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  1. WE did the same thing as andrea we did it at the Japanese restaurant
  2. I did the same thing my cousin actually does do wedding videos here for a living so he did ours. I'm pretty sure brain is pretty new at doing video I believe. I think he just added it to his package.
  3. Alright so it depends on what you want. 1st of all the lazy river doesn't move very much. WE actually got stuck in a number of places and it was really annoying. The suites staircase is much nicer. The rooms are slightly nice and you get one extra al a cart. However it doesn't really matter that much at the beach resort if you go to an al a cart and they aren't full they will let you go again. Also there are ALOT more kids at the suites because of the play area for kids. WE liked being at the beach because it was a lot more younger people and it was a non stop party it was great. I only know how the suites was because the second week we upgraded to the grand and one of our guest was staying at the suites and showedus their room. IT wasn't that much nicer than our rooms though.
  4. Well we didn't do it we stayed at the grand the second week so it was alright for us to go there but the couple from our group who snuck in just hid their wrist bands in their pockets and acted like they belonged. you just have to hide the wristand from anyone who works there and act like you belong apparently lol just don't expect to beable to get a drink and stuff
  5. Yah it does take along time! Theres also the cajan restaurant if you don't want uncle tonys we used the Cajun for the Air conditioning but both are really nice...some pics from the cajan
  6. To tell you the true I have no idea where I got them but im pretty sure I just put mini beach balls into google because I saw the picture somewhere and was like im stealing that idea!
  7. hey I used brian and I wouldn't have had it any other way! He did an amazing job and he gets really artistic with the light. He is a really nice guy and I would totally recommend him. He did everything he could to get everything. He played with the lighting to get the perfect shots. He was early for the wedding he was suppose to arrive at 3 and showed up at 215. He stayed out of the way so everyone can see and he worked with our videographer to make sure he got everything. He did an amazing job.... Im attaching some photos
  8. Alright so if you are the beach you cannot go on any of the other properties unless you sneak on. Which a couple of us did. You have to hide your wristband bhind your back though because they can tell if your suppose to be there based on your wrist band. If you are at the suites you can get married at the beach and go to the beach at any time. If you stay at the grand you have access to all 3 properties. I hope that has answered your question
  9. Im getting married on April 23 ....and the reason why she takes so long to answer about the DISCO is because she has to get confirmation form the Suites
  10. Just courious. Did they make you stop the party right at 1030 because we are renting the disco and i was just told that the music has to stop at 1030 and then the DJ will start again at 11 when the disco opens to the public. I was wondering if theres anyway aroudn that? like maybe paying a little money to get the music to keep going? cuase part of the reason why i wanted the disco is so that when dancing started it could keep going till 1 am or what not? any ideas on that? Also did u send the DJ a play list?
  11. Wanted to say good luck and enjoy your wedding and the week sounds like everything you have planned is amazin
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