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  1. Hi all any September brides out there I'm getting married on the 10th September really worried about how hot it may be at 4pm we have never been to Mexico before and have a 3 year old don't want it to be very hot at the time of the wedding can anyone help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi ladies not been on for a while due to family reasons hoping I don't have to cancel now for next year due to health :/ I am getting married in September at sensatori I was so pleased with the reviews and the children's stuff. I have gone for the beach location but coming from the UK I cannot bring tons of stuff but hiring stuff is so expensive. I spoke to my wedding co-ordinate I have to have fresh isle roses not allowed silk due to fire hazard. Guests are also not allowed to do any setting up - I wanted my cousin to do a design with the rose petals like a heart at the top of the isle but apparently she's not allowed. There is not a lot of us going 8-10 so I'm really struggling with deco I want it not to look over the top but nice and unique any ideas would be lovely xx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Has anyone used the hairdressers ?? So worried about my hair !!!! [emoji8][emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Amy --- oh I have found out today Thomson give u an extra 5kg baggage for a case to send with wedding stuff in just label it fragile or take in with u. Also bagage allowance is 20kg and we get another extra 3kg I think it is on top of that ... I don't no I hope they don't charge as that's not really fair I could easily get someone to do it for me !!! Hope u can use silk flower petals now too ! I got mine from the burbage one in East Midlands .. I was after a low back fish tail too mine is a viva bride high neck fitted dress if u go on the website u can see a lot what they have in ... But I didn't like mine on the website but it was amazing they have a lovely garland dress and another low back fish tail with a high neck but I was just to short for it lol We picked the sensatori because it's amazing for children
  4. Hiya Amy xx - Awwww we loved the sky wedding and nearly booked it and wish i did sometimes. We have gone for the beach at 4pm (hope its not to hot). I nearly did get a decor package but its not worth it as we are a small party. I have found loads of alternatives though to theirs. I am just going to get the material there as i just cant be bothered to take it and get some here !! haha. I nearly went for the rose petal isle but at $110 its not worth it when apps like Etsy ( ITS THE BEST) you can get 1000 silk rose petals for £10. I really didnt like the tropical boquet you get free and am going to bring my own small silk bouquet from the UK as i can keep it forever. (really easy to make) Thomson dont reall get involved - with the wedding they give you your co-ordinators details mine is Marta and she is really helpful. If you go on www.weddingsbylomastravel.com that has all the memorable moments packages and other optional extras. I am hoping to get the WEBCAST so my family at home can still be apart of it. I keep going through the private receptions - They at min have 16 guests we like the sound of the White Glove cocktail party and for 16ppl it is around $240. for a 2 hour reception. Have u started planning yet ?? - Dress shopping was the worst for me as i wanted a low back dress but struggled to find any and randomly just went to Eastmidlands wedding dress outlet and found a beautiful one quite cheap which i should be able to bare with in the heat (although it has a high neck) It is $250 for table decor alot of it is over priced expecially centrepieces ! and napkin rings!!. I think we are just going to go for material is $100 per sheet and the large hanging flowers are $70 each but they are amazing!! You can get bows for chairs at $4 each. I have gone with caribe photo i think the 2 hour package as its not fair to my 3 year old. and you get the pictures at the resort a few days after the other approved photographer by the hotel sends them 6-8 weeks after x Hope this helps xx
  5. Hi all - Im wondering if there is any brides on here getting married near me at the Azul Sensatori Resort I am travelling for 2 weeks on the 3rd September till the 17th September Getting married on the 10th September Have never been to mexico before Getting really stressed with planning the wedding
  6. ANY BRIDES GETTING MARRIED SEPTEMBER 2014 at Azul sensatori resort Mexico???????????? Would love to hear brides experiences as we are travelling from the UK and have no idea what to expect there is only a small party of 10 of us going and im getting so stressed with planning Would love TIPS _ CONS I have booked my wedding at 4pm hoping it wont be too hot but have never been to mexico before. I do not know what decor to do and might bring some from home if this is allowed ?? Has anyone had a reception on a boat as we want to get out or abit for our reception maybe higher a sunset cruise RECOMMENDATIONS ?? Its a bit of a nightmare because all private events charge for min 16 people and their is only 8 adults and 2 children of us. I was going to get one of the decor packages but it is for 23-26people and is unable to be discounted or changed around abit to accomdate a smaller party. My email is also - spadepalomino@hotmail.com if anyone wants to email me Thanks in advance Jade xxxxx
  7. Thankyou will def look in to that x I never thought about when to get the photographs done !!! Thankyou
  8. Congratulations to all the BRIDES TO BE out there - I no im super excited!!!! So good luck everyone for the futrue and hope u all have the wedding's of your dreams I was wondering what times have people chosen for their wedding's, I have asked for around 4pm thinking it might be a little cooler & it gives us the whole day to plan and get ready.
  9. This is BRILLIANT I booked through Thomson and we are coming from the UK - IN the wedding book it says you can have a beach picnic is that the one on the pictures ?? Also - thankyou especially for the photographers as i have been really worrying about picking etcc.. So will have a further look in to these. Thankyou so much xxx
  10. Hiya, all my wedding party went with the basic (suite) rooms in the family area as these are bigger and we have children - I wanted to upgrade to Premium but there is no avialabitly for my dates. We have booekd 4 rooms at the moment and they inter connect which I thought was brilliant for getting ready on the day ... Also there is a Bridal suite in the Spa if you want to get ready there but im not sure on the costing etc... CONGRATULATIONS AND HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL
  11. BOOKED FOR SEPT 2014 Hi everyone we have just booked our wedding and would love any advice on extras and reception ideas. We have all never been to mexico before and scared leaving my planning to somebody else. Its only a small wedding so instead of the 'spoons' restaurant we want to arrange something a little more special any ideas ?/ I no in the book it mentions something about a beach picnic is there any other options ideas etc.. ?? My mum wondered if there was a boat hire for the evening or something ?? We have gone for a 4 pm wedding thinking that would be a good time as we have all the morning to sort stuff out ? I am waiting for the wedding co-oridinator to get in touch I no there is a few extras that people can get like photos make up hair and decor etcc.. (I'm guessing the prices with them will be hugggggeee !! ) any recommendations ??? Any other advice or ideas would be brilliant thank-you way in advance Would love to hear how other Brides have gotten on and how you all made your day your own xxx
  12. Hiya everyone, I have just booked my wedding at Sensatori for Sept 2014. I am waiting for confirmation and extras coming through with the wedding co-ordinator and thomson but i think the prices are going to be very high. Does anyone recommend other people instead of going through the hotel to be cheaper? It is a small wedding looking for ideas for reception as we don't want to go to the normal 'spoons' restaurant and prefer something a little more special. My mum had an idea of hiring out a boat can this be done i'm not sure as none of us have ever been to mexico. We have booked hopefully booked the wedding for around 4pm is that a good time ? Regards to everyone in advance Jade McNally