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  1. Sarah, what day in Jan are you getting married? Did you nail down any prices for things yet? My advice...get all the prices arranged now in case they go up...but thats just my opinion. I did because I was so scared that they were going to change the prices for me and because we are one of the first weddings of 2014 I couldnt wait till they had their 2014 list.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jan2014bride Got it!! Thanks again Colleen!! Whoa, the prices are like highway robbery!!! Oh I know! Thats why I am going to try to do as much as possible, and bring as much as possible with me. Its absolutely crazy the cost of the extras.
  3. Sarah did anyone send you the 2013 extras prices yet? If not I can send it over to you.. Colleen
  4. Its the "one Step" brand. Each bottle is 18 ml and have different scents (cucumber, berry..etc.). I had originally bought a few of the larger sizes but prefer these because they are smaller. I was also watching the bottles to make sure they said "kills 99.9% of germs" because alot of them do not. Hope that helps.
  5. Yes I ordered them and they look great. Just like the picture. They took about a month to get here.
  6. In case anyone is looking, I found a 6 pack of hand sanitizer at the dollarama for $2. They also carry these little medicine baggies. The bags are small, clear, and have a spot on the bag for you to write the medical information. I am going to put advil and immodium in little bags because it is alot cheaper. I have already made little labels through vistaprint but I probably would have bought the baggies at dollarama if I had known.
  7. Hi, Sorry I can't help...I am in the same boat. Although I am going with a package, I dont think we find out too far ahead of time what the meal options are. But if you find out let me know!
  8. Anyone looking for a lightweight pant, Costco has a fantastic pair of Dockers on sale over the past week. They offer a kahki and a light grey colour. They are soo nice. Its a golf pant so they are made to take the heat. I bought 6 pairs and all the guys loved them.
  9. Sure is quiet in here....anyone planning for a wedding in 2014?
  10. Possibly a stupid question...but Air Tran and Air Transat are two different airline are they not? Anyone know?
  11. We simply send out evites. It was an easy fix and then I made a link to our wedding website for all the information about the resort and prices etc... We actually had one of the BM tell my future mother inlaw that they were thinking of waiting to book to see if they could get a better price online...I almost lost my marbles. Especially considering he is coming with the whole family and is my future brother inlaw! I just dont think people get it.
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