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  1. Is anyone doing anything instead of a rehearsal dinner? I want to do something for people to get to know each other before the wedding but I don't know what that could be.... Something on the beach?
  2. @@lcole1 When are you having your cocktail hour? I'm having trouble figuring out when to fit that in!
  3. That helps a lot! Yeah I wondered about the floor - I thought maybe we weren't allowed to dance right on the restaurant floor, but yeah I totally don't need a floor on top of a floor. I JUST bought my wedding dress like 20 mins ago so I'm thinking I need to bust a move on the rest of the plans now!!
  4. @@lcole1 and @@DLS2016 thanks for sharing your plans. I will too. I just got the spreadsheet so am starting to look at what restaurant to choose, etc. I really like the idea of open air but I think some of my guests (like my mum) will really appreciate air conditioning What is everyone's timeline looking like? I always liked the idea of doing a first look and all our couple photos first partially just we can enjoy everyone's company right after the ceremony... but of course there will still be family pics to do! Seems a bit trickier to do first look when people will see us out and about
  5. @@lcole1 that sounds great! I would love to keep in touch about your plans as they develop! we are likely to have 40 people so I guess it will be no problem for a private reception!
  6. oh, and part 2, @@Harper370 and @@DLS2016 what time are you having the ceremony? I'm questioning it now that I see the contract! eeee!
  7. Hey all! We have just booked Iberostar Quetzal for Jan 4, 2017! We are booking our group rate for flights on Monday but the date is booked! How many people are you having at your wedding? We will have about 40, but part of me is thinking having 10 more people is great because then you get a restaurant privately. My understanding is for under 50, you can get a section of the restaurant during dinner and then book after for your private reception. Or book on the beach. What are you doing for dinner/ reception?
  8. Here it is: On the one hand, I would like to get the wedding over with relatively early on in our stay (Arrive Sat, Marry Tues., Leave Sat) so we can enjoy company of others without worrying about the events. On the other hand, I will then only be able to have the coordinator meeting the day before because they don't do consultations on the weekend. They are willing to do it but should I move the wedding so there is more time? Is there really that much that needs to be done between the co-ordinator mtg and the wedding? (I feel we are fairly low key but that said we don't want to put up with
  9. We are strongly considering it! I'll let you know if we follow through - looking at Dec 2016 though so quite a while after you!
  10. Thanks I definitely will. Everytime I think of planning one at home I just "Nope!" right out of there. I know the beach is the way to go!!
  11. Thanks for all the advice! I haven't given up - it has been quite a tough year and I would like to be my family's excuse for a vacation .
  12. Hi all! I am REALLY hoping to do a mexico, cuba or dominican republic wedding. We are from Ontario and fiance is a teacher, so we are looking at December during Xmas break our March break, 2017. I started getting quotes from Sunwing for Dominican Republic travel+stay for Dec 31-Jan7, and the rates are roughly $2000 per adult, $1300 per kid, taxes included. I knew it would be a lot in high season but, damn - I feel like this is just an impossible ask for our loved ones. We were looking at about 50 people coming and I thought the group discounts would be more impressive. I am almost r
  13. This is a review of:

    Iberostar Tucan

    Best decision ever (Quetzal/ Tulum) - Beautiful place, amazing people, fun from 2-70 yrs old

    Pros: Clean, great staff, beautiful jungle wedding, food, size of resort, activities, all ages,
    Cons: bar
    We got married on January 4, 2017 at Iberostar Quetzal (which is the other half of Tucan - they are basically the same but you would book at one or the other. We booked Quetzal in kind of a compromise way - during high season, it was one of the more affordable nice resorts, but not the nicest according to ratings... we wanted our guests to be able to afford it though! In the end it wasn't a compromise at all - such a great place.   First let me get it out of the way to say don't let the few b
  14. This is a review of:

    Jasmin & Matt Photography

    Awesome pics, professional and easy going, awesome humans

    Pros: flexible packages, many photos, photo quality, professional, value for money
    We got married in January 2017 and were (and are) so pleased with the photos from Jasmin and Matt. The photos are amazing. They captured lots of candid moments and also gave us the direction and pointers we needed. I am so happy with the pictures. I am impressed with how many photos we got in our package, and they are so crisp, well lit, and beautiful. I also have to say that the price is right for two professionals, and that's before I saw just how many beautiful shots we would get! We picked
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