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  1. OOOOHHHHH thanks so much will take a look I have a real love/ hate relationship when helping organise someone else's wedding!!!!!! So this makes life ALOT easier XXXX
  2. Hi everyone, my sister is getting married in Italy next year and I as chief bridesmaid ( gofer / wedding organiser lol ) I have been ropped in to helping find, reputable wedding suppliers, who specialise in wedding's abroad and destination weddings. We have found our photographer , who I booked for my wedding. I know he is reliable and the travel etc will not be a problem. I am looking to find some musicians who are willing to travel out to Tuscanny, as the in house bands and dj are not really to my sister ( or my taste ) Any ideas out there, for any bands, singers, musicians who are used to performing at wedding's abroad and the travel and logistics won't faze them?… thanks in advance!!! xxx
  3. Why not let everyone know via wedding website, then they can save the date in advance? Try weddinghand.net
  4. Been English wedding websites are just becoming popular. I'm using Wedding Hand. The templates are so cool. We are using Love Birds as it fits with our vintage theme.
  5. Great invites. They will get every guest excited when they receive them in the post x
  6. You can buy balloons with led lights in and you could release them. I know they are not as pretty but you could get some with our names printed on. Spreading the love!!!!
  7. I looked into using a wedding website and I made ours through wedding hand It looks great, it was easy and it was FREE!!!!http://weddinghand.co.uk I think they are a fab idea to inform your guests.
  8. nice choices! you cant go wrong with a bit a RICHIE x
  9. Hi there, my fiancé is from The States and we are getting married in Scotland next year. We have a lot of guests traveling over to Scotland from America and its proving to be a bit of a night-mare helping organise hotels, accommodation, directions etc. I have seen a U.K website called WeddingHand which links your venue to the nearest hotels and gives an accurate map to the venue so I guess all the family in The States can access the site and see all the information they will need of the day. Just wondered if anyone has ever used the site (or similar) and was it successful? Regards Lealea
  10. Im a bit addicted now so I may get there sooner than I think x
  11. I have found this forum great. Everyone has great information and its so helpful x
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