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  1. Hello! I am also planning a wedding for AS and haven't make a final commitment yet. Still trying to figure out all the budgets. Your budget sounds awesome! What was the reception price that they gave you per person? Thank you!
  2. @@SweetFire - I LOVE those photos! Are you one of the hotel approved photographers there? If so can you please let me know what your pricing estimates are? Planning a wedding for June of 2015 at AS. So excited!!!
  3. OMG so helpful!!!!!! The AZ prices are confusing. They are the packages but don't list the price per person for the food and cocktails. But this helps 100%!!! Thank you for posting this! Forget what other people may say, You are the Best!!!!
  4. @@pddcmc I have never stayed at their resort before I have stayed at quite a few other in playa. But they were adults only and I have to choose one that is child friendly for my daughter and kids coming to the wedding. @@McGee2Be OMG I love the Azul sensatory! I seriously was considering that one at one point. But what threw me off was whether or not is was adults only? Is it family friendly? Thanks for the info! All you girls are the best!!!
  5. @Rach0636 Your wedding was beautiful!!!! Was the photographer the one that came with the hotel package? I wasn't sure about using the hotel photographer but yours look wonderful! I am still on the fence about choosing a location but Dreams is one of the maybes on the list. Thank you for your review! Tina
  6. Hello McGee Bride! Wow your so lucky you found your place! so what did you end up going with? Your wish list sounds very similar to ours. I really want it to be convenient for all our guest too! I swear I have been thinking about this so much I started dreaming of it too! I actually even contacted a wedding planner (wont name any names) and it was a little disappointing. She just kept pushing doing a private venue and said if we decide to go with a hotel then she basically wouldn't be of much help. kind of depressing. @@pddcmc! OMG! so you guys chose Dreams Riveria Cancun?! Seriously that is till one of my Choices on the list. I love their hotel rooms and wedding venue. Thanks for mentioning the different beaches, I had no idea that was an option. We really like the gazebo that they have but am concerned about the location of it being right next to the pool. The TA that I have is very helpful but I feel like she is always trying to push "Certain" hotels rather than seeing our vision. Im still on the fence though. I really love the xcaret location but not a fan of their beach. Thanks for the help! Tina
  7. Wow Jaquilene! What an amazing wedding that was! Thank you so much for sharing! Have you done any at the Occidential Grand Xcaret? For some reason the Palapa Gazebo keeps calling me! Your photos are very nice!
  8. HerreraNovia


    I feel the same exact way about family NOT being able to come because of their budgets. But this is something my soon to be husband said to me. "In the end it is going to be OUR wedding, and OUR dream...yes we love our family and want them to be there but we should do something together that both of us will love." Aside of having to pay for our parents all the others will have to make the decision on coming. Picking a place has been thus far the hardest part of my planning. Everything else is easier in my opinion. Good luck, im right there with ya!
  9. Hello Everyone!!! Ahhhh I am recently engaged and starting the process of planning. As of right now I already feel overwhelmed! Right now we have 13 months and counting. The hardest thing for both me and my fiancé thus far has been choosing a place. So far this is what we started off with: Barceló Maya Palace - Recommended but after doing research it was not for us Dreams Riviera Cancun - Loved the venue through pictures but we had a concern about the privacy and packages Private Beach Clubs: Blue Venada & Grand Coral: Still Deciding on these Occidental Grand Xcaret - I am currently researching this one and of course I am loving it. Does any have any thoughts on this OGX? I really want an island feel and am in LOVE with the Palapas Gazebo although someone mentioned that is right near the pool area and again the issue about privacy becomes a concern. Not so much for me but for my fiancé. In his words: I really don't want to have a wedding where in the photos are people with speedos and bikinis photo bombing our ceremony! hahahah Cant stop laughing about this comment however it's very true. Any thought anyone?? With open arms and much appreciation...a overstressed bride to be....Tina
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