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  1. yes...we got married at Dreams and it was AMAZING we had great perks. We got free upgrade room and my stay was free due to the amount of rooms we booked. amazing wedding
  2. We are 30 people at Dreams Tulum this April While my package included everything, I still chose to upgrade (DJ, Photographer and Makeup/Hair) We are about 6K USD (double the package price with upgrades, fees, etc)
  3. I dont know Backstage, but i am getting married at Dreams Tulum April 2016 (yeah) and have MVP booked. They have gotten back to me promptly on every email i have sent. Great reviews on this site and their work on Facebook is amazing. I am splurging for Melissa. But if you dont want to pay that, Team MVP is her prodigies. good luck and congrats! Kim
  4. I have them booked for my wedding next April. As i dont have a "big party" I am not having Melissa but other team. I hope they are just as awesome. Tarahr, I saw your pics on their FB page and you WERE flawless
  5. congrats and im just supporting what the other brides say. Remember..every comment, commentary and negative is just noise Whenever someone says to me about money, safety, etc my canned response is "i totally understand if you dont attend" dont feed into their drama about any of it...thats all they want. no dollar amount is cheap enough, no gated community is secure enough..it has nothing to do with you and your wedding and all to do with them and thier issues...so dont own their issues....keep it with them rememver: I have a family, its expensive, blah blah "i totally underst
  6. I have done site visits and also chose Dreams Tulum for all of the reasons above. Many resorts can host weddings but Dreams DOES weddings. As you compare packages and such, you will quickly find that true. i highly suggest you have your travel agent contact one of the resorts and set up a site visit..you will get more than 75% off room rate (we did) and go for like 3-4 days and tour and see for yourself. I feel 10x better now that i did eitehr way..good luck and congrats
  7. We just got back from our site visit to Dreams Tulum and booked for April 15, 2016. We got to see 2 beach weddings while we were there. amazing If you have a chance to visit, I highly recommend. If you cannot...do not panic..the resort is great and the wedding coordinators are amazing and know what they are doing. All your questions and planning will come together once you check in 3 days prior to your wedding.
  8. We just got back from our site visits. We had 5 planned and after seeing Dreams Tulum, we didn't bother with the others. We told ourselves going down, if we were wowed, and Dreams wowed us. Our coordinator showed us all sites for ceremony and receptions, rain back ups, ideas of things to do. We saw all room categories, and took pics of everything including the map of the resort so folks could see the layout, we took pics of the menus at the restaurants, etc. There were 2 weddings that we saw and took pics of that too so it was nice to SEE what weddings look like and the different opt
  9. Hi Ive also been talking to Best Moments. They have really good rates for hair and makeup. I am a def makeup junky and they KNOW THEIR STUFF I find them very easy to communicate with, quick and knowledgable.
  10. We are doing site visits in August of this year. For us, the Dreams (Tulum) seems to have the best package for everything we want. Also, when doing your research, start to take notice which resorts do weddings, and which SPECIALIZE IN WEDDINGS. There is a huge difference. I noticed that Dreams and Palace (in my opinon) are in the wedding niche. Nice inclusive packages coupled with great incentives and group rates. Good luck all
  11. I agree with all. 1. March is the MOST expensive time to travel and will have the most spring breakers (keep in mind at your wedding venue) 2. Your agent should be hustling with you and/or you should fight harder unless you have already signed your contract 3. We are doing April based solely on the Jan - March crazy prices Good luck
  12. @@catsherred we will be reading your threads for sure....we are looking at April 2016....beach wedding/recpetion I will def be doing the Ultimate as it has everything im looking for. I think we will do Dj and lights on trees the rest, im going package.... it gets dark on the beach, so having tons of "stuff" on the chairs and tables seem not important and will not be seen once sun goes down anyways (im thinking) fun planning! Kim
  13. We are super excited to do our site inspection this August and pick our date. Did any of the brides negotiate room specials/deals? Any tips before we head down in less than 2 months?
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