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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsHK I live down here in the Mayan Riviera, and a friend of mine does photography for around $1500. You may have to pay an outside vendor fee on top of that and I'm not sure how much that would be. Her name is Susana Hidalgo and her company is My Adorable Bridal - http://www.myadorablebridal.com Here are a few photos she took at our wedding. She was a guest and only took her camera out during cocktail hour and the first dance to snap a few shots. I love them! These photos are GORGEOUS. Thank you for sharing. I am interested in your friend's photography. What resort is this at?
  2. Hello Past NOW Sapphire Brides! We are most likely getting married May 2014 at NOW Sapphire. Just got off the phone with my fiance who is getting very concerned about the budget. Would any of you be able to personal message or email me at tlhall@cord.edu to give me an overall budget for your wedding? We are thinking about the divine or eternity package. I'm estimating about 75 guests, but I don't know if this is final. I would appreciate ANY help! Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it! It's comforting to know that you chose this resort for your daughter's wedding after visiting
  4. Hello Brides, Has anyone visited NOW Sapphire recently who can tell me details about the beach? I'm concerned about reviews (older ones) that say there is a lot of seaweed/jellyfish in the water. I really want to make sure it is a clean beach with a nice, swimmable area before finalizing our wedding date. This is important to us. Thank you for your help!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by CAmomofbride Response #1459 states that the round tables seat about 10. Our wedding is in 2 weeks and I'm afraid its going to be raining! Any former brides have experience with bad weather or see another wedding while you were there that had to be moved for rain from the beach? I'm sorry I don't have any info, but I did want to share that I saw a picture when it was raining and there were 4-6 NOW Sapphire workers holding something over the bride to shield her from any rain as she crossed a bridge. I thought it was so cool and as a bride it brought tears to my eyes because I could tell the workers made it special no matter what! If anyone else has an answer to this question, I would also like to know. Thanks
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by mollyes The main pool is pretty lively. They play club music most afternoons and people are dancing both in and out of water. Swim up bar is packed. I imagine it matters how many people are at the resort but it was a great party scene when we were there. Those who wanted to chill out went to the preferred club pool. As an aside, the pools are gorgeous - and huge. I just saw this. THANK YOU so much for your response. This was my biggest concern. Because of your response, I can stop waking up at 3am wondering if people will be bored during the day. Thank you!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Ktonder Does anyone have pictures of the different pools for reception areas? I have seen many pictures but none with names (other than the eden pool)...Thanks!! Hello Ktonder, Did anyone ever send you these? I am looking for the same! Thank you!
  8. Hi HRPC, Are there any brides who have recently had a wedding or been to one at HRPC? I am struggling because I am not able to visit and have to decide this weekend! I would really like to know the following from a bride: -Will the party scene be too much for my older family members? -Is there a quiet area of the resort? -Are the outdoor receptions does in a classy, elegant, and intimate manner? I LOVE the wedding blogs I see, but the actual website concerns me. I think I'm just over-worrying. Thank you so much for your help! Tara
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by LovesJakeyPoo It's so weird i've been reading all these reviews about it, and the more i read the more i become confused =( I keep being drawn back to it though so something tells meeh i should just go for it. I don't wanna make a rash decision though because this is a very important day. Been reading up on Dreams in punta cana as well seems a bit less pricey for guests but also doesnt look as fun as HRH....Tavel Agent we were referred to doesn't know all that much about it either she was told it was a "concrete jungle" It just seems so our vibe where as all other resorts seem dull in comparison! We are not just limited to DR i was actually trying to stray away from DR due to language barrier and the fact that my fiance's buddy got married in DR a few years ago....but the HRH drew me in.....Do i listen to the reviews or my gut?! help!! I feel the same way! I know this post is old, but if you still check it I would love to ask you a couple things- 1) Did you end up having it at HRPC? 2) Did you find that you could make the wedding reception elegant, classy, and intimate despite the lively atmosphere at the resort? 3) Being such a large property, did you feel like you saw/spend enough time with your guests? I'm struggling and it sounds like you did the back and forth thing for awhile like I did. I wish I could do a site visit! Thank you!
  10. Hello HRPC Brides! We are down to our final two resorts, and I am totally overwhelmed with this decision. (One is a more intimate, smaller resort in Mexico and the other is HRPC) Due to budget, we are not able to do a site visit. Would any of you be willing to share pictures of any of the outdoor reception locations? I am looking for a natural chic feel. We will have about 50-60 guests. THANK YOU SO MUCH! My email is tlhall@cord.edu I so appreciate any help or advice.
  11. I meant lively at the pool and some type of night life? I just do not want guests to be bored outside of the wedding night. Thank you for any help that you may have!
  12. I have this same question. How is the scene at NOW Sapphire? Lively at the pool or just relaxed? Thank you!
  13. Hello Brides, Can anyone please tell me about the pool scene at Now Sapphire? Is it lively? Music playing? Activity? Thank you for your help! -Tara
  14. Hello Brides! Can anyone tell me what the atmosphere at NOW sapphire pool area is like? (lively or calm? What type of crowd? What type of music? Loud or quiet? How much activity?) We are unable to so a site visit, so any help is greatly appreciated!
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