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  1. I used Caribe and they were great. No complaints, we received the photographs in two days and they did an amazing job.
  2. I used DJ All Music and he was great, the entire night was perfect. He played all the songs we wanted. Its really fun with the balloons and glow sticks, that really started the party! I say YES to him. Good luck in convincing your FI.
  3. I found the link for you for the sheer dimensions and everything else you need. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/72018-official-azul-sensatori-thread/
  4. Thanks! I used DJ AllMusic. I did buy my own sheers, I used the dimensions provided in one of these forums. If you look through you will find it. I liked the DJ option only because I don't have to worry about changing songs on a iPod dock. You are going to love it. I've read horror reviews on here and I was so worried and stressed, but honestly it was the most stress free thing I ever did. Have fun! And feel free to ask me anything. I feel really bad but I don't know his name. I was nervous for using them too but he did a great job. ( I will try to find out what his name is)
  5. I picked the beach area by the peer. It is very secluded. Here are our pictures from April 9, 2014.
  6. Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my wedding experience at the Azul Sensatori on April 9, 2014. The entire wedding planning process for me was good. Yes there were stressful times with family issues. But that comes with any wedding. The wedding co-ordinator I got was Erika from Florida and she was amazing. We arrived April 7, 2014 with a total group of 20 ppl. We had a entire charter bus to ourselves. When we arrived at the resort the Sunwing rep met us and took care of everyones check in individually and everyone was satisfied with the entire process. We (bride and groom)
  7. Well this is some disturbing news…. I'm definitely not going to pay $1000 to set up... Out of all the brides who have been married at the Azul how many of you actually paid over $250 to do the set up?
  8. Hi everyone Just a question about the iPod play list for the ceremony. Can it be on your iPhone if you don't have a iPod? Should the song be a full song or should it be shortened ? Our wedding is April 7, 2014 I'm also wondering what time the sun will set out time for the ceremony is 430pm would that be enough time for pictures after? Thanks ! Oh and also does caribe photography do a good job? I picked them because I didn't want to pay the vendor fee. Has anyone who used them had a good experience? Anyone In particular to ask for?
  9. Hello, Just want to find out if anyone recently had the Surf and Turf dinner option and what did they think? A few months back a girl said it was amazing but then I just read it was terrible. I also wanted two tables of 10 since our group is small. Do you think that will be really tight? Thanks
  10. Its at the Azul Sensatori =) Thank you for the compliment!
  11. Hi Ladies!!! This is my dress, unaltered, April 9, 2014 is the big day!
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