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  1. Getting married @ Riu Ocho Rios January 11, 2016, beach gazebo with a semi private dinner afterwards .. Our 5 daughters and family and friends in attendance .. Going to be amazing ..
  2. I had been harassing numerous TA's and Tour Operators for a long time .. I am sure they all have me blocked by now .. LOL .. My BIL recommended a TA that he knows personally and she was able to get us a group rate of $1575.00 per adult, dbl occupancy through SUNWING @ RIU Ocho Rios - Jan.7-14, 2016, every 11th Adult free (minus taxes, etc.), up to max. of 4, departing Toronto .. IF you go on Sunwing.ca right now exact same is over $1900 per adult .. So we are feeling pretty lucky right now .. It wasn't exactly what we wanted but it was the best deal .. The other resort we wanted is goi
  3. @@beckys98 .. Ditto .. I don't want anything either ... My sister's deposit is a little more than $150 (its $150 x 4 ppl, my BIL and 2 nephews as well) but still I have given everyone MONTHS and MONTHS .. LOL .. *sigh* .. Oh well .. I am trying not to get too worked up ..
  4. My frustration is .. We told people back in June 2014 that we were having a DW in Jan/Feb 2016 .. Almost 2 whole years in advance .. "Start saving your toonies" (A Canadian $2 coin).. We now have booked our resort, gotten pricing etc. .. and given people 6 weeks to put a deposit down .. I am getting people (my sister) saying "We don't have the $$ for the deposit" .. I told everyone back in June we were doing this and you didn't bother to save?? YET went on a cruise in December and were planning on a last minute trip in January that they didn't end up going on .. You can afford to do those
  5. KellyMiller - Your dress is awesome .. I love it .. In Ivory would be perfect .. Its pretty similar to what I am looking for ..
  6. I have been searching and searching various sites for a wedding dress ... This is my second marriage and I really want something elegant, simple and cheap .. Well, I can't find a darn thing .. Until I clicked on the "Bridesmaid" section .. Now there are some nice dresses, under $200 and come in White or Ivory!! NICE !! But to wear a "Bridesmaid" dress?? Oh the horror! I think not .. Who cares .. As long as you love it, it looks nice and its within your budget .. then why not?? I have found some nice dresses on "Light in the Box" but am scared to order something online without trying it on
  7. January 2016 Bride here .. Just booked this week through a TA, Tour Operator SUNWING, departing Toronto .. Week of Jan.7-14, 2016 .. RIU Ocho Rios, Jamaica .. Very good deal .. We told our guests that we were doing a DW more than 6 months ago and there are some who said they would be there, that did not start saving and do not have the required down payment .. which is frustrating to me because we told everyone a long time ago .. This is a second marriage for both myself and my fiancée .. We are excited .. We have never been to Jamaica before .. We have 5 girls (ages 15-10) that are e
  8. I am getting married at RIU Ocho Rios in January 2016! Just starting the process ... Any advise, help, etc. would be appreciated ..
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