5 hours late, it was nice to  have anything.   We went tubing down the white river. A lot of people said this was their favourite. It is more fast paced than the lazy rivers I have been on in the past. It was a lot of fun, and the guides were amazing. They work so hard, often running on the rocks beside the river in their bare feet. At least 10 of our guests gave them our watershoes after and you could see that made them very happy.       Excursion 2: Margaritaville Negril and Rick’s Café   Tour was provided by Island Routes. Well really we just asked for a driver for the day. It cost about $25 per person, for a driver for 12 hours to take us anywhere we wanted. We stopped for snacks and booze, and he provided a cooler to keep it in. We picked up people from another resort. We went to Margaritaville which was a little boring in my mind. I could have skipped it, it was expensive and was nothing unique to Jamaica. We stopped at the lighthouse in Negril and that was definitely worth it! Very amazing views and we even saw dolphins jumping out of the water.   Rick’s Café was DEFINITELY worth it. It is on the most Western point of Jamaica so everyone goes to see the sunset (the most amazing sunset!!). There are cliff jumpers and places where you can jump if you want to. It is quite high so I didn’t, but it looked like a lot of fun. The food was good and the drinks were awesome [try a Sex with Rick… yummmm]. The views are amazing at this place! Also, right across the street from Ricks are a few vendors, one selling jerk chicken off his barbeque. It’s pretty good!!    Pictures:   Uncle Tony's view from the patio inside. The Buffet is straight ahead.      Ceremony set up. At the back of the chairs is where the champagne toast is served.      Head table set up National open bar set up   Table set up   Floating Lanterns   Champagne toast     bonfire national open bar standard cake with the package reggae band     table set up
  The path the bride walks. You hide behind the corner where the star is, then walk down the path, down the stairs, then down the beach towards the altar.   National open bar The dance floor area in the Uncle Tonys patio.   Professional Shots:          Standard flowers with the package Bathroom    Professional shots     The huppa without the fabric     Giving our thank you speech   professional shot     bonfire on the beach     professional shot     my dad and I     Signing the papers, and the flowers that come with the package for the signing table           the chairs without the covers on them     The optional arch (we ultimately chose the huppa).      View from our room.      the pool and pool bar     flowers included in the package   The junior suite   The cajun restaurant       hair and veil          The groom make up              

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I stalked this forum daily while I was planning my wedding as it was such an incredible source of information. I didn’t actually post anything throughout the planning process, but now that my wedding is over I want to share my experiences and hopefully some future brides will find it helpful.  So here I go!   Resort The Resort itself was comparable to the other ones I’ve stayed at in Cuba and Jamaica.  The rooms were nice and clean.  The food was good and there were a lot of options.  My only complaint is they are very stingy with the bottled water.    A note for any future brides who are considering buying wedding favours in Jamaica: there is a free shuttle bus that leaves the resort every hour to go to the Rose Hall Shops.We did this one day and were able to buy almost 40 bottles of jerk sauce and marinade at one of the stores there to use as our favours.There are a bunch of souvenir stores there, so it is a good place to buy favours if you are looking to buy them in Jamaica.   Meeting with Wedding Coordinator We met with the wedding coordinator the day after we arrived.The meeting was fairly short.We just went over all the details we had sent her previously.She was very agreeable and laid back - said “no problem” to all of our requests.We left feeling confident that everything would be taken care of.We had also brought a lot of decorations with us that we dropped off with the coordinators in the days leading up to the wedding.We explained exactly how all the decorations were to be set up and even left them with pictures of how we wanted the tables set up at the wedding.Again, everything was “no problem”.     Welcome Dinner/Bonfire We planned a welcome dinner at the Japanese restaurant for our 2nd night in Jamaica.This was a lot of fun for our group and I recommend this as a good group activity.After dinner, we had booked a beach bonfire with a bar for our group as well.We had brought sky lanterns that we set off on the beach during the bonfire and everyone had a blast doing this.If you have room in your suitcases for sky lanterns then I definitely recommend bringing some!It was a great group activity that had everyone laughing and cheering together.We had also brought all the ingredients for smores, which people cooked on the fire and that was fun as well.We had brought an ipod dock which we set up at the bonfire with a pre-planned play list, which was perfect for creating a party vibe.We booked the international bar for the bonfire.The resort was very accommodating throughout the bonfire.We had booked it for 1 hour starting at 8:30, but we kept tipping them and I think they kept the bar open for 2 hours for us.Even then the bartender packed up really, really slowly and he continued to serve drinks as he packed up.They didn’t put the fire out until after 11:00 and they didn’t take the lights down until after 12:00.A group of us stayed out until they took the lights down because we were having so much fun hanging out and dancing on the beach!   Wedding Day Overall, the wedding went well, although we did have a few problems with the resort that day (I will explain below).We actually had the ceremony offsite at a private beach booked through Tropical Weddings Jamaica and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a more private beach wedding experience, but the rest of the wedding took place at the resort.My two bridesmaids and I all had our hair done at the salon at the Suites.We all had up-dos, which looked similar, but were all a bit different.They did a good job with our hair!My bridesmaids had a big problem with pins falling out throughout the day, but my hair stayed in place really well.I also had my make-up done and they did a good job with that as well.They did my lips way too bold, so I wiped that off, and I fixed the eye liner a bit, but other than that it looked pretty good.I had ordered orchids for my hair to be delivered to the salon for my appointment, but the orchids didn’t arrive in time so they said they would deliver them the hotel room.We were so busy getting dressed and ready to go that we forgot all about the orchids until a few minutes before we were going to leave.At that point one of my bridesmaids called the coordinators and I think they did some yelling and the orchids arrived while were in the lobby about to leave to go to the private beach.My bridesmaid literally grabbed the orchids out of the woman’s hand as she walked into the lobby and then started pinning them in hair.I found out later than my fiancé had sent me flowers that morning with a card saying how excited he was to see me, but the flowers arrived late too so I didn’t even see them until that night.The resort refused to take any responsibility for the issues with the flowers since they are from a 3rd party company and I guess it wasn’t too big of a deal, but it definitely would have been nice if the flowers had arrived earlier.   As I mentioned, we had our ceremony at a private beach offsite that we booked through Tropical Weddings Jamaica.We also did 1 hour of photos at the aqueduct ruins after the ceremony.This is a beautiful location for photos if you want something a bit different for your pictures. I can’t wait to see our photographer’s pictures! We also booked a van with a company called Reggae Tours to take us to the different locations throughout the day.This company was fantastic to work with! They were reliable and right on time the day of the wedding and I would definitely recommend them.   After the ceremony, we booked a cocktail hour in the Jammin’ Music Bar at the resort before dinner.This turned out to be a great spot for a private cocktail hour and it was a good size for the 35 people we had there.There is a pool table in the bar and some people played pool while we were there.They also have a sound system in the bar already, so we made a playlist ahead of time and were able to just plug in our ipod.We had ordered the Menu A appetizers, which were set out on a table and were very good.   Unfortunately, this is where we started to have some issues with the resort.We had been told ahead of time that there was a microphone in the Jammin’ Music Bar that we could use to do speeches during cocktail hour.But it turned out the cord for the microphone was only 1 foot long so that anyone using it had to stand in the separate DJ booth and couldn’t be seen by anyone in the bar.The idea of doing speeches when no one could see the speaker seemed a bit weird!So we talked to the manager about getting a longer microphone cord (which we know they have at the resort because we saw them throughout the week), but the manager never came back.We waited awhile for him to return with the longer cord, but eventually we had to start the speeches.Our speakers ended up standing in the room with everyone and yelling to be heard (since they couldn’t use the microphone), which was definitely not ideal.   Also, at this time I had asked one my bridesmaid’s husbands to walk over to Uncle Tony’s and make sure that they had set up all our reception decorations correctly (we had brought centerpieces, table runners, seating chart, table name cards, etc.).So he headed over there about 20 minutes before 7pm (which is when our dinner was scheduled to start) and discovered that they hadn’t set up any of our stuff.They had completely forgotten all of it!!!!!So he ended up having to scramble to get all our decorations from the wedding coordinator’s office and set it all up.Thank goodness I had asked him to check!We ended up staying in the Music Bar longer and started dinner a bit late because of this.   The food at Uncle Tony’s was really good.I heard many people raving about how good the steak was!We didn’t have enough people for the private reception, so there were other people in the restaurant, but that didn’t bother us too much.One strange thing was that I had sent them everyone’s meal selection in advance as I had been told do to, but for some reason the waiters came around and asked everyone what they wanted to eat.I guess the meal selections I sent never made it to the right people, although I know the wedding coordinator had the list because we had looked at it together when we met with her.Another complaint I have is that the waiters didn’t mention to anyone that the appetizers were buffet-style, so everyone was sitting and waiting after they ordered when they could have been getting their appetizers.I was getting really antsy about the time throughout dinner since we started a bit late and then it took awhile for the waiters to take the orders and everyone to get their appetizers.We had scheduled dinner from 7 – 8:30, but we did end up going over due to the delays.We ended up sorting of rushing people out after dinner since had booked an after dinner reception on the Bob Marley Terrace from 8:30 – 10:30.I think we ended up starting the reception around 9. I wasn’t too happy about this since 2 hours is not long enough for a reception in my opinion and the fact that we started late meant we had even less time.However, I think they did let us go a bit later than 10:30 in order to make up for this.   We were very happy with the Bob Marley Terrace as the location for our reception.The terrace does open into a main hallway, but we didn’t really notice and we felt like we had our own private location.They hung up the paper lanterns I had brought (although I do have a minor complaint about this as well:I had brought 24 lanterns and they only hung up 12 of them.This was annoying because I had asked the coordinator in advance and she had told me that there was room for 30 lanterns).We had brought throwies to light the lanterns, but they ended up lighting them with bulbs and wiring them.They also had our cake set up on the terrace and we cut it there and people helped themselves throughout the reception.We had ordered 3 tiers: 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla and 1 strawberry cheesecake.I didn’t get a chance to try the chocolate, but I thought the vanilla was so-so and the strawberry cheesecake was quite good.We had booked the sound system (but no DJ) for the 2 hour reception.My husband is a musician and has high standards when it comes to sound and he was extremely unhappy with the speaker they provided for us.The bass wasn’t working properly on the speaker, so the sound wasn’t that good.However, we were still able to use our ipod and the playlist we had made for dancing.   Overall, we were happy with the resort and we had a fantastic time at our wedding.Many of our guests have told us they had a great time and thought the wedding went perfectly.My only advise to future brides would be that if you have a lot of decorations or any other details that you want executed a certain way then be prepared to do a bit of micro-managing while you are down there to make sure everything turns out the way you want it to.Having said that, I would definitely recommend this resort to any future brides!
Pros: terrace location, lots of options to customize, beautiful resort
Cons: just minor things
We had a wonderful wedding with 29 guests at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach resort in November 2011. Overall I’m happy and would recommend this resort for weddings.  There were just a few minor issues, but it was overwhelmingly a positive experience.   Preparation, pre-travel communication The wedding co-ordinator, Silvia, and others in the PR office are usually quick to reply to emails, though there is the occasional one that gets missed.  The only issue for us was that she missed two of my emails the week that we left, which included room preferences of guests (who needed double vs. king beds, who wanted rooms next to each other, etc).  Otherwise, I got most of the answers I wanted ahead of time, though that might be because of the helpful community here at the BDW forums.   Arrival and planning meeting Silvia greeted us as we were checking in, but she booked our meeting for the following day.  When we met with her, she was very organized and had all our information in front of her.  We filled out yet another form with the final details, and at this point we could make changes still and give the final number of guests.  The only issue was that we had pre-arranged a welcome party for that night, which was a bonfire on the beach with appetizers and open bar. She realized that she needed to give 2 days notice to the kitchen for the appetizers, and our party was that night, so she had to do some extra leg work to get it to happen, but she did.   The resort We had a very varied group – some had been to many all-inclusives in the caribbean, and for some this was their first trip.  Everyone unanimously loved the resort, as did we.  It’s clean, well maintained, the staff are absolutely amazing, and the food is always hot and delicious.  My only minor complaints were that the rooms smelled musty (more of a problem for my husband than for me, actually), I found the bed uncomfortable, there was no make-up mirror in the bathroom, and desserts weren’t particularly good.  We were upgraded to an ocean-front junior suite, which wasn’t super fancy or anything, but at least it was more spacious.  Some of our favourite things were the pools, the warm ocean water (lots of seaweed though), the overall look of the resort, the food, and the service.  There were always lots of free loungers, both in sun and shade; there was no need to reserve at all, which is a very welcome change from most resorts we had been to.       Welcome party – Bonfire The bonfire was fun, though we could’ve done without appetizers.  Most of our guests were still full from dinner, so barely picked at the food.  The ambiance was nice – the food table and the bar were very nicely laid out, and there were lanterns strung up on the volleyball net.  The site of the bonfire is right where the volleyball court is.  We paid for one hour, but stayed on afterwards just to hang out.  I think having a DJ would’ve made it more of a fun party.       Wedding day – getting ready I don’t think I could’ve ever been this relaxed on my wedding day if I had a wedding at home.  We were planning on sleeping in separate rooms the night before, but the other couple was out late partying at the disco, so we fell asleep and ended up waking up together anyway.  We had a leisurely breakfast, and then the groom went to hang out with people on the beach, which I headed back to the room to do my nails and shower.  When my bridesmaid arrived, we ordered room service lunch and hung out.  It was so nice and low-key.  We did have an issue getting an ironing board – we called twice, two different people, and were assured both time that we would get one.  Eventually one of our guests brought over theirs, and we never did get one.  Other than that, things turned a bit sour because our hair & makeup girls were an hour late.  I booked Rashel Edwards for make-up, and the hairdresser she works with.  I had read to many positive reviews, that I wasn’t worried about anything at all, so I didn’t even think to write down her phone number.  We were waiting and waiting and waiting, and there isn’t wifi in the rooms, so I couldn’t even find  her phone number.  They finally arrived at 1:30, an hour and a half before our 3 pm ceremony, and an hour after our agreed-upon time of 12:30.  I politely expressed my disappointment, and instead of apologizing, she brushed it off, which I thought was very unprofessional.  So we quickly got started on hair for me.  She didn’t have her usual assistant, she used a girl named Colleen.  I told her I wanted soft waves, no hard or tight curls.  She proceeded to hairspray and curl my hair into hard curls anyway, but we were in such a rush that I was barely paying attention, and she was assuring me that the curls would open.  I think my hair is the thing I regret most about the day, but I guess that’s not a huge complaint when you look at the big picture.  While my hair was being done, my bridesmaid was getting her makeup done.  She was happy with the final look, and she did look great.  Then we switched and I went for makeup.  I gave her a picture and instructions to give me a slightly smoky eye, and to match my skintone instead of trying to make me fake-tanned.  She applied false lashes as well, which she provided (I totally forgot to pack mine).  The final look was more harsh than what I had hoped for, but again there wouldn’t have been time to fix it, and from what I’ve seen from our guests’ pictures so far, it looked good in pictures.  There was chaos all around us anyway, as the photographers had arrived, my bridesmaid dress was being ironed by my mom and MOH, and Silvia was in and our with flowers and instructions – there was just no time to stop and think or fix anything.  As soon as my makeup was done, Colleen quickly put my veil in – I didn’t even have a glance at how my hair and flower and veil looked.  I just quickly threw on my dress and jewelery and ran out the door.  I even forgot deodorant.  We didn’t have time for any pictures with my mom, or my girls, or anything posed.  I’m curious to see what the photographers got our of my frantic getting-ready session, but I really wish we could’ve had time to savour the moment and take some nice pics.   The Ceremony – 3 pm Our ceremony was on the lobby terrace.  It’s such a beautiful location, and very private.  Our guests had been told that the ceremony would be at 2:30, so by the time I arrived shortly after 3, everyone was ready.  My groom had a chance to have a few words with the minister, which was great because he told him what names to say (not my legal name).  We had the steel pans band playing starting at 2:45, which I hear was really nice as guests were mingling and waiting for me.  We gathered just inside the lobby door and lined up for our walk down the isle.  That’s when I realized that we all forgot to call my dad!  He had come to my room with my mom when my hair was just being done, and seeing that there was no place for him, he went back to his room to wait for our call.  In the big rush, we all forgot.  So we waited a few more minutes for him, and then it was showtime!  From here on everything went off without a hitch.  The band played the Canon in D for my entrance with my dad, and my handsome groom was waiting for me with a big smile on his face.  It was really wonderful.  The ceremony was quick and simple – we went with the standard vows.  We signed the papers right after, the only thing I regret is that we didn’t use the pretty pan that my MOH got for us – the minister or someone gave us a random black pen, and I didn’t even realize until we were done signing.  It’s such a crazy time, you can’t pay attention to it all - we also forgot to tip the minister and the band.  Then we walked back down the isle to the band playing, had champagne, mingled a bit with guests, and then cut the cake.  The cake was beautiful  - we didn’t ask for anything specific, and they decorated it with green orchids to match my theme.  It was so delicious!  We had one tier chocolate, and one tier vanilla.  Then we quickly took some family and guest pictures, then went off for pictures with the bridal party around the resort and on the beach.         Photography We hired Marcia Roberts for photo and videography.  She arrived with her assistant and the videographer on time, and came up to our room while I was getting ready.  Like I said, we didn’t have time for formal getting ready pictures, and it was such chaos in my room, but I know they were photographing, so I’ll have to see what comes out of it.  For our photo shoot, they were pretty efficient and helpful with directions and suggestions for poses.  I guess I can’t review them fairly until I have seen the pictures, but they were pleasant to work with.   Flowers We went with Tai Flora because it’s the easiest, they’re the house florist for the resort.  Our flowers package cost just under $500, and included an upgraded bouquet for me (extra $50 from standard package), broom’s boutonniere plus 2 more, two wrist corsages, arrangement for signing table, arrangement for arch, 4 centerpieces (each one consisted of two vases filled with rocks, water, orchids and a floating candle on top).  My bouquet looked a bit wilted when it arrived, and random flowers were falling out during out photo shoot, but I think it will look nice in pictures regardless.  For some reason the dads didn’t get their boutonnieres – I only realized this when I saw pictures after we had returned home.  I’m not sure if this was Tai Flora’s fault for not including them, or Silvia’s for not passing them on to the dads.  The arrangements for the signing table and the arch were very nice.  They were both moved over to our reception by Silvia.  I didn’t have a good look at the corsages.  The centerpieces were perfect, and added a very nice ambiance to our dinner tables.  The only slight issue was that one set of vases were over-filled with water, so  the candles were too exposed and kept getting blown out by the wind.         Dinner – 7-8:30 pm We had a semi-private dinner at the Steakhouse, 7 – 8:30 pm.  It’s an open-air restaurant at the far end of the beach.  We had a U-shaped table set up, with the two of us, plus our MOH and best man and their partners on either side of us, and everyone else on the two legs of the U.  For our party of 31, this worked perfectly.  It was set with formal white tablecloths, and our centerpieces.   We used the signing table arrangement for our head table centerpiece, and the arch flowers were on a half-wall behind us.  Silvia also put out our favours, and we had given her all our guests meal preferences ahead of time (I walked around with a list for the first two days, asking everyone which meal they preferred).  The meal was good, service was good.  Other guests didn’t bother us at all, I’m not sure if we bothered them J  Silvia also moved our guest book from the ceremony location to the dinner, and then kept it for us to pick up later in the week.   Disco - 8:30-11 pm At 8:30, Silvia had the little golf carts come to the Stakehouse and take us all over to the Disco, which is located at the Suites.  This was great, because it saved us about 20-30 minutes of walking, and made sure that we wouldn’t lose guests going back to their room or wherever.  My groom and I arrived first, and the DJ was already there.  We gave him my iPod with a playlist of two songs for our first dance and the father-daughter dance.  I also told him when to fade out the song, and it all went perfectly.  We also asked him to introduce us and the dances, no problems there.  We have him brief instructions on what kinds of songs to play, and tipped him a few times.  He ended up playing right through to 11pm when the regular DJ arrived, instead of stopping at 10:30.  Many of us stayed and kept partying once the disco opened to the public.  Note also that the disco rental include open bar for 30 people, we just payed the premium for upgrading to international open bar.       Next day We had breakfast delivered the next morning, at the time we requested.  Then we had our half-hour couples massage at the Spa (included in the package, either this or Digipix photography), which was really nice, but it was only a back and shoulder massage.  After a night of partying in my wedding heels and dress, I really could’ve used a foot massage, too!   Daytrip We went on a group trip to Dunn’s River Falls with 17 of our guests.  We did manage to secure a group discount, so we booked the full-day trip, which includes shopping, and then the falls.  The morning of shopping was terrible – the first plaza we went to was a typical tourist shopping destination with overpriced souvenirs made in China and fake luxury goods.  That would’ve been ok, but then it got worse – they took us to a local craft market, and the people there were extremely pushy and made every single person very very uncomfortable.  The bus driver wouldn’t open the bus to let us back on early.  We’ve been to Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba – not classy places, but I never had such an uncomfortable experience with locals anywhere.  The only reason I’m mentioning this is because I strongly discourage anyone from going on the full-day Dunn’s River Falls trip.  You pay extra to make them money, then pay $15 for a terrible buffet lunch with half-spoiled food, and the actual falls trip is only about 2-3 hours at the end.  Climbing the falls was great, but I really wish we had done the half-day, falls-only trip.   Honeymoon We were booked for 2 weeks at the Beach, but were hoping to upgrade to the Grand. They were charging us $180 extra per night, so we agreed to go over for only the last 3 days.  When we did move over, we absolutely loved it.  The Beach resort was amazing, but the Grand is out of this world!  We really wished we had splurged and upgraded for the whole week.  A detailed review of the Grand is beyond the scope of this review, so check our TripAdvisor, or ask me specific questions and I’ll be happy to answer.   Overall I loved our wedding, and overall I’m happy with the resort and the service provided.  All our guests had a great time, and loved the resort.  My biggest complaing is with hair/make-up, but this isn’t resort-related, and the flowers, which are only partially resort-related.   I would be more than happy to answer any specific questions.  

By beetee33, · 7 Comments

Pros: Almost everything!
We got married at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach on  Friday May 13!!! We seriously had the BEST time, as did all of our guests.    Check-in: We arrived at IRHB around noon and were able to check in right away. We were offered drinks and our bags were taken to our room. We were originally staying at the Suites for the entire stay but our travel agent made a mistake and by time we found it, the Suites was completely booked. We had to book a gardenview room at the Beach instead. Elizabeth (Public Relations Manager and acting wedding coordinator) had us upraded to an oceanview room!! So far, so good!!   Room: The view was amazing and overlooked the beach wedding area as well as Uncle Tony’s. The room was good. The bed was comfortable and the mini fridge and AC worked great. The room was very clean but honestly there was no comparison to our room at the Suites. We didn’t really spend a lot of time in our room so we would have been fine staying there the whole time. My mom hated the room and moved over to the Suites the second night. We also had fresh fruit and red wine delivered to both rooms!   Food: I’m missing the food as I type this! We ate at the buffets mainly and there was so much variety and the food was good for the most part. Breakfast was my favorite meal! The made to order omelets were delish and the fruit was fresh and plentiful. Our kids ate their weight in fruit!! We had our welcome dinner at the Japanese restaurant. The food was good and watching them make it was entertaining. Our wedding dinner was at the Cajun restaurant. The food here was great!! Everyone said it was the best food they had their whole stay! We also ate at Uncle Tony’s and the Mexican restaurant. Room service was fast, hot, and tasty.   Activities: The activities at IRHB were the best! We spent most of our time at this resort because the Suites were so quiet and the Beach was a constant party!! After our welcome dinner (Thursday night) we went to the Beach party and had a fabulous time! Star friends really know how to get the crowd involved. My husband’s uncle became well known around the resort and participated in tons of activities. There was also a beach bar-b-q and the food was delicious! There’s always something to do.   Service: The service is Iberostar is the best I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it was because we were getting married there, but whenever we went to the front desk, they remembered our names and room number. There is staff everywhere making sure everything is in tip top condition. Drink cups are picked up quickly from the beach, glasses are refilled fast at restaurants.    Wedding Coordinator: About two weeks before we left for JA, I found out that Tameica, the wedding coordinator I had been working with was no longer there. Shortly after that emails I sent started bouncing back to me. I called Guest Services a few days before we left and after a few calls spoke with Elizabeth. She was very friendly and told me not to worry. When we got the the resort we set up a time to meet and go over all the last minute things. Elizabeth and Daniella are so sweet!! And they really know their job. They really put us at ease.    Make up/Hair: I wrote a review already about Rashel Edwards but she’s definitely worth another mention here!! I love the way my make up and hair turned out. It looked like me only better which was exactly what I wanted. And the make up stayed on and I couldn’t feel it. I slept in it (bad, I know) and there was no make up on the pillow!! I would recommend her to anyone.   Wedding: This was the best part of the whole trip. I honestly woke up the next day wanting to do it all over again!! We brought a ton of decorations and although I had planned to draw everything out so they knew how we wanted it set up, I never got around to it. Everything was set up perfectly. We even had 6 additional people tell us they were coming 2 days before we left and they were able to improvise with the decorations. We got married at 5:30 on the beach close to the gazebo/pier. It was perfect!!! The mood was so calming, I don’t remember being nervous at all. The ocean was such a perfect back drop. The ceremony was over pretty fast. Then we had champagne and took pictures.         Photography: We used the resort’s photographer, Digipix. I was pretty impressed with their work. My husband and I didn’t really want a bunch of posed pictures. The photographer really took this into consideration. When we went to look at the pictures, there were a ton to chose from. She was really able to capture the mood.   Wedding Dinner: We had dinner at the Cajun restaurant. We didn’t have enough people to rent out the restaurant but I think there was only two other small groups in there. We didn’t notice them at all. My sister/maid of honor gave a short speech which started everyone wanting to say something! It really worked out well. The food and service was great. We had 29 people including 6 kids and they let us order off the menu which was nice.      Cocktail Party: After dinner we had a cocktail party at the Bob Marley Terrace. We had an open bar and hired the DJ. We had brought paper lanterns and when we walked up to the terrace, I was so happy with how it all turned out! The DJ was good. He really fed of the crowd. We were able to cut the cake here as well. The bartender was good too, recommending drinks. The drinks were stronger than those normally at the bar.          After party: After the cocktail party those who wanted to went to the disco at the Suites. We changed clothes first...I really kind of wish I would have worn my dress. I am so in love with that dress! We got married on a Friday and the disco had a good number of people. We had a ball!!      Overall: I am soooo glad we chose Iberostar Rose Hall Beach for our wedding day! Our family and friends had a ball and they’re all talking about future trips. My husband is usually ready to go after about 4 days on vacation and he was not ready to leave Jamaica after 7 days. We both wish our wedding was next week instead of two weeks ago. If you’re considering IRHB, do it!! If you’re already booked, get excited!! You’re going to have a ball!!    
Pros: Great Location
Cons: Isn't My Permanent Address
I had the pleasure of visiting Iberostar Rose Hall Beach resort last year on a site visit for my 2011 wedding.  The property is well kept with some of the most courteous staff in Jamaica.  I highly recommend any of the three Iberostar properties to vacationers or brides to be.  All are irie, mon!!!
Princess J

By Princess J, · 6 Comments

Pros: Great food! Great service! Great location!
Cons: Beach has some seaweed and is a bit small
Ok girls, I finally had a chance to sit down and write my review! I will break everything down in categories but bear in mind we did a bit of a non traditional wedding and got married off-site so I will review the ceremony portion separately. We were married Wednesday, Feb 2nd, 2011 and it was truly the best day of my life! We arrived with our guests on Friday, Jan 28th so we had more than enough time to meet with our wedding planners, have meetings, etc. If you can arrive before your guests I think it would be less stressful but if you can't just give yourself a few days ahead.   I started planning my wedding almost right after we were engaged Dec 2nd, 2010 and found a fantastic travel agent to help us book our wedding group which were coming from Toronto and Vancouver. We ended up with 51 people (including bride/groom) attending our wedding which was a perfect size for us   Air Canada Vacations: C+   We ended up going with Air Canada Vacations (ACV) as they were the only company flying direct from Vancouver on a Friday. A direct flight was very important to us as we had older people in our group and also children. Our agent dealt mostly with ACV but we found that the company wasn't the easiest to work with. For example, when the prices dropped ACV wanted to give the new price to new booking guests only and NOT to pre-booked guests. Luckily our agent fought for us and we ended up having the lower price apply for the entire group. ACV also overcharged some guests and then didn't charge others which was a big hassle for the agent to staighten out. The plane we flew in was also really old with only 1 TV at the front of the cabin and guests were not even served a snack for a 7 hour flight.On the plus side they did upgrade the bride/groom to Business Class and offered us some promotions due to our group size.   Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel Overall: A   I decided on this hotel as I knew I wanted to stay in Montego Bay, it was well rated on TripAdvisor, it was nearby the airport (15 minutes away), allowed children and had flexible plans for weddings. We looked next door at the Suites but felt the increase in price may deter some guests (e.g. our friends) and so we decided to stay at this hotel and we were more than happy we did. To put our rating into perspective, my husband and I are huge travelers and have been all over South East Asia, the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Cuba) and Mexico. This hotel is BY FAR the best we have ever stayed at for an all-inclusive! If you choose this hotel don't worry, you did the right thing!       Food: A   I LOVE food, it is by far one of the most important things about a hotel and I wasn't disappointed here. There is a beach BBQ on Saturdays with yummy jerk everything and other local treats. The buffet is also really good, even I was surprised, it had good food and great variety. Even the picky eaters and the crazy dieters has a lot of options. I would rate the 'Steakhouse' as the best restaurant, followed by the Japanese and finally the Cajun. Room service was just ok and sometimes it took over an hour to get your food, sometimes it never came, and sometimes it came twice!   Uncle Tony's in the day     Beach: B+   The beach was fairly good, it is hard to compare this beach with beaches I have seen in Thailand, Malaysia, Phillipines, etc. There are no waves so it is perfect for swimming but there is a bit of seaweed in the water and it washes up on shore. They spend a lot of time raking it up but by late afternoon it is back. My cousin was stung by a jellyfish but no one else had a problem. The beach is also pretty small only about 15 minute walk. This may be ok for most people but I love power walking the beach so it became a bit boring. Don't worry though as you can always hit up the pools too.   Hotel Room: A   We booked an Oceanfront room which was a suite and had a beautiful ocean view. It was large and spacious and didn't has any smell at all.  The room was cleaned twice a day and we found that if we put $$ in the fridge it was refilled daily (instead of every 2 days as it says in the brochure). The bathroom was really large and had double sinks. The hairdryers are terrible though!  Bring your own and you will be much happier! Note: if you open the doors the AC turns off, we found this out on the wedding day when our room was BOILING as we kept having the doors open and close with visitors, room services, etc.   Us getting ready for the wedding     Service: A+   Everyone at this resort was SO friendly and nice! We had a great time getting to know the 'star friends' and my bridesmaids loved one of the scuba instructors who was very hot! We never felt pressure to tip anyone but I was tipping EVERYONE as they were so fabulous and friendly, not in a fake way, just genuinely nice people.   Weather: A   We choose February as it was in the 'dry season' and we wanted to minimize our chance of rain. It is also the 'high' season though so prices are higher. Weather was gorgeous all but one day, sunny and hot in the morning but then clouds over in the afternoon. This was pretty standard weather for the whole 2 weeks. There were only a few scattered showers in the late afternoon and evening on a few nights. The temperature was pretty nice too 22-27C and the humidity was bearable which was great.   Wedding Ceremony at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course Aqueduct Location: A+ Planner: Almarie, Tropical Wedding Jamaica A+   I decided that I did not want a 'traditional' resort wedding and instead I wanted to hold my wedding at a nearby location the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course at the historic Aqueduct location. I had seen other brides get married here and I really wanted to have it for my special day. To do so was a bit more difficult as I had to hire an outside wedding planner and I choose Almarie from Tropical Weddings Jamaica due to good reviews online. Let me just stop for a minute to say she is nothing short of AMAZING. In the land of 'island time' she would respond to my emails within hours, answering each question well and with detail. She organized every aspect of the ceremony from transportation of the guests from the hotel to the site, to flowers, chair/ties, steel drum band, decor, officiant, everything. It was truly perfect and Almarie was such a great wedding planner! Bear it mind it was quite expensive to get married here but I felt it was well worth it to have my dream wedding in a private location!             Me with Almarie (below)     There is also a small, private beach right beside the Aqueducts (still on the golf course property) which is not the best for swimming but gorgeous and private for a TTD         Hotel Wedding Planner: Tameica B-   Tameica the WC at the Beach hotel planned the reception portion of my wedding. She does work long hours and has few days off,  I will give her that, but she wasn't in the same ballpark as Almarie. She was able to accommodate most of my requests for the reception but I felt she kept wanting to add extra charges to my bill. I think this was because we did our ceremony off-site and so the hotel lost out on the revenue but I still brought 50 guests with me so I thought that would count for something! She didn't offer us a room upgrade even though we booked the Oceanfront (I think there is A Penthouse Suite) and ignored my request for an upgrade for the wedding night. She also didn't offer or provide a room for the groom for the night before the wedding and wanted over $200 for a separate room for him. She also tacked on an unexpected $500 for 'set-up' for the reception regardless of the fact that we had multiple people will to set-up for me. I wasn't impressed with her, maybe girls who plan there whole wedding will have better luck. The set-up for my reception was done well though, thankfully! I gave her a decor plan and told her everything I wanted e.g. hanging lanterns, card table, table decor, etc. and it was all done perfectly! But I also made sure to have a few friends check up on things and fix any errors (e.g. table seating).         View from outside       Cake: A   We ordered a very small cake for $35 USD for our wedding and it was good. I personally don't like eating cake and it wasn't important to me to have a big cake with so many other desert options available at the restaurant. We did want some pictures though so we ordered a mini one and put the slices on the desert buffet table. It tasted pretty good and we decorated it with fake flowers from Angels Accents.       DJ: A+   We hired DJ Kevan Vaugh for our DJ services and he did a great job! He kept the party rocking! I reviewed him separately under vendors so you can check out the full review. Of note the hotel charges $100 vendor fee and $75 day pass fee for an outside DJ. We also were able to book a projector and screen for our slide show which was $150, much cheaper than the hotel.     Photographers: A+   We brought our photographers with us, Chadwick and Camille Bensler, from Jonetsu Photography and they were fabulous! They were amazing to work with and they did our second day of photos with no extra charge. All of the amazing pictures in this review are thanks to their magic   Here's a few we love       Rose Hall Great House Day 2: A+    If you are interested in 'other' locations for photos Rose Hall Great House is nearby (5-10 min away) and made for some great shots. We contacted the manager in advance and booked a time slot of 1 hour. It costs us $10 pp (so $40 total including 2 photogs). We took a cab there for $40 (all-inclusive there/back and they wait for you) and had a great time! Don't forgot to buy the 'Witch's Brew' rum punch to loosen you up if you go there for a shoot. It is humid though as it is off the ocean and on a hill. Bring water too!   Day Trip: A+ We organized a tour with Dream Catamarans to take our group out for a half day. We didn't book in advance and we planned the trip with our ACV rep at the hotel. We were able to negotiate a 10% discount for our half day trip and it came to $60/person. The boat was fantastic and takes you out to a croal reef for snorkelling then to Jimmy Buffet's Margariteville to swim and go on the slide/trampolines in the water. The boat was open bar as well which was awesome! We had an amazing time and I would HIGHLY recommend this day trip!     Ok I think that is it for my review, I will update with pictures as I get them! If you have questions you can let me know! Thanks, Princess J (aka Jenn) 

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Pros: Food, pool, beach, Size of rooms
Cons: Plain Decor in Rooms
Here is my review for Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort. We were married there January 13, 2011. Everything was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!! No pro pictures yet but I will add some photos from friends.   Flight
We flew WestJet from Toronto.  We had a few issues with our travels but I have used West Jet before and loved them so I am not going to hold it against them!  My husband and I paid extra to pre-book our seats – when we arrived at the airport they said they didn’t have the seats we booked and we would have to sit somewhere else. I thought that was kind of odd – we made sure to do web check-in for the way home to secure our seats and didn’t have any trouble. We also had a 2 hour delay both on the way there and on the way home because of all the snow!!   Resort
The resort was beautiful! My husband and I have stayed at over 8 all-inclusive hotels (Jamaica, Dominican, Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba etc) and this was one of our favourites. A few of our guests stayed at the Suites and spent most of their time at the Beach resort. From what I noticed the only real advantage to staying at the Suites is more choices with regards to food/restaurants. Staying at the Beach you can use the Spa and the Disco both located in the Suites. I am sure the rooms are also nicer at the Suites but I found the rooms at the Beach to be fairly nice as well.     Usually I am pretty good with directions but it took me the whole week to figure out my way around the hotel grounds! Make sure you take a look at the resort map they give you when you check in so you don’t waste any precious vacation minutes wandering around the hotel lost. The hotel grounds were immaculate – there were workers cleaning up and scrubbing everything in site from morning until dark!   Check-in
There were a group of probably 25 who arrived at the same time to check-in. We were greeted with a delicious frozen beverage to enjoy while we waited. We arrived around 5pm and everyone’s rooms were ready at this time. The check-in process was fairly quick and we made our way up to the room leaving our bags with one of the bellman. He arrived only a few minutes after us with all our bags and helped us settle in.   We didn’t use a travel agent to book but those groups who booked with the same company seemed to have rooms fairly close together. The resort wasn’t as large as some others I have been too so it wasn’t too big of a deal to us that all the rooms weren’t side by side. It was only a short walk to the other side of the hotel.   Rooms
We did not have any issues with our room and as far as I know none of the other guests did either. We booked an oceanview junior suite and it was very nice - located right on the beach and next to the pool. Not the nicest decoration I have seen in a room but also not the worst. The rooms were also a pretty decent size – the suite has a nice little sitting area. The air conditioning did not get quite as cold as we normally like it but it was cool enough. The TV got tons of channels (not that we spent much time in the room).  We also had a bottle of wine and fruit tray waiting for us in the room when we arrived which was very cute!   Food My husband and I loved the food – as did most of the guests from what I overheard during the trip. The a la cartes were fairly basic but delicious and the buffet had TONS of choices. It would have been nice to have a few more dining choices but we definitely didn’t go hungry! Also no one complained of becoming sick due to the food.   Buffet: had lots to choose from. We even had a couple vegetarians in the group and the LOVED the buffet – said there were lots of vegetarian friendly options. While many items remained the same throughout the week there were a few different choices each night. My sister-in-law even had crab legs one night at the buffet (I am sorry I missed out on that!).For lunch you can also eat at uncle tony’s which turns into a lunch buffet serving similar items to the main buffet. We ate here a few times as it was closer to our room and the beach.   Jambalaya: a few guests had complaints about the Cajun restaurant but the majority of the group enjoyed it. My husband and I had dinner there one night and had no complaints. We were actually prepared to have to visit the buffet after dinner at the Cajun restaurant because of all the negative reviews we read but were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed our meal there. The coconut shrimp at the buffet appetizer table is DELICIOUS. We loved it so much we requested to have it served at the wedding. I ordered the salmon and my husband ordered the grouper – both were delicious.     Uncle Tonys: my husband and I had dinner at the steakhouse the night before the wedding and we really enjoyed it. It was nice to be able to see what was going to be offered at the wedding beforehand. There are TONS of appetizers at this restaurant. We were barely able to finish our dinner here after having so many appetizers. I ordered the salmon and my husband ordered the ribeye – both were delicious here as well. I ordered the ribeye the night of the wedding and it was very tender and tasty!     Japanese:this was by far our favourite restaurant. My husband and I ate here 3 times during the week. The first night we just walked in and asked if they could squeeze us in and they said no problem if we came back at 9pm. We also chose to have our welcome/rehearsal dinner here. Tameica made us a reservation for our whole group (30 people) from one of the nights and everyone loved it. It is very fun and interactive and I am glad we chose to hold the dinner here instead of at the Cajun restaurant which I don’t think would have been as fun for the large group. The meal at the Japanese is quite salty but we still enjoyed it very much.   Pool/Beach Nothing really to complain about here expect some difficulty finding somewhere to sit by the pool or on the beach anytime after 9am. Fortunately my husband and I are both early risers and were out there by 8am.
the pool was fairly large and rarely had people swimming in it from what I saw. We spent most of our time on the beach. The water was beautiful and warm – yes there was some seaweed in it but no more than I have seen anywhere else. And the staff did their best to sweep it up every morning and keep the beach clean. I found the beach to be a little quieter than the pool as there were activities going on all day at the pool.  We loved to join in the daily volleyball games and my husband and the rest of the men tried archery and loved it.   Disco We went to the disco a couple of times during our stay and loved it! It seemed as though they played some older music (definitely has some flashbacks to high school) until about midnight and then started playing more current music. Both times we went there were quite a few people there and we had a blast dancing the night away!   Activities/Excursions        The only excursion my husband and I went on was to the Luminous Lagoon. It was a really neat experience and was a lot of fun since we went with a large group of friends. The lagoon was beautiful and a once in a lifetime experience since only 3 places in the whole world have an area like this with microorganisms in the water that glow when disturbed. The only suggestion I have is DO NOT take the boat there! You can either take a taxi there which takes 15 minutes or a boat ride that takes 45 minutes. We thought it would be nice to take the boat but we were WRONG .... it was the scariest 45 minutes of my life. We were soaked by the time we got to the lagoon. The waves were huge and I am pretty sure the boat was built in 1970. I have never been so scared in my life and they didn’t even put life jackets on us??  Maybe we just had a bad experience but the captain said that kind of weather and ride were normal.   A large number of people from our group also went on the zip lining excursion and they loved it. I would definitely recommended going if zip lining is something you are interested in. I saw some pictures and it looked really cool.   The resort also had some really nice tennis courts which we played on a few times during our week there. You can make reservations for certain times if you want. We went up a couple of times without reservations and never had to wait very long for a court to open up.   Service The service at this hotel was great. The Star Friends seem to love their jobs and after only a few days remembered all of the faces in our group. While I sometimes felt they acted a little inappropriately considering this is a family resort it was all in good fun.  At the bars and restaurants the service was quick and friendly. I don’t think I came across one worker who did not seem to genuinely love their job.   We didn’t have any issues with housekeeping although some days our room seemed to be clean alot earlier than others (I think they rotate the areas they clean each day – one day our room was cleaned first and the next day our room was cleaned last) – no big deal though! We did have to leave a note and a tip to have our refrigerator stocked with some more water and beer. Our phone was also broken when we arrived (the zero did not work which meant we could not call any rooms which had a zero in them). I notified the front desk and they fixed the phone right away – unfortunately the next day it stopped working again. We just decided to use the phone in the bathroom to make calls instead – no big deal!   Spa While I originally planned on doing my own hair I made a decision a couple of weeks before the wedding to get my hair done at the salon just to take some pressure off of myself. When I arrived at the salon with my sister they said they had time to do 2 people so she also got her hair done there (see picture below). I was pleasantly surprised by how my hair turned out (although I did have to add in quite a few bobby pins upon returning to my room as my hair didn’t feel very secure). My sister on the other hand felt that her stylist used a few too many bobby pins and hairspray. Guess it just depends on the stylist you get. If you plan on using the salon services I suggest knowing what style you want and probably having a picture with you (I brought one with me and she did a good job executing it). I also had clip in hair extensions and she had no problem putting them in for me.   My husband and I also got the couples massage the day after the wedding and we both really enjoyed it. The spa facilities are very nice and the massage was soooo relaxing. A few other people in our group got massages and pedicures and also enjoyed their experience at the spa. I found their prices to be a little high but I am glad I didn’t take on the challenge of doing my own hair!  
Wedding Ceremony The ceremony was beautiful (or so I have heard) ... everything went by so quickly and is kind of a blur! I am anxious to see the video which was taken by a friend of the ceremony so I can relive the moment.
There are 2 locations to choose from for the ceremony. We chose the one further to the side of the beach (right in front of uncle tony’s). This site unfortunately had some boats in the background as that is where the water sport activities station is located but I liked that it was further away from the resort and people sunbathing. The second location has a better background for pictures but it is right in the middle of the busy area of the beach.  I looked out my balcony about an hour before the reception and the site didn’t seem to be ready. Fortunately the staff worked very hard and everything was perfect in time for the ceremony (so don’t worry too much if you think they are behind).   The Reverend was super nice and sweet. Everyone loved the ceremony and he made both my husband and I feel very comfortable.   The setup of the ceremony was also beautiful. I brought a large piece of purple fabric to wrap around the arch to match our colors. The basic setup is a plain white arch which you can add some greenery/leaves to if you want.
  I also chose the white aisle runner and silver bows for the chair backs. Myself, my sister, and my sister-in-law all got ready in my room while my husband got ready in his brothers room. Once it was time to head to the ceremony site Tameica came and got me and showed me where to wait while the MOH and best man made their way down the aisle. I brought 4 songs on a CD and they sounded great on the sound system they provided (MOH/Bestman, Bride entrance, registry signing, exit song).         Wedding Reception   Tony’s Steakhouse: we chose to have the reception at Uncle Tony’s. We mainly chose this restaurant because of the menu but I am very glad we did as the location ended up being the best for us as well. We liked that the restaurant was located away from the busy area of the hotel (off to the side of the beach) whereas the other restaurants are right in the middle of the hotel. We also liked that the restaurant was open air and not enclosed. Luckily it was a fairly windy day/night and the weather was perfect for the outdoor reception. I also think the food in this restaurant was the best for a wedding. It had the largest appetizer bar of all the restaurants and the menu had quite a few options (chicken, steak, pork shop, fish). As we only had 29 people in our group they let us order off of the menu – if you have more than that you have to choose a set menu. We also opted to add lobster to the meal ($10 per person) and it was delicious. The only small issue that occurred with the reception was that they were a little behind with the setup. My husband and I arrived around 6:30pm (reception was beginning at 7pm) and not everything was set up. We tried to pitch in and help (gladly) and Tameica would not allow us – she told us to sit down and relax. Once 7pm rolled around they were still putting the finishing touches on the tables and decorations and the guests had to wait outside the restaurant for 10-15 minutes (which wasn’t a huge deal as most of them had a drink in hand and mingled amongst each other). Overall everything turned out beautiful so waiting the 15 minutes wasn’t the end of the world.       Flowers: Before arriving at the hotel I was hesitant to purchase alot of flowers as they seemed pretty expensive through Tai Floral. In the end I did end up purchasing a few extra flowers and I am glad I did because they turned out beautiful and really add to the pictures. It is also nice because any flowers you purchase for the ceremony they bring over to the reception as well. I ended up getting a bouquet for my maid of honour and a boutonniere for the best man. The picture below is of my bouquet which was included in the package price – I simply told Tameica that I would like the majority of the flowers to be purple and white and this is what I got – it was really nice. For the ceremony I purchased 2 floral arrangements to place on pedestals beside the arch. I told Tameica how much I wanted to spend on the flowers ($100 per arrangement) and Tai Floral made the arrangements based on the amount I wanted. For the reception I purchased centrepieces for each of the tables (they came to $35 dollars each).     Decorations: The setup of the restaurant is pretty plain and simple but they definitely do a good job making it look different than every other night in the restaurant. White table cloths and silver or gold chair bows are included. I brought a few decorations with me and gave them to Tameica. I told her to do whatever she wanted with what I gave her and they did a wonderful job. I had brought silver fabric, sea shells, stones, candles, and confetti. I also brought table numbers, place cards and favors to be placed at each person’s seat and this was completed perfectly without much direction.   Cake: The cake was beautiful. I don’t have a picture yet but it was very simple and elegant. White icing with purple orchids on top. We got the chocolate cake and it was pretty good. Truthfully I was too full after dinner to really eat any of the cake but I did take a bite and it tasted good.   Bar: Another extra service my husband and I decided to get was the open bar. Because Uncle Tony’s is located on the far side of the beach there are no bars close to it for guests to get drinks other than the beer and wine which are included with the reception dinner. We are very happy we decided to get the open bar as most of our guests did get drinks from the bar throughout dinner and we didn’t limit them to beer and wine. The bar even had a blender and made delicious frozen drinks all night long!   Steel Drum Band: we also made a last minute decision to have the steel drunk band for the last hour of the reception. This was probably one of the best decisions we made with regards to the wedding. The band was awesome and everyone loved them. I think is added a real Caribbean feeling to the wedding rather than playing music we hear everyday on an ipod (which is what I originally planned on doing). We have quite a few musicians in the family and they thought the band was amazing – one of them even joined the band for a couple of songs. As our dinner and speeches kind of ran a little later than expected we missed our first dance before the band started playing. My husband asked them to play something slow we could dance to and they actually played a really nice song for us (I think it was Stuck on You by Lionel Ritchie).       Wedding Coordinator: I have nothing bad to say about Tameica. I sent her numerous emails during the months leading up to the wedding and she always responded within a few days despite the fact that she had tons of other brides who needed her attention and whose weddings were before mine. She works very hard and I truly believe she loves her job. My husband and I were changing our minds and adding things to the wedding up until the day before and she made all our requests happen (steel drum band, floral arrangements, open bar).The week I was there I think there were 3 other weddings happening and I am amazed by how smoothly everything turned out.   The best advice I have if you are planning your wedding at this resort is to not worry too much about all the details until you get there! I went crazy trying to decide about every little detail before getting their but once you see the resort and your options it is a lot easier to figure things out. Tameica will meet with you soon after you arrive at the hotel and go over EVERYTHING with you. I hope my review and pictures help with your planning! Feel free to message or email me with any other questions (my email is brie.pietrobon@gmail.com).   

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Pros: Amazing food and service at a great price
Cons: Room decor is a bit dull
Sabrina’s (Breeze616) Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Review   We had an incredible trip and wedding at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. I loved every second and am so happy I chose this hotel for my special day. I unfortunetly don’t have my pro pics yet. The photos in this review are amateur, and really don’t do it justice, but you’ll get the idea ;)   Flight – West Jet – A+   First off, I have to say I almost missed my flight to my wedding! We had our first major snowfall of the winter season the weekend before we left. It snowed for two days straight and driving in the rush hour on Monday morning was the most stressful moment of my life. What normally takes about 45 mins took us 2.5 hours. I was freaking out at the cab driver to step on it but he was obviously as nervous as the rest of the drivers on the road and continued to drive at half the speed limit, even though the roads were totally clear by this point. Our entire group was at the airport and my MOH had a pen in her hand ready to grab a stewardess and pretend she was gonna stab her if they didn’t hold the plane for us. West Jet employees were waiting for us at the door and ran with us through the airport, rushed us through the quickest check in and security I’ve ever experienced and got us on the plane just in time. It was like something out of a movie! I think my heart almost exploded out of my chest. It took the entire plane ride to calm me down. So basically, West Jet was awesome that day.   Montego Bay Airport - A   Upon arrival at the airport everything went smoothly. The airport is definetly not marked very clearly with signage on where to go. There was a HUGE line up from a flight from Europe and we all thought ‘oh god, do we have to get in that?’ luckily some guy from our flight ahead of me said, ‘West jet passengers can skip that line’ otherwise we might have waited there for no reason. But other than that, we moved through the airport, everyone got their luggage and we got on our transfer bus in no time.   Transfer – Divine Transportation - A   Transfers were not included in our travel package and I didn’t inquire about the transfer to my Travel agent until a month or so before we left. She then sent the transfer details and cost to my guests but some people did not get the email. Also, some people did not print off their transfer tickets so we had a bit of confusion getting onto our bus but eventually we all got on (in fact I think a few extra people in our group got on for free) and we made our way to the resort!   Resort – A+   I am so very happy we chose the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort. I’ve spoken to many brides on BDW who were married at the IRH Suites, but very few chose the ‘more economical’ Beach resort, and it had me a bit worried. I had NO reason to worry at all. The resort and grounds were beautiful, the service was amazing and the food was incredible. The main difference I know of to staying at the Beach resort is the rooms aren’t as nicely decorated, you don’t get the ‘butler service’ and you can’t eat at the other hotel’s restaurants. None of those things were very important to us and for the price of our stay at the IRHB, we were thoroughly impressed.     We did unfortunately have a few days of rain during our stay. Because so many of the hallways and lobbys are ‘open air’ they did have to work very hard at keeping the floors dry – but they did! The place was kept immaculately clean and in good order. Due to the heavy rains one day the elevators kept breaking down, but there was always at least one elevator running and they were always quickly fixed and were never out-of-order for more than an hour. The resort is only 4 floors so if we did have to use the stairs, it was no biggie – god knew we ate so much we were glad for the excuse of some exercise! I also saw in one of the stairwells they had cut a hole in the ceiling drywall but every time I walked by they were working on it and it was patched up and good to go within a day. I was completely blown away by the maintenance and housekeeping at this resort! Everything is perfect and looks brand new all the time. No one in our group was bothered at all by any of these issues, we were all having a blast!   Rooms – B+   No one had ANY issues with their rooms. There were no leaks during the rains, everyone’s AC worked wonderfully, beds were comfortable and TVs worked great. The TVs are not flat screen and the décor in the rooms is not as nice other resorts, but they aren’t tacky or anything, so its not a big deal.     My Fiance and I were given a beautiful room (2425) on the top floor with a huge balcony that overlooked the resort and the ocean. Our AC was stuck at a rather cool 20 degrees Celsius, but we liked sleeping with the balcony door open anyways, it was a nice temperature at night and the ocean breeze was lovely. It was perfect.     Check in – A   Check in was a breeze for most of us. My WC Tameica was waiting for me at the front desk and gave me a big hug upon arrival. We both jumped around in excitement for a minute then she made sure we were checked in quickly into the best room possible (we booked a standard room knowing we’d be upgraded anyways) then she carefully took my wedding gown from me, hollered at a team of Bellhops to gather our bags and carried my gown herself to my room with me.   We did have one issue at check in as one couple who were part of our wedding group but did not book with our group Travel Agent was put into a room booked through our agent and my sister and her husband were left with no room. It took a few hours to figure out what happened, and my poor sister and bro-in-law went through some hassle (unbeknownst to me as I went for a tour to check out the reception location etc and couldn’t be found) but it got resolved.   Food – A+   The food at the IRHB was AMAZING. The buffet was varied everyday so you didn’t get tired of it and there was always some new yummy thing to try. The Jamaican table in the buffet was my favourite (its in the back of the buffet near the bread table) Some of my fav buffet dishes were: Jerk chicken (obviously) mashed pumpkin, any of the fish of the day, crab salad, tofu salad, custom order pasta & festival (a yummy Jamaican bread). But pretty much everything in there was delish! My Mom is celiac and did not have any issues with the food. I steered clear of any carbs for the first 5 days before the wedding and there was still tons to eat. You can also come to the buffet for late night munchies. Breakfast was the best. I loved the omelet station and the cook who made the omelets was so sweet and funny! Even though his station was always busy he was always smiling and singing and flirting with the ladies. They did have two omelet stations so the line was never too long. They also had freshly made donuts and a juice bar with about 6 different kinds of freshly squeezed fruit juice/smoothies from local fruits – try ‘Soursop’ its delish!   I had a lot of regular travelers with us and they said that this was the best All-Inclusive food they’ve ever had. No one complained of food poisoning at all. Only one of my guests was loving the fresh the coconuts from the trees (ask a maintenance person and he’ll climb a tree and get one for you) and discovered coconut water is a natural laxative. Hahaha. She took one of the immodiums I put in everyone’s OOT bags, slowed down on the coconuts and was good to go :)   A la carte Restaurants – A+   Japanese – A     The teppanyaki table was tons of fun. I’m a bit spoiled with an incredible Teppanyaki place close to my house, so it wasn’t as good as that place, but still decent. The sushi is mostly vegetarian or with smoked salmon, but tasted good. Our cook was funny and entertained us, and the food was great. I had the steak and it was tender and yummy.   Cajun (Rehearsal Dinner) – A+   This restaurant seemed to get the bad reviews on Trip Advisor and I don’t know why. It was delish! We had our Rehearsal dinner here so we had about 23 of us there. Our server was awesome, he joked with us, talked about the dishes with us and provided excellent service. The meal was served quickly and we had no complaints! I had the blackend Grouper (fish) and it was awesome. My MOH had the chicken and she is the pickiest eater ever, she raved about it and ate every bite. My FI and my Dad had the roast beef and said it was incredible.   Steakhouse – A   We used the steakhouse for our reception. The food was great and the service was awesome. Very timely and courteous. The knives were not the best 'steak' knives I've ever used - I thought maybe the steak was going to be tough because of how long it took to cut it, but once in the mouth it was tender and yummy. You can also go to the steakhouse in-between buffet hours for snacks. They have burgers and salads and other stuff you can munch on if you missed the lunch/breakfast buffet or whatever.     Service – A+++   I cannot say enough about the service at this resort. I was never a few minutes by the pool, on the beach or in my seat at the buffet without a staff member offering me a beverage or any assistance. My coffee cup was refilled regularly at the buffet with me hardly ever asking. They remembered how we liked our coffee or if we drank tea and always served us with a big smile on their faces. My husband and I went to the new Secret St. James for a few days after everyone left and there was a huge difference in the service between these resorts – I don’t know if its because Secrets is a quieter resort with a more ‘reserved’ clientele, but I missed the warmth and friendliness I received from all the staff at the Iberostar, especially considering Secrets was more than double the price. But I’ll go into more detail on that in the Secrets review. I never felt that I needed to tip the staff, but I almost always did. A dollar here or there meant nothing to me considering how wonderful they were at their job. I wanted to give them a tip because they deserved it. And if a dollar meant that I never had to leave my pool chair and the daiquiris just kept coming, well then it was definitely worth it :). But I honestly think that even if I didn’t tip, they would’ve kept coming, and there were days that I didn’t have tip money and I was treated just the same. I do have to make a note about housekeeping though. I felt there was a difference in how clean our room was if I had remembered to leave a tip or not. Also, some of my guests felt that some of their cigarettes were taken and if anyone left out any ‘herbal refreshments’ it was taken for sure. I guess because technically its illegal to have ‘herbal refreshments’ on the resort, they may actually have authorization to take it (although it is ridiculously easy to buy it from any local). So make sure you lock both your cigarettes and your ‘refreshments’ in the safe.   Pool/Activities – A+   The infinity pool at the beach resort is gorgeous. It was never very busy and I didn’t notice children in it all. It is separated by a walkway and the other half is a shallower part for the kids. The pool is not heated, but it was nice to cool you off after a tanning session, and wasn’t so cold that you couldn’t hang out in it by the pool bar for hours.     The star friends at the Iberostar are sooo much fun. They provide a lot of entertainment, even if you don’t watch or participate in their games, they always spend a few hours just socializing with all the guests. They would tease the boys and flatter the girls and just have fun with you. We really enjoyed their presence and they brought a lot of joy to this resort.     We participated in some of the games; archery, beach aerobics and a dance contest (which I won). All of them were great fun. We also watched the theatre show on Saturday when they brought in the outside entertainment. The contortionist was INSANE. Very entertaining.       Beach - A   I really liked the beach at the Iberostar. Sure its not Negril or Turks and Caicos but they raked the seaweed regularly so the bottom was nice and sandy and there weren’t any rocks. There are lots of trees for shade and lots of space for sunlight. The resort was at full capacity during our stay and there seemed to be plenty of loungers. I also had no difficulties walking the entire beach of all three resorts, no one stopped me or bothered me and I saw lots of ‘white’ wristbands on the other beaches. One of my guests loved to jog in the mornings along all three beaches and back and never had issues doing it.      There is one area of the beach that is close to the Suites that they let the seaweed grow a bit and there is a manmade ‘reef’. Its great for snorkeling, we saw lots of fish and a small stingray. I did get stung by something while snorkeling there, but it wasn’t very painful. It just felt like I scratched myself and left a loonie sized irritating rash. I could’ve went to the medical staff for ointment but it wasn’t a big deal. I put tea tree oil on it later and it was gone in a few hours.     Disco – A+++   The disco Mango Walk is in the Suites resort. You take a golf cart at the front doors to the disco. It was BANGIN! The first night we went was a Tuesday and for the first while they were playing really lame 80’s pop and 70’s disco. I tried requesting songs and the DJ kept playing crap. It was reggae Tuesday at the beach resort so we were ready to head back and go to the Music Bar, I told the golf cart lady why we were leaving so soon and she said ‘What?! Lemme take care of it’ We waited outside and soon enough I could hear Rhianna playing so we started heading back in. We passed the golf cart lady and she gave me a high five and said ‘ I got it girl’. Hahaha   We went back to the disco on Friday after my wedding reception and the place was rammed! It was AWESOME. The DJ was sick, they had gogo dancers and handed out balloons to everyone. I danced until 3 am and everyone spoiled the bride with many drinks and ‘herbal refreshments’. Best night of my life.           Spa - A   I used the spa twice during our stay. Once because one of my nails broke before the wedding, and they fixed it for me (put a new tip on) and repainted my nails. That only cost me $20, so not bad at all! The entire bridal party then used the spa to have their hair and make-up done. They did an amazing job on everyone’s hair. Yes, it was hairsprayed SOLID, but it needs to be in that weather. My hair held up all night, despite that it was a fairly loose design.  I had her re-do my ‘poof’ in the front 3 times to get it right and she was very patient and understanding. She even managed to hide my headband that my hair-shell was attached to. The makeup was pretty good as well. They wouldn’t put on my false eyelashes though (I had to do it) and all of us had to add more eyeliner to the bottom rim, even though we all asked for more.  I ended up making a few little changes to my hair and makeup, but nothing major. They did a great job and everyone was on time except me with my ‘poof’ pickiness. Haha   Wedding Coordinator – B+   Tameica is great. She was so excited to meet me because she knew I was going to do something different and unique. She was flexible and managed to persuade management to bend some rules for me to have my special day as I wanted. I felt that the day-of set-up was lacking a bit of instruction/flexibility from her.  More about this is explained the Ceremony/Reception section of this review. Luckily, I had the most amazing MOH in all of history. She went to both the ceremony site and reception site and whipped the staff into shape and refused to take no for an answer. She told me that Tameica probably hates her guts, but in the end, Tameica worked with my Nazi-MOH and allowed me to have what I wanted. It was gorgeous and perfect.   Ceremony – A++   While getting ready I looked out from my balcony about 1.5 hours before the ceremony and none of my décor for the huppa seemed to be on it and the staff seemed to be standing around. I gave pretty clear instructions with diagrams etc, but I think they were lost when, due to the wind, my plans wouldn’t have worked, and weren’t sure how to improvise. They didn’t want to set up the fabric on the huppa as I had planned, and so were not going to set it up at all. Also, they couldn’t figure out how to put up the flower arrangements on the corners of the huppa, so they had them in a really weird place.  Luckily my amazing MOH stomped her way down there and showed them how to put the flower arrangements on the huppa and how to improvise the huppa fabric. In the end, it looked stunning and we had A LOT of paparazzi. The WC and other staff made sure that the beach was clear of onlookers from the orange wall to water’s edge throughout the entire ceremony. The steel drum band was fabulous. I had no idea what songs I wanted until the day before the wedding. I left a message for the WC of the songs, and they played everything wonderfully. While we signed the marriage certificate, my BMs put on a lil hip-sway number to the steel drums, totally spontaneous and very cute. Everyone swayed along too. We wrote our own ceremony script, pieced together from this thread http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/21660/share-your-ceremony-script and the reverand said he loved it and asked to borrow parts for future ceremonies. I said ‘of course!’       Reception – A+   Similar set-up issues occurred for the reception. It started raining while they were setting up the patio reception site, and had to move it inside. Well, my directions for set up were only for the patio set up and I didn't give detailed instructions on the 'back-up' location set up. Tameica called my room and told me that they could not move the rented dancefloor from the patio into the restaurant, even though there was plenty of room for it. MOH to the rescue! Again, she went down and made them set up the dancefloor, move my head table from the ridiculous place they put it (unbeknownst to me) and she improvised the placement of a lot of things. It wasn't EXACTLY as I pictured it in my mind, but the little things really don't matter - it looked stunning and I didn't have to lift a finger :).             Cake – A   We went with the standard resort cake. Two tiers, buttercream icing and fresh flowers. I chose the purple orchids as the flowers and vanilla cake. It was very delicious, moist and yummy. The icing job was kinda old school but not ugly or anything. I don’t like fondant and I didn't trust the resort staff to try a new technique with the buttercream, so I just went with it. They brought the entire top tier for us the next morning and I had some cake with my breakfast in bed :)   Resort Photographer – B   They actually did a pretty good job. I think she could’ve taken more care to angle the camera so that paparazzi were not in some of the shots. Also, the lighting doesn’t seem right in some of the pics, but overall, I was glad to have some great photos so quickly after the wedding, since we’ll have to wait for our own photographers pics. The photos from the Ceremony section of this review were by them.   Group Outing – A+   Our group went on an outing one night to the Luminous Lagoon. Its only a 20 minute drive from the resort. For our group the cost was $45 plus tax and gratuity each person. It included transfer from the hotel and back, a boat ride into the lagoon and a 3 course meal at the lagoon restaurant. The lagoon was really cool. There are only 4 places in the world that have a lagoon like this, and Jamaica’s is the brightest. Basically you go out on the boat in the night and suddenly you notice the wake behind the boat’s motor starts glowing a bright blue! There are microscopic organisms in the water that glow blue when the water is agitated. Eventually they stop the boat and everyone can take a swim in the water – it was so cool to see the water all around your body start glowing blue with every movement you made. A very unique experience. Everyone loved it. The meal was ok in comparision with Iberostar’s food. If you decide on this outing, I would skip the meal.   Conclusion   All in all – it was an amazing trip, a beautiful wedding and we all had the time of our lives. My advice to future brides getting married at the Beach hotel is; if you have a lot of décor, make sure you write out very clear instructions on how to set it up with lots of diagrams and do the same for your ‘plan B’ set up. Also, make sure you have a bridesmaid or someone who will be ‘the b*tch in your corner’ as they say, who understands all your plans. So that they can do the running and you don’t have to stress about a thing. Most of all, relax and enjoy your day!