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  1. cutting more than 100 guests is a lot! good luck! How many of those people are family? one thing to consider is how many you think will actually come. I let my mom invite as many of her friends as she wanted because i figured out of all of them maybe one couple would come and that wouldn't put me over the top. As it turns out none of her friends came and she and my dad hosted a party for us after the wedding in their home town and invited all their friends. It worked out great. You could also consider having a local party somewhere. hope you can figure it out - Tuscany sounds amazing!
  2. I know this post is late - so hopefully it is still helpful to you or someone else. For some reason I had the biggest problem with communication about the cake as well! I would generally say the communication with the planners over email was always hard. Maybe a language barrier issue? But once I got down there everything turned out fine. I had the divine package and 36 guests. I chose not to pay for extra guests for cake slices since the dinner came with dessert as well. We had plenty of cake and the cake was still multiple tiers and was very nice! See pictures below. My MIL made the
  3. I have about 70 coral chair ties for sale. $50 for all and I will cover shipping. Please email me at howard.tracyann@@gmail.com if you are interested.
  4. I have about 70 coral chair ties I would like to sell for $50. If you are interested please email me at howard.tracyann@@gmail.com.
  5. @@breezie If you can I would hire a photograher in your situation given that she isn't sure if she can attend. Then if she is able to attend she can enjoy the wedding an take some photos on her own if she wants. The photographers are definitely busy! The photographer was M&J Photography - check out their website. They also have reviews on this site. The photographers are not keen on everyone sharing their pricing and I can respect that... I will say they were in the middle of the prices I gathered for photographers. Just email Jennifer - she was always very quick to respond and sen
  6. We had the resort photographer take pictures at our rehearsal dinner. We got to see the pictures and pick out our images and book while we were still there. At first I was thinking I should have just stuck with them, because I was seeing it all while I was there. Then I got the photos back from our outside photographer. The difference is amazing! It was so worth the extra money! I'm attempting to attach one of the pictures from our rehearsal from the resort photographer. Here are links to photos from our outside photographer M&J - http://www.mandjphoto.com/now-jade-weddi
  7. I was just there in April. Hair was $79 and make-up $69. If you send me your email I can forward you the price list that someone at the spa sent me. I can also send you my timeline. Honestly - my photographer saved me on that one - she gave me sample timeline that really helped.
  8. @@valleyhart16 - I feel your pain! Don't stress too much about the website - just get the information out there! here is mine - www.weddingwire.com/tracyandkevinswedding. I had much more grandioso ideas, but the tool didn't work exactly how I wanted. My husband finally convinced me to stop fretting and just put it together and I'm glad I did. It will look fine and serve it's purpose! Good luck!
  9. I did the white cake with flowers. My MIL made the cake toppers for us, but they offered to make flowers to match my bouquet flowers to go on it. So yes - you can pick the colors.
  10. Did you guys order a meal for your photographer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. past brides - how did you pick the songs for the guitarist to play? Carla sent me the list but I'm completely unfamiliar with the names of classic music. any good recommendations? i'm having a hard enough time with the songs for the reception!
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Her flight arrives at 10:15am and the wedding is at 5pm. Maybe she'll be ok with the group transportation then. I was just worried she might be annoyed if she spends a lot of time in the shuttle, but from what you are saying its likely not too bad.
  13. Does anyone know how long the shuttle takes to get to the hotel? How many other stops do they make along the way? I have friend coming in day of wedding and I'm wondering if it would be better for her to get private transportation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I remember some talk about people getting insect repellent wipes. Can anyone share where they purchased these? All I'm finding on amazon has deet and I think that's a bit much for this trip. I'd prefer to get deet free wipes. Thanks!
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