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  1. Thats a great idea. I am really interested in the company "Little Borrowed Dress." Their short dresses are $50 to rent and they have all diifferent types and colors. I said I would pay for the rental. Also, I thought about cards to each one and their favorite beverage. I am going to purchase the robes also. Just thought their was a way I could ask them with a gift.
  2. Hello, I am trying to see what are good gifts to ask your wedding party to be a part of your special day. I am having a destination wedding with a party of 4 bridesmaids and a maid and matron of honor. Also, what would you give your future mother in law as a gift? Thanks
  3. Hello BHolders I just saw them advertise Little Borrowed Dress on TV. It seems like a good deal, but the only thing with this is you can not alter the dresses. You have to order your size and hope that the dress will fit you like you want it too. I do not think it will work for me if I was a bridesmaid because I have an unusal shape. I would have to go up 4 sizes and if I can not alter it that wouldn't be good. You still have an option to buy the dress though.
  4. Hello Everly I went to David's Bridal and I had an awesome experience. The lady that assisted me was a young girl and she asked me what did I want and I told her I wanted something inexpensive, nice, and elegant because my wedding was a destination wedding. She let me pick what I liked. After trying on the 2 dresses and I chose the 2nd dress, she told me she never like picking for a bride because what she like they may not like, but if I tried on the dresses I chose and didn't like them, thats when she would have pulled some of her choice. I thought that was a good pitch. I felt good all ar
  5. Thanks acw271011 I have really been reading and getting good ideas on this site. One great idea is to have my men wear seashell boutonnieres. Those are really a nice touch and very different from the originals.
  6. Hello DestoWeddingers, I have booked my destination wedding at The Royal in Playa del Carmen. I chose this hotel because it is adult only and right across the street is their sister hotel, which is kid friendly. I have grandchildren that will be attending and 1 son that will be 16 so I thought these would be good hotel for both. I also chose The Royal because it is right off of 5th avenue and there is so much to see and do on that strip. You literally just walk right outside The Royal to 5th avenue. I have been to there 4 times and each time I have been there I have witnessed them setting
  7. Hello to all my newbies I know I am jumping ahead of myself, but I do not get married until July2, 2016, but guess what? I went dress shopping today and I said, "yes" to my dress. I am very simple minded, so it did not take much. I am getting married In Playa del Carmen on the beach and didn't want to spend a lot on my dress. I did still want to look elegant and I tried on 2 and I made my decision on the 2nd dress. I knew it was for me. Now, I can move on start with the other little things. When I was in the bridal shop the lady that hleped me stated I did right with dress shopping because
  8. Hello 27dresses I am also a 2016 bride to be. I have already booked my hotel, which is The Royal Playa del Carmen. My date date is July 2, 2016. Too early to start booking the hotel, so I have to wait for that. I am in the process of shopping for wedding dresses now. I have started buying little nick nacks for my OOT bags. Things like bubbles, bells, etc.... I plan to have 20 friends and family attend, so I should not be out a bunch. My only other issue I am having is should I hire a DJ. most likely I will not, I plan to spend majority on pics.
  9. Hello everyone, I too am so excited to be a part of this site. I am a 2016 bride tobe. So I am looking forward to getting plenty ideas from everyone. I have put my deposit down for The Royal in Playa del Carmen. But as far as booking the room, we can can not do that until possible July since it is so far out.
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