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  1. We did a "meet and greet" at the Sports Bar -- near the stage and dinner buffet. It's usually empty until about 10pm, so great place to get everyone together. plus pool and drinks!
  2. Mrs. Kiska -- Don't worry! I worked with Ivonne and Marialma and they are both great. Both will go out of their way to make your wedding amazing. We had a semi private reception for the rehersal dinner at the steak place -- Sonora Grill. It was my favorite out of the restaurants. If you want to be out by the ocean and near the wedding gazebo, the seafood place is another great choice -- El Pescador. They probably need to know now so they can close part of the restaurant for you. It's probably easy to change once you get there too. Let me know if you have any other questions! Sarah
  3. Hi Everyone! We just returned from out wedding at OGX. Marialma and Ivonne, the food, the flowers, the dj, the scenery were all amazing. I couldn't have asked for more...except for a week of sunshine instead of rain. The ceremony got moved under the beach club terrace cause of the rain, but a beautiful rainbow came out after the ceremony. Please PM with questions! I'll try to write a review soon!! Sarah
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by YIweddings Our colours are red and aqua so I'm ordering these colours and I'm going to put their initial in the corner incase they get mixed up. My colors are red and aqua too! and i plan on doing the same. did you order off of Wholesale Pashmina Scarves wholesale pashmina scarves If yes, which shades of red and aqua did you choose? I can't decide! Sarah
  5. great question. i'm wondering the same thing...especially now that they crystal sashes are $5 more expenses per 10.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SandalGirl yayyyy!! We're leaving on sat for our wedding on the 4th! Did you feel like you were part of a factory with the other wedding your day, or was it fine? When do we get to see PICS?? I can't believe your wedding is already here! Good luck, can't wait to here all about it when you get back!!
  7. Gee, great review! thanks so much for posting. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. I love the decorations. What did you bring from home, and what were you able to rent from Sarao vs. the resort? I'm trying to figure out what is worth bringing. Did you do a rehearsal dinner?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by SandalGirl And Sarah - we havn't paid a deposit on the wedding - we were told we would pay for it all when we got there. Thanks-- that's what i was told too. but its making me nervous!
  9. Soonerrae -- Congrats on being a Mrs thanks so much for the review! I can't wait to see pictures!!! 1. Is it possible to wear heals at the ceremony site? or do you recommend flats or a wedge? 2. did you put any money down in a deposit for the wedding before you arrived at the resort?
  10. sarah310

    FS - Wedding is over - Lots to sell

    I love the frames with the numbers in the sand...too bad they sold already! Where did you get them?
  11. Has/Did anyone put a deposit down on the wedding before you arrived at OGX?
  12. Exciting! have a great wedding, can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by adelaide Who are you ladies using as photographers?? Thanks! A I'm using Nathaniel Thompson out of Santa Barbara. He's staying as a guest so I don't have to pay the vender fee. I suggest doing that even if you hire someone from the area. Right now prices are cheaper to stay the night, then to pay the guest pass for the day!
  14. they look awesome! mind telling us where you got the bags and supplies? Thanks!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by future_mrs2010 Well I basically finished my OOT bag ordering tonight. This is what I did. Beach Bag on Vista Print on sale.. 50% off! cant beat that! 10 bags for $39! With a very cute scene and our theme "party in paradise" on there. First aid kits with band aids and such for $1.28 a piece! what a steal! firstaidmonster.com Imodium, Banana boat sunscreen and rolaids off of minimus.biz again another steal and free shipping! I also got tylenol from a fellow BDW'er! We got personalized cup/steins with handles from Factory 21 on ebay. They were amazing to work with and she did the art work exactly how I wanted. Anti bacterial from Bath and Body for $1 a piece! Deck of cards in each. Scentsy travel tins in each bag. They are like candles but no flame. Smell great(pm me for details) I know I am forgetting something! Well thats it for now. I was so stressed over these and now I feel great. We spent under $300 (for 10 bags!) and Im happy with that. Mrs. 2010 -- love all your ideas! Where did you find the deck of cards?