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  1. The wedding planner on site did not give us any problem at all with anything! We gave her the doc n we played it when we were ready n she introduced us for the songs! We saved $150 and was totally worth bringing our own!
  2. I absolutely loved my bouquets from wedideas.com!!! Plumerias! So tropical and beachy!! Went perfect with my beach qwedding! !
  3. We only had the cocktail hour reception we received free since we had alot of rooms..we paid extra ahead of time per person for an additional hour with premi booze..so it was a 2 hour cocktail reception. .then we had dinner right after at one of the restaurants! And served our cake there! We paid for one hour steel drum band for the reception and it was amazing! After they were done with their first hour they sung..which was perfect! We had them stop shortly after so we could do our dances from our ipod doc we brought w us! We also got the fire dancer for the rehearsal dinner..and that blew everyone away..so entertaining and worth the $ ! Hope this helps!!
  4. Try n not stress!! I am sich a perfectionist but the day of my wedding I was so calm..so weird i had no worries or stresses! Everything will work out perfectly and it did!! Enjoy every moment n take a lot of pics ♡
  5. My wedding was nov 12 and it was completelt amazing!! Any questions feel free!!! Happy to help n show pics!!! Everything went smooth n was bove expectations!! My guests can't wait to go back!!! As well as me and my hubby!
  6. Hello ladies!!! 11.12.13 bride here!!! At beaches on turks & caicos!! So exciting!! Any other beaches brides here?
  7. Just starting my oot bags but wanted to share with you all this adorable idea!!
  8. Anyone know what the sand ceremony items look like? Any pics? I cant decide if I want to bring my own personalized one! Help!! Thanks!
  9. quote name="MegBride" url="/t/65487/beaches-turks-caicos-roll-call/1650#post_1880117"]Which website did you order from Tbdress !!
  10. Yes def for the price! Ypu can always have little things fixed! If the website your looking at offers customization sizes..def do that! I ordered the first one n didnt measure just guessed so I ordered another one n customized the size n it was made much better n was much happier!!
  11. I ordered my dress on the internet as crazy as it sounds!!! Everyone thought I was crazy but I found it n it was exactly what I wanted and I couldn't find anything like it I liked better!!!
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