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By Readybetty, · 478 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Beautiful pictures
Cons: Where do I begin?

Typically people write reviews when their experience has been either an amazing one or simply a nightmare.  My experience with Nathaniel Thompson was both.  In late August 2010, I wrote Nathaniel an email asking if he was available on June 11, 2011 to photograph our wedding.  After making some special arrangements, it was confirmed he was able to be our photographer.  I had spoken on the phone with him as to designating a payment plan, and at every due date thereafter, I had my check in the mail and on its way.  After the last payment was sent/received, I felt so confident in Nathaniel and was very excited to meet him and he “seemed” the same with me.  Before the wedding, if I had a question it was very easy contacting and communicating with Nathaniel.  When the day finally came to meet in person (the day of our wedding) he was everything all the other reviews raved about: personable, nice, funny, professional etc.  Our wedding was captured beautifully and the trash the dress was epic. J  However, since the day after the Trash the Dress session, it has been like a nightmare for my husband and I due to the almost complete absense of communication on Nathaniel's behalf. I understand there is typically a few months turnaround in receiving your wedding pictures back, nevertheless, as of today, we are reaching 6 months to get everything we have paid for.  This is unacceptable and a perfect display of poor business practice.  After a few months of not receiving calls/emails back he finally contacted us saying he was sorry for the delay.  I know he is an extremely busy man with an extremely successful company.  However, I felt like we discarded and forgotten.  Overall, my husband and I initially thought hiring Nathaniel was one of the best decisions we made regarding our wedding but now in hindsight it was one of the worst.  There are many of professional photographers out there who will take as beautiful of pictures as Nathaniel did and also maintain communication with their clients.



Therefore, since mine and my husband’s calls and emails have been blatantly ignored, and I know Nathaniel is an active participant on this forum, writing this review is my last and only other attempt to contact him.  Nathaniel, my husband and I would greatly appreciate the items which we’ve paid for that are owed to us.  It is now mid-December and our wedding was in mid-June.  With the amount of money we’ve paid you, I think you’ve been given an ample amount of time to produce any and all items still owed to us.

1 Comment

Hi! Nathaniel has since actually stopped doing wedding photography. I googled him because I liked his photos, and I found out that he is actually now working as a math teacher at a local junior high.At that time, my bet was that he was dealing with juggling his sucessful wedding business with his school job, and decided to stick with the more economically stable job of a schoolteacher. I'm so sorry that your photos didn't come as soon as you would have liked, but he must have been struggling with balancing his two careers together. He hasn't even been browsing these forums since almost 2 years ago!

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