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    Help newbie's get 150 posts

    you the one told me about the toothpick box right? if so i got it and i can email it to you just send me your email
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    100 posts

    i am done lol
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    150 post!!!!!!!!

    yayyyyy me!!!!!!
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    100 posts

    one more post
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    100 posts

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    Feeling overwhelmed ALREADY!!

    i need to check that out ..... Teal and Grey
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    Whoo Hoo! Halfway there!

    come on 150
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    2000 dollar wedding

    Just wow
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    Still a noob

    i almost there man taking forever
  10. Have you starting calling or emailing around?
  11. scolen

    Where you at in your planning?

    Where you at in your planning? Do you got a lot to do? Very little? Still have to book someone? Just Started? Feeling happy? Stressed out? Well my wedding date is Aug 10, 2014 we're getting married in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am planning this from Calif. We booked our site last month. We just started booking hotel rooms, booked airline tickets on this pass weekend. I still have to picked my bridesmaids out. My FI picked his best man and not his groomsman yet. I have not started dress shopping i have started working out before i do that. I still have to hire a Florist, Dj & Photography. So far how i was feeling i was feeling stressed this past weekend because all i been hearing i cant do this and that and i had a big headache. So i had a talk with my step mother and my best friends and they cheer me up into telling whether i plan the wedding in Cali or hawaii i will here people B**** about this and that. So yesterday i put together our wedding site with as much information they need to know until i send out wedding invitations that i am still working on lol (boarding pass). After that phone calls and text messages with tears of joy from everybody on how happy they for us.
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    2015 Newbie!

    when you do pack for Jamaica be sure dont forget to pack me in your suitcase
  13. scolen

    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    thanks i will have it this morning