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  1. Did anyone do a private beach reception at the Palapa hut? If so can you share your experience as well as your photos? Thanks
  2. From the email I received from Lupita it sounds like the food and drinks were included in the Turquoise Breeze package for 30 people. Dont quote me on that but that was my understanding from her. We still have a list of questions for her about the entire reception portion but we felt confident enough to move forward.
  3. Yeah we have only heard good things about the resort for the most part. The WC has been very quick with response to questions that we have had. We just booked the wedding day!
  4. Well we are all booked for May 2, 2015, hopefully everything works out!
  5. @@aborgesbride Do you have any infromation on the private beach dinner that is included with the Turquoise Breeze package? Pictures would be helpful if anyone has them.
  6. Does anyone have any information on an outside private reception? That would be helpful. Thanks!
  7. Is there anyone out there looking into getting married at the Sandos Playacar. My fiance and I are interested in this location and are just wondering about others experience with planning.
  8. I have simliar questions to Cecilia. Trying to get a feel for a reception at the Royal Palapa, but would love some additional information on that. Thanks!
  9. Do you have any pictures? We are trying to get a feel for the terrace reception area. Thanks!
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