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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by bridemoonpalace This really great info! We keep coming up with items we didn't include in our initial budget. I'm going to use your numbers as guide and a checklist to make sure we didn't forget anything else! Thanks for posting! Happy to help! Good luck and let me know if there's anything I can do to help! xoxo
  2. Hi everyone, Since there seem to be some new brides, I wanted to link to my budget and planning post. One of my biggest frustrations while planning was trying to figure out how much everything would cost.Please feel free to check it out here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86529/budget-and-planning-thread-azul-sensatori#post_1914515 I recently added pictures from the wedding too! Feel free to contact me with questions! It WILL be a great day and Azul Sensatori does an amazing job. xoxo Ashlee
  3. One of the ways we saved some money was by not using flowers at the reception. (And the resort messed up on the flowers for me and my MOH, so we got a refund for that too.) No one noticed or every said a thing. I love flowers and completely understand if they are an important item to you. But, for those of you trying to figure out where to save, flowers and centerpieces are an option. Enough lights are included with the outdoor location area that minimal table lighting is needed. We used 1 hurricane lamp at each table with a starfish as the table number. We got two hanging corsages for the ceremony, but they weren't needed. The staff, without prompting, brought them over the to reception and placed them on the seating card table for added decoration. Also, the table runner you see on the seating card table was provided in-kind by the resort staff who set up the reception site. We neither brought it nor asked for it. These are just two examples of how the staff will go out of their way for you to make it a great event. And yes, at one point my new husband decided to throw me in the water..in my wedding dress. Here are some wedding photos from Sam Hurd Photography. Some photos from the second shooter, Doug Pettway, are here: http://www.douglaspettway.com/a-cancun-destination-wedding/ Please let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Here are some sneak previews from our second shooter/assistant photographer: Doug Pettway from Douglas Pettway photography: http://www.douglaspettway.com/a-cancun-destination-wedding/ Doug was amazing to work with and one of the sweetest people I've ever met. We'd highly recommend him!!!
  5. Hi everyone! This may be more helpful to new brides just getting started in the planning process, but I've started a thread that includes my cost breakdowns. When I was planning, I really struggled to set a budget since all costs seem to vary. Please keep in mind that my expenses were fairly high for two reasons: 1. We had 104 people travel to Mexico with us. 2. I included every single cost that had anything to do with the wedding in my budget. I'll include more information once I have pictures to go along with it. Until then, if you have questions, please let me know. Otherwise, here's the thread: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/86529/budget-and-planning-thread-azul-sensatori Hope it helps
  6. Hi april9639. I got married May 27th and fretted a lot about cash and tipping. I did not tip the event staff the night of the wedding since that was specifically stated to be included in my package price. I did tip the two wedding coordinators Janet ($20) and Antonio ($10) though. My bridal party and I (4 of us in total) got our make-up done at the spa, and I tipped each lady $5. They did a beautiful job, and were very, very kind. I wish I would have tipped more, but I was almost out of cash at this point. My husband and I also got massages at the spa, and since they were the best massages of our life, we tipped each masseuse $20. Also if it helps, we left $20 for our room attendant at the end of the week, and paid about $100 in tips to bartenders and food servers throughout the week at the pool bars and restaurants. Certainly do what feels right to you. Hope this helps
  7. Vendor list: Wedding Resort: Azul Sensatori Honeymoon Resort: El Dorado Maroma Photographer: Sam Hurd (Sam Hurd Photography). Amazing, amazing, amazing. Pictures to come. Sam brought Doug Pettway as his second-shooter Dress: The Sample Rack The ladies were very nice and genuinely excited to help me shop. They did push the sale a little bit, but that's their job. I bought a dress by Sincerity. Dress Alterations: Nilah and Co. Nilah is one of the least friendly people I've ever met. She will not give you the warm fuzzies. HOWEVER, I think she did a nice job, and I've been told her prices were very reasonable (?I find all alteration prices to be completely unreasonable, so this may be a personal preference). She is in the Philadelphia area. Groom's Suit: Nordstrom Rings: Drue Sanders MOH Gifts: Essie nail polishes Groomsmen gifts: Sunglasses in yellow, clear and color-blocked Officiant gift: Map cuff-links by Kathylorockskeepsakes She was very quick, though she did forget to send me the proof of the cufflinks before she actually made them and sent them to me. Make sure you're clear on your communications with her. Stationery: All invitations, menus, programs, thank you, and door hangers were from Vistaprint. We made specialty cards for our families through a GREATVendor,Holly Coy of Heart and Hope Designs. Ceremony and Reception Decor and Flowers: Weddings by Lomas. Very expensive, but more convenient for my needs. I wanted very simple and basic. DJ: DJ Doremixx. Our party RAVED about him. Definitely worth the outside vendor fee. Favors and Seating Cards: We bought customized mugs from Factory21. The vendor was amazing to work with, but the mugs ended up being kind of crappy. The ink design ran so by the end of the week, all of the mugs were just plain white. We also bought starfish bottle openers from Favor Warehouse. We also used them for our seashell seating cards. Hair: Danita from Sugar House Salon and Spa Makeup: Azul Sensatori Spa. The ladies were WONDERFUL. We got massages there too and they were the best I've ever had (Augustin and Miriam).
  8. Hi Brides-to-be! One of my biggest frustrations when planning a destination wedding was that I had no idea how much things cost, or would cost, so I felt like I couldn't set a budget. Therefore, I am posting what we ended up spending in hopes that it helps some future Brides. Our priority areas were photography and music. I'm sure I've included more information than you will ever need, or you may ever include in your wedding budget, but I want to be as helpful as possible. For example, we got legally married in the states before we went to Mexico. While small, there were fees associated with that (and a small celebration after-- which I included in our wedding budget). Additionally, we had a "spa day" before heading to Mexico where I got my nails done and a wax and my husband got his hair cut. While to some people these are "every day" costs, I included them in our wedding budget breakdown because they were out of the norm for us. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. I will also include planning details as soon as I get pictures back from the photographer. And to those of you who think sharing money information is in poor-form, I ask that you please keep your negative comments to yourself. The one thing I wanted when I was planning was a budget breakdown, so I am just trying to help other brides who feel similarly. Your respect and kindness is appreciated. Category (All prices based on 104 people including bride and groom, DJ, Photographers, with 1 infant and 3 children) Price Paid Airfare (PHL-CUN) $1240 Checked Bags (checked 3 on the way down, 1 on the way back) $100 Taxi Cab (to and from airport in PHL) $70 Hotel Room (bride and groom stay free promotion) $0 Photographer $3500 Engagement Photos (photographer fee included above. This is for make up, cabs to locations, and flowers) $69 Legal Wedding Celebration (dinner and a night out) $172 Officiant Fee (ceremony was performed by a friend for free, but we got him a thank you gift) $50 Marriage License $80 Bridal Shower thank you gifts (for my hosts) $114.48 Bachelor Party $924 Bachelorette Party $70 Dress $600 Dress Accessories $83 Dress Alterations $375 Pre-wedding Spa Day $218 Groom's Suit $600 Rings $1005 Maid of Honor Thank Yous $47 Mexico Officiant Thank Yous (my brother) $52.50 Groomsmen gifts $17 Stationary (invites, thank yous. My invitations had to be re-done, so most brides should be able to do this for much less) $529 Postage (my mom paid for postage on the invites-- this postage covered all the Thank Yous) $59.50 Wedding Package (Pearl) $950 Venue (Beach Gazebo) $0 Food ($26/person dinner option (100 people+3 children+1 infant+ DJ+20% private party discount) Included table clothes, chairs, dinnerware and gratuity. $2100.8 Ceremony Decorations (two large corsages, all-white flowers. The resort provided the white sheers for free because they had been left up from a previous wedding) $140 Centerpieces from Lomas (13 table hurricane lamps, $10 each) $130 Dance floor (this was an entirely unnecessary expense) $500 Wedding set-up fee (Free because we only had table numbers and seating cards, which the resort does not provide) $0 DJ Doremixx ($800 outside vendor fee+$800 for DJ+$4 Western Union charge) $1604 Bouquets (charged $85, $20 for me and $65 for my MOH. Ended up getting for free because they messed up the flower order) $0 Favors and Seating Cards (my mom maid the table numbers, so those costs are not included) $429.89 Programs, Do Not Disturb Door hangers, and Menus $72.83 Hair (my aunt did the bridal party's hair for free) $0 Makeup for Bridal Party (4 people) at resort ($314.54+$20 tip) $334.54 Hotel Room Gratuities $20 Other Gratuities (Wedding Coordinators ($30); Massages ($40); tips to hotel staff ($70) $140 TOTAL $16,397.24 NOT included in this budget: 1. Our welcome reception. Since we used our "Free" wedding reception as our rehearsal dinner with family, my mother-in-law covered the cost of the welcome cocktail hour. 2. Invitation postage and Table numbers. My mother covered these costs for us. 3. Transportation to and from the Cancun airport to our hotel was included in our room package. If you think I've missed something or have questions, please let me know.
  9. Hi all! Does anyone know how the Beach BBQ works? Is it a buffet or do the guests get served? I'm working on our menus and wasn't sure if I needed to provide instructions (e.g. Go grab your food whenever you're ready!). Thanks for your help!
  10. For the Beach BBQ--Is this set up like a buffet and guests serve themselves? I'm working on the Menu cards and wondering if I need to provide instructions/a description or if just list what's being served is enough. Thanks for your input!
  11. Hi Bubblez, The quote for a smores bonfire I got was $16/person (from my wedding coordinator, Erika). Hope that helps!
  12. Hi bubblez, The quote I got for a smores bonfire from my Wedding Coordinator (Erika) was $16/person. Hope that helps!
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