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    Moon Palace, Cancun MX
  1. I'm getting married at Palace also (Moon, not Beach). How did this work since theyre telling me anyone that is part of the wedding has to stay a 3-night min? thanks
  2. RJE

    Family Of 7

    We're a family of 7 (kids 20, 20, 16, 14, 12) also and after much researching we reserved the Moon Palace. I liked that the resort was a little higher quality than other all-inclusives and that they had private ceremony locations. I also looked at the Hard-Rock but it was too much like a spring break resort. I'm sure it's fun but i ddnt want to equate my wedding with spring break! Maybe 15 years ago, yes but now not so much! Good luck in your search!
  3. It is so hard to compare when one resort includes 20 people and the other includes 30 and they charge for kids or this one includes alcohol!! I created folders for each resort and then did a spreadsheet for what they each included and ranked them in order of my preference and eventually that helped narrow down. I dont loveee everything included in the Moon Palace package but it seems to be the best fit for what we were looking for (family oriented resort, party atmosphere, adults only side, great food, private ceremony, etc)
  4. We just signed with the Moon Palace and what I like about this resort is the private gazebo. We also looked at Azul http://www.memorablemomentsweddings.com/Karisma-weddings.cfm that has private decks or gazebo The Royalton also has a private area for wedding ceremony http://www.royaltonresorts.com/en/riviera-cancun/destination-weddings.aspx Paradisus Playa del Carmen has the beautiful Gabi bridge that they close off for your ceremony http://www.paradisus.com/romance-weddings.php I have done a lot of research so feel free to reach out and I can try to help. Good luck!
  5. congratulations @@DianaSRZ! We're getting married on the same day! Where are your locations?
  6. It depends which resort you choose, time of the year, if you pick DJ from approved vendors etc Without all those details, $7000 seems doable!
  7. I never thought of meeting the florist outside the resort! We're planing on doing silk flowers for the arrangements but i wanted real for the centerpieces. Your idea gives me something to think about! thanks
  8. What got me the most upset with this place was that they charge for the reception. Most places will include at least 20 people for free, this one doesn't include anyone and menus start at $65 plus cocktail hour and set up fee. The guests are already staying at the resort why would we need to pay so much for them?
  9. I just spoke with the WC and the wedding packages are awful. They only include a semi-private reception (meaning you can't have music or make speeches) If you want private function, every place has a location fee between $500-1500 PLUS the menu fee starting at $65/person. Even if you book the sky terrace for $1500 for the ceremony, you would need to pay an additional $1000 to have the reception there plus the cost of food, cocktail hour extra of course.
  10. Beautiful video!! Is the bamboo room open to the outside? We want the reception to have ocean view... Please share more pictures if you can, i love seeing other brides
  11. i know you posted over a year ago, so I'm hoping you'll still see this. Can you send me some pictures? did you get married in the terrace? thanks!
  12. can you send me pictures also? ruth.craig.wedding@@gmail.com I was curious if the bridge remains private or if you have people peeking in? i dont mind if they're in the back looking but i dont want them in the back of my chuppah in all our pictures! congrats! and thank you!
  13. I really loved this terrace but the room rates we get were way too much! I couldn't ask my guests to pay that much. Are you staying at this hotel also or Moon?
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