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  1. I 100% agree. I was married there in April and the planning was very stressful. I could go on and on about all the screw ups, lack of responses etc. Also look very closely at your bill because we were sent one with "additional charges" multiple times.... It felt very sneaky. Even once at the resort there were a few hiccups due to miscommunication by our wedding coordinator. Thankfully I am a very organized person and I attribute that to how smoothly our wedding day went. The day of our wedding was amazing and turned out better than I could have hoped for but I did all the work and the wedding coordinator was non existent. At one point i even asked her what her job was considering we paid for a wedding planner in our package. I even asked for a walk through of the ceremony and she said no so I had to explain everything and do my own walk through with my bridal party. On the day of the wedding she couldn't even coordinate my bridesmaids walking down the aisle with me coming in the horse and carriage. My girls walked and stood up there for five minutes with my music playing and I never came. Somehow there was a miscommunication between the horse and carriage driver who was waiting with me around the corner and the wedding planner. So finally when I came my song was ending and they had to replay it! My coordinator also said she would show up at my other wedding events and she never did. Also, watch for hidden charges on your bill at check out... Multiple guests had charges like golf club rentals on their bills and they never rented golf clubs... And then the front desk tried to make them pay anyways and we had to speak with a manager.....not acceptable. This post sounds negative, I would recommend moon palace for a vacation 100% its beautiful, the service was great for the most part, the rooms are beautiful and clean., the food is pretty good and there's tons to do. Although my wedding was the best day ever if I was to do it again I am not sure I would choose moon palace. Their wedding department and planners get a fail in my opinion.
  2. Hi Jinele, My ceremony is at 3 pm Your ceremony will end around 530 so I guess it depends how many pictures you want? I would ask your photographer.
  3. Hey All, I am getting married at Moon Palace April 26 2014..... my wedding coordinator is Elizabeth Yanez..... does anyone else have her? I am not having a very good experience with her... she seems very unorganized... she keeps emailing me details that have mistakes in it... and then she wanted to call me to "confirm a few things" and she couldnt even get the time right... first she says 10 am my time... then she says 11 am.... then back to 10 am... and she ended up calling me at 7 am! Then she had nothing to say to me and said don't you have questions? ...I am getting frustrated and wondering if anyone has complained before about their coordinator and gotten a new one?
  4. Thanks for this review! I have been doing as much research as I can about Ocean Studio and I have emailed them probably between 5-6 times and never had a response! I will definitely be taking a different route for my wedding photos.
  5. Thanks! I was a bit worried because the WC that I have been talking to seemed to be trying to convince me to have my reception somewhere else so that my guests wouldn't have to take the shuttle to the other side of the resort....
  6. Has anyone had their ceremony on the nizuc side and their reception on the sunrise side and had to use the lobby to lobby shuttle to get guests to the other side of the resort? Just wondering if it went smoothly....
  7. Has anyone had their ceremony on the nizuc side and their reception on the sunrise side and had to use the lobby to lobby shuttle to get guests to the other side of the resort? Just wondering if it went smoothly....
  8. Just wondering for people that have had their reception on one of the terraces....where do people go to the bathroom?
  9. How far in advance are you ladies booking your DJ? my wedding is still 7 months away.
  10. Hello! I am getting married at MP in April 2014. I was wondering which DJ vendor is cheaper? And are they both vendors of palace resorts? Could I have the contact info for them if someone has it? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for this helpful review! I was wondering if you had any issues using an outside vendor for the flowers? Was it easy to get him into the resort? Did you have to pay a vendor fee? Thanks!
  12. Hello, Did you have to pay an outside vendor fee to bring Samuel into the resort? Or purchase a day pass?
  13. Are you able to post or PM me some of your photos? I would love to see them as I am considering using Ocean Photo. Thanks so much!
  14. Hi ladies! Does anyone have any advice about when I should be booking my private reception venue, videographer etc.? My wedding isn't until April 2014, and I have heard you don't book anything until 90 days before the wedding but I am worried because I have read on the blogs that some people do book these things much further in advance. I don't want to get stuck with no options if everything gets booked up.
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