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  1. @@Brit13 I was married here on March 31st. It was awesome I had an outside photographer (dean sanderson and adrian Hernandez) from Dean Sanderson Weddings as well as a videographer (Claudia) that Dean hired for me (She did an AMAZING job on our video) and it is a $200 fee per person in your photography party. I had three including my videographer so I had to pay $600. They don't allow outside hair/make up on the resort so I went offsite for mine. Rose by Dahena did my hair and make up (airbrush), they were awesome, even accommodating a last minute addition of a bridesmaid's hair and
  2. @@AndreaEngell Hope your planning is going well. GSP doesn't allow outside vendors other than the photographer. It's a real pain but I was mostly concerned with the photos so the florist thing wasn't an issue for me.
  3. @@livf I will email Rose by Dahena today to see if they have any availability for my date. I was looking for someone with a salon in PDC so I would have somewhere to go and not be stuck paying a day pass for someone on top of US rates. I'm using Dean Sanderson for my photographer. He is in US $ though which is killing me, every time the dollar goes down I want to cry. He does great work though and he was very easy to get in touch with and set everything up. We're using the Riviera Gazebo and having a beach cocktail reception with the DJ. We are having our dinner in a reserved secti
  4. @@livf I'm getting married at GSP March 31st I"m in the process of deciding what to do about my hair and make up. How are you doing the outside stylists? I know the resort doesn't allow outside vendors other than photographers (with a fee). Are you going to them or are you sneaking them on as "guests" with day passes? I'm looking at that option lol. What are the Rose by Dehena prices like? I'm still comparing. The american dollar is killing my budget
  5. Hey@@veryvalentine Thanks so much for checking that out for me! The brochure is currently at the top of my to do list lol. I am starting to feel stressed that I'm not going to get it all done yikes, the time goes so quickly.
  6. @@lululuvs2travel I'm getting married March of 2016 at the Sunset Princess There are a few options for your reception besides the chillout, which is also more than I was willing to pay. We are having our ceremony at the Riviera Gazebo then we are having our dinner on the buffet because we have a lot of kids and food allergies The original plan was to have it in the restaurant but you only get one meal option and that wouldn't have worked for us. I'm not overly worried about it since it will be chaos with 8 kids in group anyway. I'm not decorating or any of that stuff for dinner, it'
  7. @@rbehlke sorry for the delay on my answer, I was away on vacation ! The quality on the bag is great, they are a nice thickness, not flimsy but not too heavy to roll up for packing. I am really pleased with them.
  8. @@deecol Thanks I can't wait to wear it !! I see you're getting married at the Grand Bahia Principe Coba, I went to a friend's wedding at the Grand Bahia Akumel. The three resorts are all gorgeous and we had a ton of fun there. The wedding went great as well
  9. @@veryvalentine I was just snooping through your planning thread lol. Just wondering if you still have the template from your welcome booklet? I wanted to do something similar for our OOT bags and yours look perfect
  10. Thanks @@TinkerSofi I Loved all the pics from your wedding and your planning thread has been super helpful ! Thanks for all the info!! Congrats on your wedding it was beautiful!
  11. @@Johanne514 I can email the list if you don't have it yet. I just got mine last month.
  12. @@Ursula18 I just sent them off to your email. We're getting married March 31st, 2016 I can't wait !
  13. @@Ursula18 I can email you the info. I just got my pricing lists a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Does anyone know if you're required to show your marriage certificate for a symbolic ceremony or a renewal of vows? We are doing a "vow renewal" at the Grand Riviera Princess but circumstances may end up being that we can't do our legal ceremony until we come back. Has anyone else done this?
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