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  1. Is anyone skipping the wedding band? I like my ring on it's own and would have to have a band custom made if I am going to get one.... Just thinking maybe it's an expense not needed? Or maybe a more basic one for a right hand ring? What do you guys think?
  2. This is why I'm hoping for extra TLC. I know it seems super weird to us, but all that is really happening is a change in management. It happens ALL the time in the resort world. The girl I spoke with on the Dreams 800 number was like it the 10th one we've gone through. My TA said the same. I know they seem to be planning an extensive remodel since the word is a 6 -7 month closure it planned. But my guess is they will make it as seamless of a transition on everyone including employees. Probably will accomodate some employees at other properties for a period of time. Ultimately the new owner wil
  3. All this freaked me out, but I spoke with my TA and email Cecilia as well as contacting Dreams 800 number. All sources say that everything is ok. I'm actually hoping to maybe get some more upgrades and stuff bc the resort will maybe have a little more lax attitude about freebies!
  4. I called my TA immediately after seeing that post. She said they may be changing management after April. She does not think my April wedding will be impacted at all. She mentioned that resorts change management frequently and most likely it will be a smooth transition. Unless they are gonna tear it down to rebuild I can't imagine it will be closed very long.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsMascarenas I just received a call from Claudia my wedding planner that my May wedding has been canceled they are shutting dreams down. Is there any other brides brides that got this horrible news? OMG are you SERIOUS?!? I'm so sorry !
  6. I'm going to bring programs and prob menus, guest book, table numbers and I think that's it. Part of the appeal of the DW is they cover it all! I'm soooooo glad I'm not researching caterers, florists, cake, etc. We've just been so busy with the house! I'm about to make my invites. Doing passport ones. My friend is super crafty and is helping with the design then I'm gonna do a DIY party in two weeks to assemble.
  7. My step son will be the "Best Man" and my sis is my MOH. Buuutttt she is preggo, so now can't attend the wedding! :'( So we need a modified role for step son because they were the only two in our wedding party! PS this was post 150!!! Yay!
  8. Mmm found this right at the right time of the year! Thanks
  9. We are only like 8 months apart! He's older!
  10. We just bought a home. Moved in about two months ago. Luckily, we mostly need interior decorating rather than tons of remodel. We'll add smaller remodel projects later on as we are getting fully furnished. This house is just MUCH bigger than we have ever lived before. Our wedding is less than six months away! It's so hard to focus on wedding planning with the house staring us in the face! Lol
  11. Great idea! My sis is preggo too. Maybe I'll do for her!
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