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  1. How did you end up getting accepted to the group, I've been waiting for over a week!
  2. Hey ladies ! So it's come time to put down my deposit for Azul fives ! I'm a bit nervous because of one thing, we really would love to have our ceremony on the Sky deck, but what about rain! I know they give you an alternate location, but what about the 1800usd that has been paid? I'm guessing it wouldn't be refunded? Any insight to this , thanks .
  3. Also remember our dollar keeps going down, so that factors a lot with pricing !
  4. Deannak

    Azul Fives

    Hello ladies! I'm just wondering if any brides who have had their wedding at Azul Fives could provide a review for me. Not only on the wedding part, but the resort itself! I've been reading reviews on trip advisor, yes I know to take them with a grain of salt, but lately there has been a lot of negative reviews, so I can't help but be a little concerned! I want to finalize my decision , I love the look of the resort and everything it has to offer, but those are just pictures and info, I would love some trustworthy opinions! With the Canadian dollar being so low, prices have gone pretty high,
  5. Oh and another thing in common, i got engaged in september as well, haha
  6. @@Jbwilli I haven't 100% chosen. Leaning toward azul fives, it's just so hard to make a final decision !!! I love beach palace as well but my fiancé thinks it might be too small. We wanted smaller but he says it just feels like a hotel and not a resort . Also apparently it can get crowded when the other palace guests decide to visit ...
  7. Yay another April 2017 bride ! I'm having trouble picking a resort as well ! As the others said above, a travel agent will be your best friend ! We have narrowed our choices to azul fives, now jade, and beach palace . Leaning more toward azul fives right now . It's so hard!
  8. @ Yes we dislike large resorts as well , but having only one pool was his concern . It's my decision in the end lol . Did you look at azul fives at all , or knew right away you wanted beach palace . How was the food overall, not just the wedding . Sorry for all the questions !
  9. @ was the resort too small, my fiancé thinks it looks that way, even though he really wants a smaller resort....was it overcrowded at all?
  10. How was your experience with Now Jade? What abou the resort itself, not just the wedding part!? thanks
  11. Hello fellow brides! Getting excited to finally start planning our destination wedding! I have my travel agent/destination wedding planner already. Im just having a really hard time trying to choose a resort! We would like a smaller 5* resort with great food. Ive narrowed down things to Beach Palace, Azul Fives and Now Jade. Can any of you ladies provide some insight and recommendations to help me choose a resort! Also im open to hear recommendations for other resorts as well. Thanks so much
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