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  1. Aquasun Images provide generic work. It's like handing a fmaily member a professional camera and them taking your pictures. They take sunset pictures of couples during sunset hours and sell them. We did give OUR camera to one of the photographers who took some pictures for us in the sunset. We called them our "engagement" photos though it was the day after our wedding. LOL (Note: the photographer put our image card in his camera {it was compatible} so we had all the shots and he would not get into trouble taking our photos. We tipped him $20.) We used WPA Jamaica. Photos are on my profile. We loved them!! I would suggest using Clayton. We used Rounald. Clayton has a quick turnaround and does EXCELLENT work!! Maybe WPA Jamaica would work in engagement photos as a package deal?
  2. Also, there really in no difference between St. James and Wild Orchid other than: - St James is the party side. WO offers a private beach for Preferred Club members. Very nice and quiet. We hung out mostly at the SJ pool area while family was there. They stayed at SJ. Once they left, we hung out in the WO beach area. - WO has newer rooms. Contemporary and SUPER close to all restaurants. In my opinion, WO will always be my preference. HOWEVER, if you are looking to watch the $$$, then SJ is completely fine!! The resort is not as large as one may imagine with two names. It really is in close proximity.
  3. Quote:Originally Posted by Jennkn87 Does anyone know who the resort photographer is? I am trying to decide if I want to hire an outside photographer or not! From past brides, I would not suggest a resort photographer. They only shoot for one hour and from what I was told, the photos are equivalent to handing a family member a quality camera. Just what I heard. We used WPA Jamaica and LOVE our photos. You can check them out in my profile album. It was worth the money, to us.
  4. Quote:Originally Posted by Jennkn87 Also...the Iberostar only having one wedding a day really intrigued me. My FI told me I AM NOT aloud to change my mind now...so if I am going to switch resorts, it's going to have to be a decision I make pretty quickly! Sorry for sooooo many questions!! Secrets offers up to 3 weddings a day however truly does not affect yours or takes away anything from yours. I promise!!! Most couples do simple weddings in the gazebos which takes 20-45 minutes. You would never know it unless you happened to be on the beach during that particular wedding. If you have a large eloborate wedding and reception, trust me, you will be noticed and the highlight of the day!
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by cora4600 Can I ask what travel agent you used? Or who you would recommend working with? Cindy Watty http://alfrescotravel.com/About_Us.html Cindy was SO informative. Repeatedly checked in with us. Weeks up to our depature, provided travel tips, tips on Jamaica, etc. A very detailed and honest travel agent. She booked the hotel/airfare and got the best rate out there! The hotel knows Cindy well and often works with her. While we were checking into the hotel, I saw some suitcases with the luggage name tag "Travel Impressions" then you fill in your own info. Cindy sends a travel care package to everyone prior to their trip including luggage tags. I smiled when I saw her luggage tags on someone else's luggage. She is a fantastic travel agent!!
  6. Quote:Originally Posted by cora4600 Hey guys! I was wondering what time everyone had their weddings at? The day that my fiance and I wanted already has a 4pm wedding, so the only other option is at 2pm, which just seems odd to me. SO I thought I'd see how it worked for everyone else? I think my main concern is what you do after the wedding? It seems too early to have dinner and to late to do lunch. Help!!! -Cora I did mine at 4pm and worked out perfectly for pictures! If you start too late, some of your wedding photos will have a dark background rather than those cool sunset shots you want. My wedding photographer told me to stick with the 4pm time slot rather than pay extra for 5pm or 5:30pm. We ate dinner at 7pm. Had reservations at the French restaurant - even ran a little late getting those last minute perfect shots!
  7. I uploaded some photos we just received from WPA Jamaica on my profile if you would like to see their work. Though the photos were delivered 2 months late, past the written agreement, which upset us....we love them!!
  8. I uploaded some photos we just received from WPA Jamaica on my profile if you would like to see their work. Though the photos were delivered 2 months late, past the written agreement, which upset us....we love them!!
  9. I uploaded some photos we just received from WPA Jamaica on my profile if you would like to see their work. Though the photos were delivered 2 months late, past the written agreement, which upset us....we love them!!
  10. I uploaded some photos we just received from WPA Jamaica on my profile if you would like to see their work. Though the photos were delivered 2 months late, past the written agreement, which upset us....we love them!!
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by Jennkn87 I am currently starting the process of trying to determine where our DW will be. I have been wanting to go to Jamaica for my next vacation. I started looking into the US Virgin Islands after I decided I did not want to get married in the "states"....I thought that would be a good way to "get away" but not everyone would need a passport. I then decided I was leaning a little more towards jamaica...being its a little cheaper to fly to. Now I'm at a loss for which resort i would like to choose. At first I was thinking Negril.....I read they have the best beaches...however I'm not a fan of the hour and a half drive from the airport. I am trying to keep costs down, for my guests , as well as us. I definitely want an all inclusive resort, and i would prefer an adults only resort. Right now there is only a possibility of 1-2 teenagers that may attend. I have not contacted anyone on prices. Is there anyone that would be willing to share what their total was that they paid for the wedding? What was your strategy on picking a resort? Everytime I think I have found one that i really like I end up reading a bad review, realizing its not on the beach, or something else negative. Then i feel like I'm back at square one!!! This is stressful already! Congrats on your engagement!! We loved Jamaica and are going back for our first anniversary. We choose Secrets Wild Orchids. After a lot of researching and looking at pictures, here is why: - It's all-inclusive, adult only, built in 2010, liked the "look" of the hotel, only 15 minutes from airport, offered swim out rooms, and (most importantly) has it's own private beaches!! $5,500 for 10 days - received wedding AND honeymoon packages We spent around $14k which included outfits (wedding and non wedding), rings, airfare, hotel....everything. We did not spend on extra items such as gifts, bonfire. We kept it small and intimate. Such an awesome time it was!! 6/28/13-7/8/13 Travel Total $$ Due Wedding Deposit...........$100.00 Photography - 3 hrs......$800.00 Photography - Vendor Fee.........$300.00 Legal Fee......$300.00 Sound System (1 hr.)......$180.00 Bouquet $185 / Boutonniere......$37......$222.00 Cake Topper.....$34.00 Tiki ($8/ea).....$64.00 Hair......$59.00 Makeup.......$49.00 Excursion......$542.00 Resort........$5,550.00 $200 resort credit Bank Fees (3% for out of state) $23.40 $3.00 Wedding Dress $1,473.56 Earrings $34.99 Shoes Alterations $435.00 Groom's Pants/Vest/Aterations $197.45 Groom's Shirt/Tie $50.30 Wedding Band - Raf $435.99 Wedding Band - Lisa $862.45 Travel Insurance $238.00 Airfare $1,528.40 Premarital Counseling $150.00 Notary $40.26 Shipping $56.20 Notary $10.00 Shipping $55.77 Total TOTAL AMOUNT $13,794.77
  12. Quote:Originally Posted by muneera0302 Â Â dang that sucks. what the heck does one do in that situation! initially i'd be nervous to let them know i'm mad and they turn around and do a terrible job at the pics, but knowing me and my mouth i would have done the same thing, complained to someone! lol i hope you get them back soon. and from reading alot of reviews it seems like many photographers do take a while returning the pics. I'm HUGE on do as you say. If the agreement said it would take a year, then I'd wait a year. Well, I would never book with them...but you know what I mean. I did my best to keep my thoughts to myself but could not it any longer. Trust me, my email to Paula was extremely kind and respectful. Lol I'm a business woman and I have great work integrity and take pride in that. I pray Rounald and Paula appreciate my honest feedback and strive to improve.
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by Mimi127 I am so sorry that you have not received your pictures as of yet. Â What reason are they giving you for not sending out the pictures as of yet? Â That is truly ridiculous. Â I would be pissed. Â Â Keep me posted and let me know how things go as I will let you know if Clayton comes through for me. Rounald claims he has been really busy and said during our wedding to give him 8 weeks. He never said that to us. We'd remember. I have contacted Paula (SunGold Photography) several times, who has, in turn, scolded him for his lack of communication and customer service to us. Apparently, this is an ongoing issue. I was afraid to express my feelings since we do not have our photos in hand. But as each week passes, I get more and more angry. I had money on account with Paula to order a wedding album. I have since asked for that money back and received it. We loved Rounald's personality and know the photos (God willing) will be amazing...whenever we receive them. Rounald said he "needed another week," which was a week and a half ago, when I told him we had a family get together and intended to show the photos at this event. That family get together has come and gone. I emailed Paula yesterday morning and asked her to have Rounald send us our pictures, even if unedited. I'm now at the end of my rope. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FRUSTRATED!!
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