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  1. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/photoshoots-vallarta-wedding-photography Here is the link to there page on this forum
  2. Lianne, I had Eva and Pierre from PhotoShoot Vallarta and they were amazing. I got soooo many pictures. The nice thing about them is you get all the pictures, not a set amount and their prices are really good. Pierre was awesome at emailing right away about anything and even came to meet us at the resort a few days before the wedding too. They are definitely worth looking into. Pierre is even on here, he found me LOL made finding a photographer really easy
  3. Here is the link to my Song List just to give you an idea of how myself and others have done it. Also just a piece of advice for all brides, I made copies of everything and brought them with me down there, part to remind myself of things and so I didn't forget anything too. I mean copies of everything- contract, things to consider form, photo-list (I never used lol), music list, seating chart, EVERYTHING. I wasn't too picky with my music, just wanted to give him an idea of what kind of music we like. Another one that others have added too is Dinner Music if you want a specific kind of music or playlist during dinner. Song List for Wedding.docx
  4. About 2 weeks before the wedding Annie emailed me asking about music list for DJ and she sent examples from past brides to give me an idea of how to do it.
  5. Ok, I have one for other past brides that got the video through Adventures and got the unedited video as well, do you have to pay an insane amount of money to get it????? I just got an email from the lady who did the video taping and she told me it would 300US to get it!!!!!! I think that is crazy on top of the already 575US I paid for UNedited video. I was just wondering if anyone else had to pay extra and if it was that much too???
  6. They provide it and yes you can choose your color. I sent an inspiration pic of the bouquet and they did an AMAZING job on all the flowers!!!
  7. Get a good travel agent, definietely look into the ones on this forum!!! I have heard great things about them. I used a travel agent and we saved big time booking early through them. We only had a few people book outside our agent and when people started asking me a million travel questions, I just said call our agent she`ll tell you It saved me some headaches!!!
  8. We had no rehearsal, the only thing Annie did show us was where we walked to get to the stairs and she just told they boys what they had to do when they got there. As for the timeline of contact with Annie. we paid our deposit 18 months before and didn't have too much communication until Kelley told us about what was going on with her and then that she was leaving and 2 new planners would be starting. I didn't start actual planning with them until about 2 1/2 months before the wedding. I had saved all my inspiration pictures and made notes about everything else I wanted or had questions about.
  9. I had 2 empty suitcases coming home that other family members used to put the stuff they bought down there in for the way home LOL. I was very fortunate that we had free upgrade to elite plus and also did the same for our son so we had 30KG each, which saved me and I had to use one of my dad's checked bags too!!! LOL My son's stuff took up some room too so it wasn't all wedding stuff. My biggest piece of advice for OOT bags is to wait until closer to your date when you have a good idea of your numbers. We had soo many people tell us they were coming and I jumped the gun on some ordering and ened up WAY over ordering. But yes everything was used, even the guys used the bags on their fishing trip!!!
  10. Lianne, during the day we had he windows open and because you're so high up on the hill, I found there was always a nice breeze coming through. The only time I found it a little warm was when everyone getting ready near the end and the straightners, curlers, hair dryers going and then the sun was coming in right through those back windows at the same time where you get ready, but still very managable. I was never hot or sweaty so to speak in there, when we started dancing in the evening... well I was HOT then!!! lol even on the boat right home I was too hot to wear a wrap or anything.
  11. Just a note for you, there is NO lighting at LC, this part of the charm of the private getaway for weddings and Rhythms of the Night. They did just do a hugh upgrade/reno of the Bridal Casita, we did not need to take an extra power bar for hair dryers, irons, etc. We had 36 guests in total at our wedding, which isn't very many I guess, but the dance floor was more than big enough with extra room to spare, but that was just my experience.
  12. Everyone loved the bags and were very surprised as no one knew we were doing that. I do believe most guests used almost everything in bags, especially the wedding week survival kits and the actual bags. I put them together down there, expect the wedding week survival kits, I put those together before we went down. I would say about 1 large suit case was just OOT bag stuff, maybe even 1/2 of another one. I had 6 suit cases total for wedding stuff, OOT bags, and clothes for ourselves and our son. The photoshare site, www.shutterfly.com you can create a site where you and your guests can share all of your photos from your vacation and wedding. Good luck with your wedding and planning
  13. I'm not good at putting more than 3 on a page... sorry
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