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  1. Congrats to all the recently married brides. I'm excited that I'll be leaving for Jamaica exactly 2 weeks from today! Hubby and I are renewing our vows in celebration of our 20th anniversary. I can't wait!
  2. Thanks! I got them from Shoemetro.com. But they're available other places as well. It's Enzo Angiolini Aiza.
  3. yj2cute

    Beach Shoes

    I really wanted a nice medium height wedge, which is tough to find, so I settled on these.
  4. These are the shoes I'm going with. I really wanted a medium height wedge, which was hard to find, so ended up going with this one.
  5. I ordered a dress from Mermaidbridal and was very happy with it. The quality was great and the customer service was great as well. The dress came extremely quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. From the looks of that site it appears to be a Chinese replica shop. Nothing wrong with that, but just know you're not getting the actual designer dress for a lower price, but instead a replica. I actually recently ordered a dress from JJ's house and I am so happy! It is beautiful and came super fast! I highly recommend them. Here's the link: http://www.jjshouse.com/
  6. It's beautiful! There are several excellent reviews so you should be fine. And will save lots of money! Be sure to come and post updates.
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    Deals / Sales Thread

    I tried that site and it's not working. Can you verify the site?
  8. @@maybeoneday They are all lovely. I'm a fan of strapped dresses myself so I would choose the 2nd one. Also, why do you think red is too bright for a DW wedding? You're getting married in Mexico. I would think that's a great spot for a red wedding dress!
  9. Unfortunately I'm dealing with this very thing right now! I've been searching for a dress for over a year! More seriously for the last few months and it has been so hard to find "the one". I've known from the beginning that I was going to have a custom dress made by one of the Chinese dress shops. I've had several dresses that I thought I'd decided on, only to change my mind. It's gotten so frustrating. I started feeling pressure because we're only a few months away no so I went ahead and ordered something. I told myself I was finally done with this and could check it off my list. Well, I got the dress and while it came out beautifully, it's just not what I want. I thought getting it in a color other than white or ivory was better since it's not an actual wedding, but a vow renewal. But now that I have it, in a pretty blush chiffon, it looks more like a BM dress then a dress the bride should be wearing. I've been trying to re-sell the dress to myself, telling myself I can't afford to just thrown away the money I spent on the dress. I don't think it's working.
  10. When I remarried 20 years ago my dress was actually considered a BM dress! Now I think as a BM dress it probably would have been too much but it was perfect for my wedding dress. I was married in a church too. Some BM dresses are very ornate. Now that I'm searching for a destination vow renewal dress I'm sure to look under all dress categories, not just wedding dresses. Definitely go for it!
  11. I wanted a tropical, beach themed event for our vow renewal but did not want to be in the sand either. We found the perfect venue in Villas Sur Mer in Negril Jamaica. The cliff top resort is boutique, intimate and gorgeous and I can't wait. Many 5 star stellar reviews on Trip Advisor as well.
  12. Well some vendors may be different, but I've been told 1 month from several of the dress makers on Etsy. Here's what she wrote me: Dear Yxxx Since we'll have 1 month off for our CNY holidays, this is the most important festival in our country, the processing time would be much longer, maybe 6-8 weeks, dose it work for u? Any questions, pls feel free to contact me at any time:) Linna
  13. You're welcome. FYI, China will be shut down for a month beginning in a couple of weeks for Chinese New Year so your production time will be extended by that long. Don't wait too long to get your order in. Come back and post what you decide to go with!
  14. Misdress was in the running and I had many communications with them but ultimately ordering from Mermaid bridal. I am ordering 2 dresses from Misdress for my daughters though. Misdress has many excellent reviews as well. I see we have the same date! Congrats date twin.