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  1. Its so funny you should say that... I bought a small treasure chest at the dollar store. It is really very nice.
  2. SammyAnna

    Welcome magazine

    I designed the mag in scribus (free program) & I am sending the pdf to a professional printer so it will be binded like a real mag. It is def alot of work, but I hope it will be useful to our guests. I will post pics when i get it done
  3. I got these at Dollarama for $1.25 each. I liked that they can be used to dry wet beach clothes
  4. SammyAnna

    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    DeeP10... don't feel bad. I think we all get those comments. I felt terrible at first when people found out we were doing a DW. The comments were outrageous and totally discouraging. Then a friend said I should always face the naysayers with a smile, but when I get alone rant & rave about the comment (to myself, of course lol) & remind myself that its our day & we will do whatever we darn well want to! Sort of a "Its my party & I'll cry if I want to" moment. Now I feel alot more free & loving every minute of it. The comments eventually dwindled to minimum & we still ended up with 51 guests booked, so it didn't bother many people after all! Try to ignore it & enjoy the ride... you deserve it! Cheers
  5. Yes that's flight, airport transport, & room. Based on double occupancy.
  6. wow! That is terrible... I hope you get pics of your children & you get some resolution
  7. SammyAnna

    Wedding Joke...

  8. SammyAnna

    How fast can we newbies reach 150????!!

    Well, I thought it fitting to finish b posting bonanza here.... I got 150!!!! wooohooo Lucy79, when I posted here earlier, I was at 133, that was only a few hours ago. Once you have 50 it gets soooo much easier. Just keeping looking at all the forums. Happy posting
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    Joke of the Day

    Stolen! lmao
  10. SammyAnna

    To be 6 again

  11. I had a really hard time choosing as well. But when I crunched the numbers, it was outrageous! I finally went with Caribbean Emotions. They were the best value, IMO. Since I booked with them, Pascal has been great! He's answers all my questions quickly & we even chat on FB about all kinds of stuff. I haven't read a bad review of them yet (I have looked for them) so fingers crossed all works out. Hope you were happy with your photog... Congrats on your wedding!