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  1. If I do not bring in a photographer from the states I think I am going to use either Stacey Clarke or Merrick Cousley. I love both their work i just hope either is available, I love their work very sophisticated and chic. I looked at a few other as well and have decided on these 2.
  2. That is amazing Chelsea I am excited too i'm actually staying at a hotel in Jamaica right now my fiance's work is going to cause us to come here more often, im excited
  3. What do you ladies think about bringing a photographer in from where you live as opposed to hiring a local one? the really good local ones seem pretty expensive.
  4. The airbrushing doesn't really matter to me I do not even care if my makeup lasts all day all i want to do is look Amazing in my first set of pics. I love loni's work too but im deciding between Paul March and Rashel Edwards. Paul March looks great and well experienced but there is a sort of sophistication about Rashel's work that I love and my bridesmaids and Fiance love it too. I guess it comes down to taste and preference
  5. it is very nice I love everything! I'm happy i found this site even though it's last minute
  6. I' m looking into things for my guests and i to do but we are staying in Montego Bay by the looks of things we will probably have to leave montego bay and venture out into ocho rios and definitely Negril!!!!! the places im loving so far are the Dolphin cove and Chukka adventure tours I also want us to go to the Annie Palmer great house!!!!! Definitely want to go to ricks cafe in negril as well, My biggest concern is the cost of transportation from city to city and I hear they charge tourists quite a fortune. The Jamaica tourist board website is pretty great so I think you should take a look at it as well. I can't wait for this wedding to be over and now im overly stressed because i have waited until the last minute to do so Many things!!!
  7. So my wedding is 2 months away and im a mess trying to book things at the last minute, for makeup im looking into using Rashel Edwards or Paul March(He is crazy expensive though). Iv looked at some other makeup artist like loni Jones and pretty faces. Loni does great work but I think i would use her if I was having a fashion show she is obviously experienced and has done a lot of celebrities but that's really where it stops for me I wont pay more money to someone just because they have done celebrities if i think someone else can do the job just as good!!being in the fashion industry myself i know about all the fixes celebrities and photogs do on their photos!!! and pretty faces to me looks ok but nothing spectacular, iv also looked at the Face forward page and Queen bee i wasnt really impressed. Rashel stands out to me her work just looks so classy and sophisticated and there are a lot of unedited pics on her page that look so great she actual does great work on regular people plus she gets great reviews I haven't seen much reviews about the others. Paul March's work looks greatt!!! it matters not to me if he does airbrushing or not, I just want to look stunning but he is so expensive but sooo good so i will have to weigh my options and decide on him or Rashel. Im in love with Rashel's style though so i may just go with her and il definitely post pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. im looking into tai flora and flora fantasies i hope they can do my flowers at such short notice im 2 months away!!!
  9. Oh wow my weddings is 2 months away and Iv just decided to join this site because there are some last minute things i neeeeeeeed to find. I will be getting married in Montego Bay Jamaica
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