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Nathaniel Thompson Photography

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Photographer based in Santa Barbara, CA

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By Readybetty, · 1 Comment

Pros: Beautiful pictures
Cons: Where do I begin?
Typically people write reviews when their experience has been either an amazing one or simply a nightmare.  My experience with Nathaniel Thompson was both.  In late August 2010, I wrote Nathaniel an email asking if he was available on June 11, 2011 to photograph our wedding.  After making some special arrangements, it was confirmed he was able to be our photographer.  I had spoken on the phone with him as to designating a payment plan, and at every due date thereafter, I had my check in the mail

By Trinas79, · 0 Comments

Words cannot describe our experience with Nathaniel!  We booked his services in January and I had regular contact with him prior to the wedding; we customized a package that included an assistant, an engagement session, 8 hours of photography on the wedding day and a TTD and it was very affordable.  Nathaniel and his assistant, Norm, were two of the most genuine people we have ever met and made us feel comfortable within moments of meeting face-to-face.  We spent a total of about 15 hours with t
Pros: friendly, talented, professional
Cons: NONE!
Reasons I love Nathaniel Thompson Photography 1. Dedication - Weddings are his first love in photography and it shows. He was the only photographer in my search that truly sounded excited to shoot my wedding. he researched the resort and trash the dress locations. He spent the entire wedding day shooting photos, and 7 hours the following day for TTD (the contract was for 2 hours) . 2. Professionalism - During the ceremony and reception, I didn't notice he was there, and he still managed to

By YaelM, · 0 Comments

Pros: Talented, Great personality, professional
Nathaniel was my photographer for my wedding in Santa Barbara CA on June 19th 2009. He was truly amazing and so wonderful to work with!!! So many friends and family came up to DH and I individually telling us how much they enjoyed him and how great he is. From the second he arrived he already knew everyone’s names from the list I had sent and he fit in so well – he was super friendly and made us all feel so comfortable – he also has a GREAT sense of humor. He blended in so well that I bare

By capeach31, · 0 Comments

Pros: Talented, Professional, Personable
Nathaniel is a photographer from Santa Barbara, CA that we flew into Grand Cayman for our wedding. Nathaniel was great! From the beginning, I knew that the photography would be the area I was very picky about. From the moment I saw his pictures, I knew that I’d have to have him! :) We didn’t give him much guidance, but because of the beautiful work he does, we knew that we would be fine. Nathaniel and his wife/second shooter, Jenny, met us a few days before the wedding. From that instant, you co

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