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  1. Hi, I completely agree with you. Im getting married in two months and figuring out costs and budgets are tough. We went with a $5,000 USD package for 40 people that includes the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Our package also included things like, cake, trio, bouquet, mani/pedi, appetizers, pressing my gown and his suit, and a lot of little extras. But, resorts always offer add ons like - floral center pieces, different color linens, DJ, extra hours, outside vendor and guest fee ect. I would look at the package you want and ask the resort for a list of add-ons or a la carte services they offer so you can really come up with a realistic budget. Also, photography is something I didn't really account for. Its TOUGH to find someone who is great. I want videography and photography and went with www.octaviomontes.com I would check him out! I plan to write a blog after my wedding in March so you can check It out or ask me any questions! Best of Luck!
  2. Hi! Not sure if you picked a place yet, but what I did was look at trip advisor. I looked at general hotel reviews and traveler pictures to get an idea of how the resort was - its location, restaurants, beach, pool and rooms. This really helped us narrow down our choices, but we ultimately went with a hotel I had stayed at on a previous vacation - The Royal Playa del Carmen in the Playa del Carmen. Anyways, after you narrow down the hotels check out the wedding packages they offer. Some have strict rules on all guest needing to book directly through them and not an outside travel website, or restrictions stating 80% of guest at the wedding must be staying at the hotel - this pretty much only applies if your having a large wedding. Don't forget all resorts offer add-ons and additional things you don't think about. Most hotels have fees when you use outside vendors ( not their vendor). Im doing my flowers, DJ, hair/make-up at my resort, but searched outside them for a photographer/ videographer. Photos are something that last forever and I wasn't going to settle for what they offered. I found Octavio Montes through google and cant wait to see what my picutres and video look like. He was really easy to get in contact with and has great sample work. Im super excited to work with him and have had great reviews in private message conversations with other brides on this forum. www.octaviomontes.com I think finding a photographer was the second biggest hurdle after the venue. Let me know if you have any questions about wedding planning. Mine is two months away!
  3. Stephieee

    2016 Brides

    Hi Ladies! I just stumbled on to this group! Would have been great to find earlier in my wedding planning. 2016 is just around the corner and I was super lost when I started my planning. My wedding is March 2016 at The Royal Playa del Carmen in Playa del Carmen. I wanted to share a little of my planning story, and maybe it will help you. I choose a package, and quickly realized DW cost way more then the initial package, if you resort offers ad-ons like mine. Photography, DJ, Flowers, Wedding Dress, Grooms Suite, Invites, Bands, Travel, Welcomes Bags, Extra hours, etc . After I reached out to a resort wedding specialist I told them exactly what package I wanted ( I already did research) and choose a date. I found the flight and date I wanted to travel, the lowest possible rate at the time, and asked for a price match. Invites didn't costs me tons. I used a promo code ( which are out there for just about everything) and order them on Zazzle, which is completely customizable. You can change, font, color, etc. I sent them out about a year before the wedding. I wanted to give everyone enough time to secure a payment plan with the travel agent and decide if they can make it. We are doing a ceremony, cocktail hour and full reception on the beach. I anticipate about 40 people. Other then my dress ( which I scored on a 4th of July sale on accident at Alfred Angelo) Photography is the only other cost I can really control ( there are two DJ options at the resort I'm at, and they have a fixed price). There are so many DW photographers! I looked for price and quality. I didn't want to get cruddy pictures of my big day, but also didn't want the cost to be as much as my wedding. I also wanted photography and videography. I googled playa del Carmen videography and photography and found a few options. I ultimately went with Octavio Montes www.octaviomontes.com His company does both, so I know they can work together. He is local and has done wedding at the resort, so we don't need to waste time scouting, and his works looks great at a price point Im happy with. He was responsive, called me to discuss what I was looking for. Sent me a timeline and gave me a list of questions I need to answer before the wedding. I look forward to the pictures and video. I'm really excited. We aren't doing crazy add ons by the resort. I want it to be elegant, chic and simple. Beautiful center pieces and a great time. I'm going to DIY my own table numbers, seating charts and misc items for the ceremony and carry it on. Hair and makeup come in my package, and so does pressing your bridal gown. I realize now I just have details to worry about and making sure everyones makes their final travel payments. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or are a Royal bride. Id love to chat!
  4. Stephieee

    Playa Del Carmen Wedding - 2016 And So Overwhelmed

    Im roughly 3 months away from my wedding and wanted to post another update! I selected a photographer, which was rough! I did a google search for playa del Carmen videographer and photographers. I want both at my wedding, and as was hoping to find a company that could do it all. When I started looking for that I realized there were only a handful that actually did it. Price and quality were huge factors! Everyone we know has been telling us not to go cheap with photography. I also want a video of our day. I think it would be great to watch on our anniversary, show our family and friends who couldn't make it to the wedding, and really be able to relive the whole day. Octavio Montes does both! His portfolio on his website looks promising and I think he will be able to capture what I want. I think having him and his team do all the video and photography will be beneficial- one stop shop and they can collaborate and work together on my wedding day.. Communication with him was easy, he suggested a timeline ( which was less hours then I thought I needed ) so kudos on that, and gave me a list of things I need to decide on before the big day. He was responsive when I emailed and called me from Mexico to discuss the wedding. Which is also something else I was interested in. I wanted a photographer whose been to the resort, knows the area and can suggest the best picture spots and poses. Im really excited and cant wait to see how everything comes out! Here is his link if anyone is interested www.octaviomontes.com Additionally, we booked DJ Dormixx and his light up dance floor. Not sure if he has a website. He sent me an email after the resort secured him. He also sent me a list of things I need to decide on, asked tons of questions and seems super legit. I'm going to do flowers through the resort and hopefully DIY my own table numbers and seating charts. I'm looking forward to getting crafty with it and keeping cost lower.
  5. Hi, was brining your own stuff an issue? I was thinking of brining one suit case with extras. I never thought about brining my own linen or table runners. Im getting married at the Royal and have my guest split between both resorts. Did you finalize your flower selections at your sit down with your consultant or before? Do you have pictures? Thanks! By the way how did you hair and make up turn out?
  6. Hi, How did your wedding turn out? Im getting married in March and have soo many questions! Its tough planning things when you don't really know how the set up will be. What flowers look like in person etc.
  7. Stephieee

    100% recommend Octavio Montes Photography

    Hi, Did Octavio actually take the photos? I read on his website he has a team of 10 and he will send someone in his place. Since these are my wedding photos I want to see the quality of work of the photographer who is actually shooting the pictures. Did you have any issues or concerns with this? Thanks!
  8. Stephieee

    Pleasure to work with!!

    Hi, I read on his website that if he cant make it a member of his team will. Did you know who your photographer was going to be before hand? Thats a little stressful.
  9. Hi, just checking in to see if there are any other brides on here getting married at the Royal in 2016. It would be nice to chat about the planning process.
  10. Stephieee

    Playa Del Carmen Wedding - 2016 And So Overwhelmed

    Hi All, for any new brides who see this I wanted to point out that I'm not that lost/overwhelmed anymore Once you pick the resort it definitely gets easier! We ended up contacting a TA who worked with the resort to secure our date. I had already browsed the packages online, so knew which one I wanted. From there I was assigned a coordinator who I deal with directly now. She took my deposit, secured my date and sent me over a list of everything I need to have decided on before the wedding. Additionally, she sent me a list of add on's and upgrades like a light up dance floor, DJ, table center pieces, fireworks, etc. I kept thinking the wedding would be the cost of my package plus hotel/flight. But, now that I am two months into this I realize its the package cost, add'ons, photographer, dress, hotel/airfare and any additional items like welcome gift bags for guest and grooms suit. I think we are looking at between $15k-$20k This is more then what I had originally wanted, but I'm going to get a luxurious wedding at a great resort and also have a honeymoon! Im a year away and have only put my initial deposit down, so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly from here.
  11. Im getting married at the Royal Playa del Carmen March 11, 2016. I feel like I should be doing more! So far I have put my $200 deposit down and selected my package. It seems too easy, so I get a bit nervous. I dont plan to make another payment until June 2015. There are so many add on to consider for the wedding ceremony, and they all seem great! Have you really started looking at photographers? I start looking, but I dont want a company that sends someone out. I want the portfolio I see to be of the person who will be onsite the day of my wedding.
  12. Hi, it seems like you and I have a lot in common in terms of our planning. Im getting married March 2016 at the Royal. I contacted Shelia Peach TA to help with my planning because she was close to home. Did any of your guest book directly with the hotel or use an online travel site like Expedia? I know she offers payment plans, which is my main reason for deciding to work with her. Also, I also found weddingpassports on line too. We paid $5 to order a sample and love them. Was it difficult getting Stella Graphix to re-produce them? Did they look like the wedding passport sample? Im in the Los Angeles area so heading over to Hawthorne wouldnt be an issue for me. What did you have to provide them with to make the invites for you? Did you bind them? sorry for all the questions Also, do you have a link for your photographer? I didnt find him on Google. Last question, did you do your wedding make up at Spa Azul? How did it last? Make up/ hair is included in my package and so is an hour or photography. I think getting my make up and at Spa Azul will be fine, but really curious about photography since these pictures are going to be with me for life. Thanks!
  13. Hi, how is your wedding planning going? Did you decide on the Royal? I picked my packaged and put down the deposit for my wedding in March 2016. It would be great to chat with another bride planning her wedding around the same time.
  14. Hi Audrey, Did you do the free wedding package? I was wondering what package you choose? I'm trying to determine how accurate the pricing is on the packages and how much more I need to factor in. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the review! I plan on looking into your vendors I just contacted Shelia from Peach Tree, I found her on the Royal's website. I thought she would be a good contact because she is in Southern California and I live in the Los Angeles area. Was there any reason you didnt book your rooms and flights with her? Did you have the beach reception? I just got engaged NYE and am looking at a March 2016 wedding. Also, were your married at the Gran Porto or Royal. I want to stay at the Royal and I have a few family members with children who Shelia mentioned could stay at the Gran Porto. I just want to make sure it wont be a hassle come wedding day. Thanks for any help!