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  1. Yeah I really hope they have something of your liking. Many girls have gotten wonderful gowns from them, it's surprising that their quality went down. Maybe it's certain kinds of dresses that they don't make well such as embellish and rhyme stones etc. I really hope they don't screw mine up too. Good luck!
  2. I see, hard to tell from my computer but now that you point it out I see what you mean. I am waiting for pictures for mine. They don't want to send me any until the dress is "done". I told them not to send the dress unless I ok the pictures. After what happened to you, I want to be careful. What are you planning on doing now?
  3. @amarylka the dress looks so much better now, they picked up the ball when fixing it. The top on the first try was too puffy and weird but it looks great now. Do you like it?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lalalal1z Ladies, We just came back from our wedding stay at BBPD. Let me tell you. THE BEST WEDDING EVER. Literally, almost every person that came (we had 43 people), said it was the best wedding that they have ever been to. The photographer. AMAZING. We used Tropical Pictures. The whole stay was absolutely amazing and I wish I could do it all over again. I will say, I was wicked nervous before we left, only because, it's a horrible feeling only talking to the WC through email, but we met with Arise the day after we got to BBPD. We finalized everything that day. Easy. Took an hour at the most. Cake decision. Boom. Photography decision. Boom. Food. Boom. We added the cocktail hour, amazing. It was well worth the money, and we had it right on the beach where we got married. Arise really takes all of the worry off of your shoulders. She really is amazing, and we had absolutely NO issue at all. The only MINOR hiccup was that the judge that married us was a half hour late, which wasn't even a big deal at all, and they just moved the reception time back, so it wasn't affected at all. The professional photos came out AMAZING as well, we had Micelia. Couldn't have asked for a better photographer. I'll post pictures asap, or I can email them to you. And if you want to email me for anything my email is lizabethcaputo@gmail.com There were 3 weddings happening at the same day/same time ish, and you would NOT EVEN KNOW. They take you on the trolley from the ceremony to the reception area. We all WOOOO'd whenever we saw people. Awesome ride. The food, really good. We got the tomato and goat cheese salad, awesome! The main course was the chicken, I didn't like it too much, but I don't like chicken on the bone. Other people loved it. We got the creme brulee, along with the cake. BOTH AMAZING. For the cake, we got 3 tiers all different kinds. The first layer we got vanilla cake with strawberry filling, second, vanilla with pineapple filling, and the top was the vanilla with guava filling. ALL AMAZING. The ONLY thing I could say bad about this place is that when we were trying to check out, there was confusion about us paying for the wedding. We paid for it a week before we left the resort at the front desk (they actually charge everything to your room, so you have to pay for it there and not at the wedding department). When we were checking out, they said that money wasn't applied to our room yet, even though we had a receipt. So our only wish is that there was better communication with that kind of stuff. Other than that, it was the best time of our lives and we would definitely recommend this resort. So, ladies. Do NOT WORRY AT ALL. It WILL be the best day of your life. Aww thank you for the reassurance! I am glad you had a great wedding and all went smooth :-) Hope to see your pictures soon Congratulations!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SuffolkBride PS I'd love feedback on what you think of using the straps and belt, neither, both or either! By the way, your silhouette looks amazing in this dress! I like it without the straps. and the belt gives it a little extra something so I like it. You look fabulous!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SweetheartAggie I did it! I finally ordered my dress from BabyOnline. Sunny has been so great to work with and very responsive. I washing to order the Inbal dress but after trying on a similar dress - it's not the right style for me... I need more support in the front due to having a large chest. I found a Pnina custom dress I LOVED so I'm jumping the gun and ordering it. What do you think?!?! I'm actually really excited. Instead of pinks I requested shades of ivory & creams. This dress is gorgeous! as you say you are big breasted, this will look great on that kind of body!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SuffolkBride It came it came it came!! I'm overwhelmed by how lovely it is! I don't have any pics of it on me yet (and won't for a few days), and have hardly had a chance to look at it properly but from the light speed try on I did the workmanship is awesome and design is beautiful! For anyone who doesn't want to scroll back through the thread, my dress is a modified version of Kitty Chen Ruby ordered from DressilyMe. Here is the DM link http://www.dressilyme.com/p-stunning-satin-tulle-a-line-bateau-neckline-natural-waistline-wedding-dress-38078.html I asked for a sweetheart neckline, laceup back, detachable straps, detachable belt and a longer train. Here are a couple of pics of details until I can get some proper pics : This is the belt and detachable straps. The belt looks nothing like the one in the photo but I like it anyway! I like the way they made the satin a slightly more champagney colour so that it stands out better. A close up of the lace on the detachable straps. http://www.weddinginspirasi.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/aire-barcelona-2013-rafaela-beaded-lace-fit-flare-wedding-dress.jpg these are the ones I asked for - I'm very happy with their interpretation! One of the appliques on the tulle skirt. Gorgeous Some of the appliques aren't sew down as firmly as I would like, so might have to check a few. The lace on the bodice. No beading, despite the listing saying there is beaded lace appliques, but thats fine because the original doesn't have beads and I was worried they would add huge sequins or something! I haven't added the corset strap yet Overall I'm really impressed so far! I tried it on very briefly and its super-tight on the thighs so will have to get it adjusted (despite a seamstress measuring me), but its still a bargain Yey it arrived! and let me say these pictures are great! It looks like they did a great job! I can't wait to see you wearing it. I'm so excited for you
  8. Yey I'm so excited for you!!!! The weight of the package sounds like a good sign. Keep us posted :-)
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by RaynDrop These are lovely, you are soooo creative!
  10. Thanks for the spreadsheet. I was too lazy to make one of my own haha
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsPeele2B Hey NYC brides.... Are any of you going to the Great Bridal expo next Friday 9/27?!?!?! It would be nice to see some of you there! Booo I have to work :-(
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by leelee9878 Maybe I am being too optimistic but I don't think people would assume that from the ave the date, it's just a clever way of sending them out. I think my FI is just trying to freak me out. He over thinks everything lol
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by agale86 I actually got them at Marshalls on a whim... but they are Guess brand so I bet you could find them or something like them pretty easily. That helps a lot thank you! By the way those are beautiful shots! Where was your wedding?
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