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  1. Hi Everyone - Just curious to know how far in advance did you send Save the Dates...and did you try to get an idea of how many people would be going soon after the save the dates??? Trying to see what would be the best way to get a count before sending formal invites since invites go out about 6 mos in advance but I don't want to wait until 6 mos prior to know final #s Any tips would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  2. @@JenniferRose Hi there - which DJ are you using? I'm looking to get married July 2015 @Prozak2015 Hi there - which DJ are you using? I'm looking to get married July 2015
  3. @@Kristina Simms Great review!!!! Did you go visit NowLarimar a few months before the wedding or was the wedding week your first time there??? My fiance and I have selected NowLarimar for 2015 wedding and right now working on locking the date in before telling our guests to start putting deposits down...so excited!! We are also interested in the Fountain Area and then a reception on the beach....
  4. Hi Dream La Romana Brides! Hope your planning is going well. I just started doing research on wedding venues and looking at the Dreams La Romana. What made you ladies choose this resort over all the other ones on the island? I've see the pics and they are indeed gorgeous but it's nice to know why people make their choice. I'm looking to get married July 2015. Thank you!
  5. Hi Ladies - so glad to have found this forum...I'm currently looking at various resorts in DR and was mostly looking at Punta Cana but then I also looked at La Romana and so far I like what I see at Dreams La Romana. Just wondering if some of you can let me know what made you choose Dreams La Romana over all the other options. Thank you!!
  6. @@Sagesma @@tricia-m Thank you so much for your feedback!!! Does Barcelo provide packages where the tables and chairs are already decorated or are you ladies bringing your own decor? I've been looking at the Hard Rock packages and I like that everything is decorated which would save me time as I'm not really crazy about spending time picking a vendor for decor...any thoughts would be appreciated. However I do know Hard Rock would be much more expensive for our guests....tough choice!!! Thanks again!
  7. Hi fellow Brides, I'm pretty new on this forum and still deciding on resorts...just curious what made you all choose Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe over all the other Punta Cana resorts. THanks!
  8. Hi Ladies! Hope all is well...I am new to this website and this forum....I got engaged over the holidays and looking to get married in summer of 2015 (no date set yet). We are coming from NY. Would either of you be able to recommend a travel agent? We love what we have read and seen about HRPC but our main concern is how much our guests would have to pay to stay at HRPC....some friends that were looking to get married in Punta Cana last year said they didn't choose HRPC b/c it was like 400 to 500 per night for the guests...is that true??? If you can private message me the Travel
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