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  1. Hi Ladies As far as the locations I think you can choose once you get there (or at least change your decision once you get there and see the options). We chose beach ahead of time but then once we got there the coordinator showed us a couple different places we could set up the ceremony on the beach. I agree that the open bar is expensive and kind of ridiculous for an all-inclusive resort. We originally said no to it but once we got there and realized there was no bar near the restaurant (Uncle Tony's at the Beach Hotel) we decided we should offer it to our guests and I am really glad we did as most don't drink only beer or wine. I guess it depends on the location of the resturant you choose. If we had chosen 1 of the other resturants there would have been a bar closer but I still would have felt weird making my guests leave the resturant to go to the bar a few doors down for a drink. Again, I think you can wait until you get there to make a final decision - that is what we did. As far as a welcome party you are talking about I would suggest just having everyone meet you at a specific location (lobby bar) where they can get drinks for free rather than a set cocktail party where you would have to pay for the hourly bar per person. I handed out an agenda to everyone when we arrived and had everyone meet one night at the lobby bar for a little party. We also had the hotel make a reservation at one of the resturants for the whole group (30 people) for one of the nights and this worked out really well. Let me know if you have any other questions Brie
  2. Thanks Jules23!! I did not meet your friends but I did watch their wedding from afar and it was beautiful!!!
  3. Hi Ladies!! I posted my review of the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach today. Here is the link http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-beach-all-inclusive-monetego-bay-jamaica/reviews Hope it helps Brie
  4. Hey girls!! Just returned from Jamaica yesterday .... will try and post a full review this week! All I can say is DON'T WORRY .... I got married at The Beach resort and Tameica was awesome - yes she is a little overwhlemed but my husband and I were making requests and changes to our plans up until the day of the wedding and she pretty much did everything we asked and more! As for the centrepieces ... I got centerpieces pretty similar to the ones in the photo (orchids in water with a floating candle - the vase was larger than the one shown) and i was charged a total of $35 (including tax) for the whole thing (vase, flowers, candle) .... you of course don't get to keep any of them - its just a rental. They were beautiful and worth it - I was not going to trust transporting anything there myself! Like I said I will hopefully be able to write a full review shortly! Brie
  5. Hey Ladies!! So I am off to IRHB tomorrow morning! The wedding will be on Thursday the 13th .... can't believe the day is already here!!! I will definitely take some time to write a review when I get back .... hopefully I can ease some of your minds about planning Brie
  6. I have heard pretty good things about the hair services at the spa (mostly on here) but I am definitely doing my own make-up as I don't usually wear much and haven't really liked the make-up the couple times I have had it done as a bridesmaid. I read alot online about what makeup would work best with my hair/eye color and bought mostly long-lasting/all day makeup. There are also lots of youtube vides about applying make-up. Then I just practiced at home a few times and am pretty happy with how it came out.
  7. Hi girls Does anyone know if it is possible to have a symbolic ceremony at Iberostar then return home (to Canada) and have our legal ceremony after? We were hoping to get married at city hall shortly before our wedding there in January but due to time constraints may have to wait until we return. Thanks for your help! brie
  8. Hi Ladies Not sure if this helps since you are looking for Suites info but I emailed the planner at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach and she said that as of now the prices will remain the same as 2010 for 2011 but that she will let me know if anything changes. I am hoping that means it won't change before my wedding in Janaury! Brie Quote: Originally Posted by mrsdeloatch2be Hi Ladies- Does anyone have the 2011 pricing information for the Suites yet? I have all of the 2010 info but would like to know how much the 2011 rates are going up....... Thanks
  9. Hi Julie  Is that price quote for Rose Hall Beach? (or the Suites or Grand?)  I am getting married at Rose Hall Beach January 2011 and I noticed the quotes from travel agents a few months back were quite high as well ($~1800) - with people having to book by September 2010 (which I thought was too early to pressure people into booking). We decided to just have people book on their own. We booked a while ago and got a good deal for oceanview suite around $1700 - regular rooms are now available for between $1450-1650 from Toronto. Once we booked we sent out a letter to the guests telling them which flight we were on - but we left it open so people could book a different flight time or day if they wanted. I just found that the travel agent had too many stipulations (booking by september, us having to put down a deposit for estimated # of people and possibly losing money if that many people did not book).  Not sure how many people you have going but we have about 30 booked at this point and it has worked out well to just let people use their own resources to book.
  10. Hi Ladies  I am getting my hairdresser to show me how to do my hair before I go to Jamaica. I don't know if I trust going to someone I don't know at the spa there (my hair is pretty fussy!) I am also doing my own make-up - probably with the help of some friends who are coming.
  11. Hey guys!!! Does anyone know when the hotel needs to know the final number of guests attending the wedding?? (Like how much in advance so I know when to have guests RSVP by??) Thanks for your help
  12. Hi cyclegirl!!! I would also love to know the answer to this question - I am getting married at the Iberostar in January and was at first looking at an outside photographer but was thinking it may be easier to go with Digipix if their work is good.
  13. Thanks Princess J I also thought it was weird I couldn't get on her site without a password but there was no where to actually create one!! Brie
  14. Hi Ladies!!!! I also just booked my date at IRHB .... January 13, 2011!!! Debbmach I am arriving on the 8th so sounds like I will be there for your wedding Congrat everyone
  15. Yes .... thank you for sharing! Just booked my wedding at IRHB for January 2011 and have been looking at florists .... I also read some not so good things about Tai. Thank you for the review
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