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  1. @@MoBay Sorry for the delay. Yes, the fans are still available.
  2. @@angelabridecancun Check to see if Beso Brides (formally Yucatan hair) would be available. Michael and Martina are amazing! Their prices are great too.
  3. @@racht33 Unfortunately I am not finding the same exact fans anymore. I bought them on ebay and it doesn't look like the seller has anymore. It would be cute to do half and half ( a different color perhaps). I bought 20 fans because at the time, I thought that would be plenty for my small wedding. Several more people RSVPed and we had about 32 people total. Only one fan was used. So glad I chose not to rent parasols a few days before. I think everyone had gotten used to the heat by the time the wedding rolled around.
  4. The hand fans are silk with bamboo handles! Happy to combine shipping or offer a discount for buying multiple items!
  5. I am selling the leftover wedding decor. Prices do not include shipping. If you are located in Chicago or NE Florida, I would be happy to arrange a time to meet in person so you won't have to pay shipping! 25 white chair sashes- $20 White paper and wooden hand fans (these were leftover and never used)-$16 for lot of 19 6 white flower candles & 3 silver flower candles-$7 17 bubbles with yellow and blue ribbon-$2 Bride to Be Sash (new)-$4 Burlap 1 new roll of 15 ft-$8 1 roll cut-$4 $10 for both Ribbon Thin Ivory Lace-about 5.5 yrds Blue ribbon-12 in wide Lace- 2.5ft New floral tape $8 for the lot
  6. I've contacted quite a few venders in the Cancun area. Most won't offer suggestions just want to charge travel fees. we are getting married at a very small hotel and they don't know of any musicians. Perhaps someone who has had a wedding in Tulum with a live musician can help. Paying for travel from Tulum would be more reasonable!
  7. Not sure what happened. I thought I already replied.... @@veryvalentine Yep, mine is also June 20th! How cool! @@vancouverpetunia As of right now the guest is coming solo. He had asked multiple times via text (before I posted this) and I just told things had been finalized and there weren't any more seats but I would let him know if anything worked out in favor of an additional guest. We are currently working on getting another table but I haven't heard back from the venue yet. Given the proximity to the wedding, not sure if the other person will be able to make it but we will see.
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions for a live musician in the Riviera Maya/Costa Maya areas? I have searched the venders list and most of that is for DJs in the Cancun area. I would like someone to play live music for about 2 hours or so during my wedding cocktail hour and for dinner. Classical guitar, flamenco, harpist, jazz anything really. I am having a very hard time finding someone.
  9. @@veryvalentine We are date twins and getting married within a few hours drive of each other. How funny! I also had a few people who were in limbo too for a while. I think they were waiting for cheap tickets. @@MrsCtoB Thanks for your input. I think I will suggest he can bring the friend. I like how it was worded and you're right about most people not knowing the work that goes into a DW. How crazy about the dress code thing. Haha!
  10. @nadiakat17@beckys98@vancouverpetunia Thanks everyone! I guess I am just super annoyed that he couldn't have asked to bring someone months ago. I probably would have been more lenient to say of course. He sent two text messages last night because I didn't directly answer his plus one question. He could never give me a yes or no so we had assumed he was a NO and just didn't want to "hurt our feelings" by saying he couldn't come. I told him I would talk to the venue but at this point things are settled and there is just not enough room at the tables. I will suggest the friend can come but will have to sit out on the events. Akward! And Beckys98, that is so frustrating! I made a very detailed website and got compliments from the two couple friends who are married. No bride has time to answer a million questions that we worked hard on writing down months before the big day! People just don't read I guess:)
  11. I am having a small and intimate destination wedding in a few weeks. Only close very friends and immediate family (plus my grandmother) are attending. I made the rsvp deadline 7 weeks before the date because most of our guests had already booked tickets or I knew were coming. I was just waiting on a few friends to let us know if they could make it. I wanted to get things squared away with the venue with plenty of time and not be stressed a few weeks out. We’ve been pretty laid back thus far. FI and I wanted this to be a fun and relaxing event which has become a big headache because planning from afar is never easy. FYI, we aren’t doing the event at a resort (so everything has to be figured out separately) and actually this venue has never really done a wedding before. The owner is a friend of the family. Anyways, FI's friend who we invited solo has been back and forth with whether he's going or not for weeks. I called him a few days after the rsvp date passed and asked if he could make it so I could help arrange for him to be on the shuttle so he didn’t have to rent a car. He said he couldn’t tell me no or yes. Just last night he decides 3.5 weeks before the wedding he is coming and booking tickets. A few hours later and we get a text to asking to bring a plus one. Not someone he is dating just a random friend. FI and I were already trying to get more tables because I don’t think there will be enough for our 25-guest list (this was without him coming). Headcount has been set for both the dinner the night before and the reception and I was planning on sending the venue the monies today! I understand the etiquette of DW for plus ones and get that. It does make it easier for guests to share the cost with someone. We have a few guests coming solo (some with partners and some who are single.) I am just annoyed this is happening with a few weeks to spare. Of course...this guest is also asking about dress code because he never read the website. I so wish FI would have agreed to my request to just elope. Would have saved everyone money, stress and time!
  12. I bought these for my destination wedding as favors for my welcome bags. I just don't have enough room to pack them as I am trying to minimize space. Kate Aspen Silver Airplane Luggage tags Lot of 12 Asking $20 plus shipping. Please message me for a shipping estimate. If you are located in Chicago, I would be happy to meet within the city.
  13. I will be getting married this June in Mahahual about 4 hours from Playa Del Carmen. I have been searching high and low for a professional who can do airbrush makeup and possibly hair. Everyone I have found is from Playa which means there are extra travel costs. Does anyone know of a makeup artist in Tulum or Chetamal?
  14. I am planning a small wedding June 2015 in Mahahual. I would like to get airbrush makeup after reading so many great reviews of it lasting in the humidity. My fiance and I are also considering hiring a DJ and a classical guitarist or other musician or trio (we would prefer not to have a band). Any suggestions for the area? Our budget doesn't really allow for venders from Cancan and Playa Del Carmen because most of them require a travel and accommodations fee.
  15. How much would you like for the bags? Would you be willing to sell 35 of the napkins? My wedding will be on the smaller side.
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