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    November 07, 2014
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    Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  1. MontegoBayBridePA

    Looking For Jamaica Wedding Photographer

    We decided on Misha Earle. Her website looks nice and we've heard nothing but good things about her (she pays vendor fee as well). We will see! Wedding is so soon.
  2. MontegoBayBridePA

    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    We are getting the violinist. Can you feel the love tonight from lion king actually sounds amazing on the violin. I love Disney so it seems like a good fit. I also want them to play a 1000 years by Christina perri. I want marry you bruno mars for recessional. Are the Disney songs dumb?
  3. MontegoBayBridePA

    Suggestions on Make up artist in Jamaica?

    @@MontegoBayBridePA We're getting married on the same day, just different locations! Aww so exciting! It's coming up so soon!!
  4. Yea I wouldn't take an individual pill laying around. The pepto bismols are wrapped individually though. I bought tylenol and advil individual packets in bulk on amazon.
  5. MontegoBayBridePA

    Post your cake topper!

    such cute cake toppers!
  6. MontegoBayBridePA

    Arch/gazebo Decor?

    I think that's what we are doing as well. If I can get the florist to answer any of my emails I may add a floral piece to it.
  7. if you go to tablelinensdirect.com I think they have cheap table runners and chair ties. I haven't tried the site yet so I don't know how good they are for sure.
  8. MontegoBayBridePA

    Place card holder ideas

    I love love love the votive candle idea. I just don't think its possible to pack 60 votive candles to Jamaica though
  9. MontegoBayBridePA

    Color Coral

    my bridesmaids are going to be coral and gold but my dress has a silver belt. Is this okay? I still haven't bought the belt yet so it's not too late.
  10. MontegoBayBridePA

    Seashell bouquets

    I ordered half fake roses and some shells for the BMS and bouts. Still debating on if I should use real flowers for myself or not.
  11. MontegoBayBridePA

    Picture of my Place Cards

    I really like the luggage tag idea! Thanks for the beautiful pictures
  12. MontegoBayBridePA

    reception table set-up pic's

    love the umbrella place cards! and the beach balls! Thanks for the great ideas
  13. MontegoBayBridePA

    My Real Touch Flowers

    wish I could see, don't have 150 posts yet I ordered fake roses and seashells bouquets for my bridesmaids and bouts. I still haven't decided what my bouquet will consist of because I too am having trouble contacting the vendor
  14. MontegoBayBridePA

    Moon Dance Cliffs 2014

    This makes me feel better about Tai Flora. I have emailed them and never gotten responses. I guess call in them is the way to go. I'll have to give it a try.