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  1. Thank you for her info. I have booked her for my wedding June 8th! Very reasonable!
  2. I love #5!!! Its so easy to get tied up into all of the little stuff!!!
  3. @@Smellsey, what do you do on a Catamaran? We are looking at doing a fishing trip.
  4. Same here, Anyone have any luck? I will be getting married in June.
  5. Hello Brides! I am looking to see if anyone has a template for the Thank You Letter/Cards that everyone is placing at the dinner setting. If you would love to share yours with me, Send me a message and I would greatly appreciate it. I am not very creative. I dont have a picture but they start off as "Thank You to our Friends and Family" Please Help. Thank You!
  6. Thank You very much for your referral. There work is beautiful! I will be contacting them.
  7. Hello, I will be getting married June 10, 2015 at the Sandos Playacar Resort in Playa del Carmen. I am on a tight budget...(arnt we all) lol. I am looking at spending no more than $2000.00. Please let me know if you can help! Thank You! Mary
  8. Hello! Would you send me the link to your website? I would like some information. Thank You!
  9. Anyone have any checklist that I can use to plan my destination wedding? I have already booked my resort however I want to double check that I do not forget anything. Thank in Advance!
  10. Great pics! Do you know if resort fees had to be paid for you guys to be the photographers?
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