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  1. I used Sarah Garnier for mine. This is her website: http://sarahgarnier.com/ She does airbrush makeup and hair. And she's from Paris, so I must say I felt very safe in her hands knowing she had a keen sense of style and that I wouldn't turn out looking like a drag queen. Super amazing!
  2. Ordered the fabric on fabric.com and had them made according to specific measurements and a design I created. Really simple and easy to do. And affordable.
  3. The prices were reasonable given the costs of real flowers in Playa. Overall when I broke down the cost benefit of real touch vs. real flowers here is what I found: 1. the prices for flowers in Playa were expensive for what I wanted 2. I was constantly emailing the florist back and forth with pictures of what I wanted, without any real guarantee (a picture or demonstration) that my flowers would look the way I wanted 3. All of that constant emailing became too much of a chore + the prices would keep changing (very typical of dealing with wedding vendors in Mexico) 4. Angel Accents were super professional (prices were fixed, able to negotiate what I wanted, timing of shipment was guaranteed, ect.) I know there were other real touch florists out there, however I think that after dealing with Angel's, I would highly reccommend them over another vendor. If you have any questions please message me!
  4. It wasn't too difficult because I had my heart set on what I wanted and was able to bring 2 extra suitcases down with me to Mexico. What I did was buy large tupper-ware like plastic containers, and put the flowers inside so they wouldn't get squished. Then I put the containers in big suitcases. To be honest, I had a really hard time dealing with the florists down in Playa. They were either charging ridiculous amounts (even more than what I was charged flowers in London), or were not very open to making sample floral arrangements and I would be stuck with flowers having no idea how they would turn out. Angel's Accents was so easy and staightforward to work with, it made up for the hassel of constant emails back and forth between a florist in Playa who kept haggling me and not giving me straightforward prices or answers to my questions. My real touch flowers were by far one of the best decisions I made for my wedding! And you can re-use or resell afterwards!
  5. Hi all. I am selling 7 table runners that can be used on round 60 inch 8-person tables or over a rectangular table. I had them specially made for my wedding form a "Richloom" print fabric. The fabric is a poly blend that is used for outdoor patio furniture or as upholstery- so pretty durable. Here is a link to the picture of the tables runners (first pic): http://antnjess.wordpress.com/flowers/ Please message me if you are interested, or if you have any questions. They can be shipped from Minnesota in September.
  6. Hello future brides! I am selling my real touch flowers from my recent wedding in Playa del Carmen. Just so you know- I got these flowers from a company called Angel's Accents: http://www.angelsaccents.com/ They are by far the best quality real touch flowers I've seen (I know two other brides who used Angels for their weddings.) So if you don't like mine and want to design your own- totally use Angels! I am selling: 1 Bride's bouquet 3 Bridesmaid bouquets 12 pew decorations 2 alter/ reception decorations Here is a link to some pics of my flowers: http://antnjess.wordpress.com/flowers/ I will be shipping them from Minnesota between September 20-30th (I am living in London at the moment, but will be back in MN and will bring them with me to sell.) If you are interested please message me. And if you have any questions about Angel's Accents- I would be more than happy to give advice! -Jessica
  7. Sorry for the delay. I used Angel's Accents. They are super easy to work with. I am actually selling mine if anyone is interested and will ship them from Minnesota after September 30th. I know 2 other brides who worked with Angels and they are great! http://www.angelsaccents.com/ Here is a link to pics of the flowers again: http://antnjess.wordpress.com/flowers/ If anyone is interested- I have the following available for sale: 3 bridesmaid bouquets 1 bridal bouquet 12 pew decorations 2 church alter (or reception) decorations
  8. Hello all! I just wanted to share pictures of my real touch flowers that I'm bringing to my wedding. I nearly fainted when I saw the pictures- they look so gorgeous and so much better than I imagined!!!! I am using real orchids for my centerpieces but decided to do real touch for my bouquets and church decor because I was having a really hard time communicating with the florists in Playa Del Carmen (and I speak fluent Spanish.) Also the prices they were charging me were a bit ridiculous. So I finally decided to take this matter into my own hands and do real touch instead. I can honestly say this is the BEST decision I've made for my wedding. I got exactly what I wanted, the vendor was super organized and easy to work with. I even had a chance to speak with her on the phone and didn't have to deal with constant haggling for prices (something I must admit I got REALLY tired of doing with Mexican vendors....imagine me calling in my GRINGO English and getting one quote, then my Mexican mother calling with her Mexican Spanish accent and getting things for 20-30% cheaper! So frustrating.) Anyways- here are the pics. Super excited for my wedding day now!!! PS (Just getting green leaves removed from Bridal Bouquet)
  9. Hi ladies. I'm a bride that is getting married this May 2014 in Playa. I am doing the reception at Kool beach club, but did a little bit of research prior on some resorts and other locations. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! I was totally lost at first, and there was A LOT I didn't know when I started out the planning process in terms of budget, ect. Good luck and happy planning!
  10. Hi, I just saw your post. I am planning my wedding for May 2014 and have pricing info. for both Grand Coral and Kool. And I'm also doing a Catholic ceremony. If you have any questions- just PM- or send me an email at root.jessica@gmail.com I know that planning from a distance (and doing a non-inclusive option) can be stressful- so more than willing to help out! Jessica
  11. Hello All. I have been digging around this forum and looking for price and rental details for the Grand Coral Beach Club in Playa Del Carmen. I am thinking of having my wedding reception here but have not found anything in terms of pricing for food, renting out the venue, ect. Could any GCBC brides PM me with info? Much appreciated!
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