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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the length of the tables used on the Carnival Terrace? Trying to buy table runners :S Thanks for your help
  2. Any Canadian Brides getting quotes for November AI packages? The best I've gotten is $1700, anyone else?
  3. Canadian Brides- Has anyone seen a significant price increase this year for packages? Just got a quote from WestJet for $1730 from Ottawa. Last year it was $1390 taxes in... Sort of depressing for a November wedding.
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll get more into it as the date gets closer! Focusing on the dress right now.
  5. Please don't downplay my concerns for the amount of posts I have. I prefer to read others posts. I don't have much to contribute as I haven't started really planning. Here's an idea. On trip advisor you have to declare if your review is in partnership with the hotel/resort etc. Just take a look. It was refreshing to see. I've been in contact with some cancun photographers and I'm going to go with someone who has had a slip-up or delay every now and again. Because they are real people. Not portraying a fantasy. And I'm sure brides would love to see some negative reviews rather than have a negative experience. Just my 2 cents. I'm sure you had a wonderful wedding/photographer. I'm not attacking bdw. It happens all over the Web. People can pay others to give reviews. I just wanted some suggestions because I didn't find the vendor review section helpful in this situation.
  6. I understand that. But everyone knows that there is maybe an over picky bride out there who would leave a 4 star review for a wonderful photographer. I'm just looking for those 4 star reviews. Some photographers have pages and pages of 5 star reviews repeating the same drivel... Not all but some. And the finished product on their website does not make the photographer. The manners, Timeliness, added costs, length of processing are all major issues imo.
  7. I've noticed the review pages for photographers are full of one timer reviews. With similar grammatical mistakes and 5 stars no cons, always AMAZING!!... Very fishy and very unnerving. I'm looking for an affordable photographer in Cancun who doesn't pump up his/her own reviews. ... Please help!!
  8. Walmart in Ontario doesn't process film anymore! Just a FYI that it may roll out over Canada (pardon the pun )!!
  9. I just ordered a template from Vanessa's Destination Weddings.. Hope I'm not too hopeless with the DIY
  10. Mexico, November 25, 2015!!
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