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  1. Hi Bridetobe6! I got married at the BBGE January 21, 2014 - it was fantastic! We traveled with a group of 66 people from Manitoba Canada, the check in process was very fast for such a large group. We were welcomed with drinks and shown the resort by cart (it is huge, I didn't mind walking, but some of our other guests made sure to plan in waiting time for the cart). The food was excellent! Some people think that the buffet would get old - it didn't. Although we only ate there twice (unlimited a la cartes!) we loved the food. We had our ceremony on the beach, it was quite private actually. Some of the hotel guests could watch, but I didn't mind. We worked with Sandra at the hotel for the year prior to our arrival, she was absolutely fantastic - I couldn't have planned a wedding 3000 miles away without her. Let me know if you have any other questions nadinemeilleur@@gmail.com Cheers! All the best to you and your fiancé Nadine
  2. Hey Cheyanna! We are getting married there in January 2014 also! Can't wait Nadine
  3. Hey Cheyanna! We are getting married there in January 2014 also! Can't wait Nadine
  4. Hi Cass2Nate, Did you already sell these? Or are you able to help me out and perhaps source these out? They aren't available in Canada Any help would be appreciated!!! Nadine
  5. They look great! Where did you buy your materials? I ordered mine off www.afloral.com they usually have a coupon online too!
  6. I can't download the template, could you email them to me? nadinemeilleur@gmail.com thank you so very much!! DIY save the date. template.docx DIY save the date. template.docx
  7. I sent you the DJ info. For us it cost $600 less to upgrade and get the free wedding package if you can believe it! We are staying 7 days then off to Florida to the family condo for a week
  8. Yes, that package is for only 20 people, but for all the packages they have a limit then you pay a $18 fee after 20people. We are pushing 70 people (FI kept inviting more and more ugh!) PM me your email and ill send you the speakers/ DJ rental info
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