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  1. Thank you all...I finally said yes to the dress and went with dress #1.. I chose a different belt that was more blingy though
  2. Thanks ladies. .I have ruled out dress 3...I want sparkle and bling. . so I have to narrow down the other 2.. Vika that's how im feeling which resulted in dress 2.. im scared I'll never have the 'this is it' moment
  3. I don't think your being selfish at all...you want what we all want and dream of since we were kids. ..don't settle because you will regret it! Stay strong and don't sweat the small stuff...it will all be worth it...because your creating memories...its not just a day but a day filled with happiness and cherished memories forever
  4. Thanks for the insight...I never thought about this but now I'm switching to the coils
  5. That's what I wanted to calgarybride2015 the BM come in with groomsmen but finance says he doesn't want to stand at alter alone..he wants his men beside him lol
  6. I think fans are a must for comfort of the guests...its going to be hot and the fans will help alleviate some of the heat..at least that's my opinion.. and I'm pretty sure the men will use them..I'm picking colored ones so it will add slash of color. I also wanted to do the maracas at the dinner table for splash of color but finance nixed that idea
  7. calgarybride2015 it's dress 3 that seems to plain.. and the pics are distorted when I upload them so it's not giving the complete looks..they all do look amazing on me...guess that's one reason I can't decide...As for budget I don't have one..but the less I spend of course is better but finance says don't puck a dress based on price...and since he's paying I won't hehehe I know that's also one reason I'm having hard time because dress 2 is half the price of the others. .
  8. I know lol... they didn't upload well..they made me look squished..ill try again
  9. Did anyone else have trouble picking their dress? I finally went shopping and I expected the 'awe' moment that I would know 100% that it is the dress. Well it didn't happen I am a very indecisive person. I have found 3 dresses and cannot make up my mind. It doesn't help that everyone I have showed the dresses to pick the dress that to me is simple...its gorgeous and perfect for beach wedding but I just feel like it's too plain on the front..but it looks amazing on. The other one I love...but then I can't decide if it's really the one either... so I went to another store and found a 3rd dres
  10. maggietron. . I highly recommend going to Newline Fashion and NWL. Newline has a huge selection and the best staff ever..so helpful and great customer service..which is very hard to find now a days!! NWL was great too..same customer service but selection was smaller..However you can buy off the rack there and they do have some gorgeous gowns... I have tried 2 X's to get into Debra Dees but first time they were closed for renovation and this wk I went but they are closed on Mondays...and Mondays are the only days I'm going to Regina for the next few months so I won't be looking there as I nee
  11. candle23 the dress looks awesome on you!! ya you can see its a different dress but as long as your happy with the one you got that's all that matters...and honestly it is gorgeous..
  12. calgarybride2015 you wouldn't happen to have a pic of the pic with the guys in golf polo shirts?
  13. I am very fortunate my resort just started implementing the vendor fees but because I had booked already they are waiving the fee so thankful for that!! yes my friend does eyelashes so I'm going to get them done before I go..
  14. jsparrow10 I attached the price list for you for beso brides sorry I'll add it to post cause I know how frusterating it is when you don't have enough posts to see the pics brides hair 110.00 brides makeup 100.00 bridesmaid hair 90.00 bridesmaid makeup 80.00 packages brides hair and makeup 180.00 bridesmaid hair and makeup 145.00 mother of bride or groom 110.00
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